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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Comet John 
Page in 1737 by King George II of England, was 
carried by his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Miniutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April 19, 1775 

JUN 2005 

4 Bleacher Painting and Weekends 

Dances 5 

Monica Beamon Micheal Bearden 

Peter Betz 

Marjorie Bruce-Dale 

Nicole Berke 

James Betz 

Deepa Bharat Joseph Bigda Peyton Alan Bittenson 


Victoria Blanchard Sarah Boshco 

Maggie Brogan 

Craig Brown 

Mark Busa 

Megan Callais 

Nicole Carignan 

Seniors 7 



Nicholas Chambers Maher Chris Champnev Caitlin Chapman 

Brian Chen 

Jamie Chin 

Rorv Christensen Lindsev Collins 

Ke\ in Conwav 

Amanda Costa 

Alyssa Cox Sabrina D'Agostino Shre\ a Dave 

Christian Dispena 

James Dorer Ian Dudle> -Marling Carol\Ti Dunlea 

8 Seniors 

Jocelyn Egan Adesuwa Elaiho Aran Elliot 

John Feuerstein 

Julie Finestone 

Jim Foltz 

Marissa Foti 

Luke Fougere 



Alyssa French 

Philip Galler Alexander Gaman Dylan Gart 




Mishay George Brian Gleason Christopher Goyette Alexandra Grebne\- 

Seniors " 


Sean Griffin 

Kendall Hankins Sean Hannaway 

Amanda Harris 

James landoli 

Sarah Ingegneri Peter Johannessen 

10 Seniors 

Alii Lua 

Matthew Lynch 

Sheena Mahoney 

Kerry Marasa 

Seniors 1 1 

Maria Montalto Ahni Mooradian Dale Moore Rebecca Moschini 

^ 1 

1 i - h 

Tatiana Murchison Allison Neff Kenneth Nelson Mary Norris 

12 Seniors 

Tranea Perry Matthew Poe Katie Purnell Jessica Read 

Seniors 13 

Brit Richardson Emily Robinson Jacqueline Roe Beth Rogers 

Melissa Ross Paul Rossi Scott Rossi Mark Sargent 

Brian Spencer Richard Spillane Michael Stander Philip Steinberg 

14 Seniors 

Christopher Stevens 

Doug Stoner 

Sabrina Stucka 

Kenneth Sutton 

Eric Taylor 

Natalie Taylor 


Alyssa Theodore 

Storm Tillman 

Andrew Tolman 

Austin Trigg 

Cassandra Urquhart 

Laura Valente 

Erin Van Pelt 

Matthew Wallace 

Kelly Walsh 

Shelly Wanamaker 

Seniors 15 

Matthew Bushnell 
Kyle Carroll 
Joshua Caryer 

Jy Gabiola 
Devery Harvey 
Melissa Kelley 
Brian Malley 
Matthew Murray 
Nicholas Park 
Richard Payne 

Alberto Rue 
Ernest Sanchez 
Charles Zuckerman 

16 Seniors 

Vb^n U)c iDcrc Wtpcb SJoangcr and 6igb Pitcbcd Poicc5... 

Looking Back... 17 

Babv Pictures W 

20 Baby Pictures 

B.ibv Pictures 21 

Matt Pearson Maggie Brogan Mark Sargent Mark Busa 

Baby Pictures 


e>sqai5ite ege$ Qoofiest Qiggle$ Qreatig Qallible 

5b«llg U>anamaKer and LuK« B«cKg Ho5ebini and Diecnte M^aria M.ontalto and 3oc M.iizoni 

Foogere HarKIc 

Superlatives 25 

Innateig Intelligent 
^brsga Oaue and 3ame5 Oorer 

Louliest LocK5 
T^org Cbristensen and 5torm 

Positueig ?r^p(^ 
M,aggie Brogan and 3osb 

5pectacalar SmWcs 
3ocelgn Ggan and W^arK BtiSa 

5acce$$fui 5tt]dent$ 

Totallg Timid 

^eole Carignan and ?eter Titarijja Foti and Hattbciy L( 


iacioas Btb 

Biuesome Artists 

K'colc BerK« and Gmmet Kelttj 5arab 6«inrieb and 3cff ^gbcs Cmilg Tlobin5on and Justin Tt 

26 Superlatives 

CGnjtant Commanicator$ 

Salic T»till«r-6«ndrg and Cbristicin 

Bmanda Costa and Simmg 

Crazg Qotuns 
Ojergl 5bao and TK^arK 5argent 

obabig ?artging 
Bli5on Hileg and 5eott T^ossi 

BII ?roand Jmazing 
Kristcn H«rlo and Sojepb King 

I dbalGusnirtj 
Katbcrine ^mato and Jonneg 

Catest Couple 
^eole B«rK« and ?etcr 

Superlatives 27 


James Abisamra Tim Abisamra Sarah Adams David Ahem Kathryn Arabasz 

Tristan Bard 

Grace Armstrimg Rebekah Armstrong Shawn Ayala Lara Backman Keith Barbato 

Xklis^ci Bainctt Brendan Barrett Craig Baylis Taylor Besselman 

Christopher Braley Megan Bratton Travis Britton Jordyn Budden Kaylyn Bumann 

Sara Bushnell Jermifer Champney Ching Tzer Chang Christopher Chapman Hanson Christen 

Adam Gart David Gelinas Dominic Gibson Mcagan Gimbrone Ashleigh Gonzalez 

Lauren Grace Samuel Grainger 

Lindsay Gravina Matthew Hagar 

Prashanth Haran Francis Harkins Grant Harris Margaret Harvey Naomi Hastings 

Luis Herrera 

30 Juniors 

Daniel Jamison 

Kenneth Hill 


Alec Huxsaw 

Gregory Johnson 

Tra\ is Johnson 

Naomi Ingram John Jaillet 

Jocelynn Jones Terri Kachelmyer 

Sarah Neveux Britni O'Connor 

Michael O'Donnell 

Jennv Oien 

Ji-Hyen Ok 

Dashawn Oliver Patrick O'Neill Amanda OKourke Andrew Parham 

Daniel Park 

Ashley Patterson Jieying Peng 

Corv Penta 

Nathan Perron Justin Pespisa 

Rachel Potter 

32 Juniors 

Chloe Prescott 

Elyse Purchia Akash Ramnanan Neil Rangw-ani 

Ariel Stimson Corey Stoner Michaela St.onge Emmn Stuhl Colton Sullivan 

Drusilla Szeto Cassandra Ta\ erna Katie Taylor Laura Townsend Ashley Trimarco 

Connor N'alliere Jeffrey Vatter Sateesh Venkatesh Geoffrey Vitiello Benjamin VV aite 

Cory Waite Amanda Whitley Pascal Whitt April Williams Christopher Wilsor 

O'Neil Anderson Gabrielle Wirth Sarah Wolfgram Stephanie Woolrich Aaron Zelinka 

34 Juniors 

Jay Altschuler 

Lauren Anderson Christopher Annese Sophia Arocha 

Alexander Arruda 

Loren Ayers Mariaruia Ballou Mike Barbacano 

Matt Basile 

Justine Beccv 

Lindsay Bernardo Juliette Bickford 

David Birnev 

Todd Bo>; 

36 Sophomores 

Katherine Carmichael Erica Carrubba 

Victoria Casey 

Sheila Chheda 


Rebecca Aronson Waintrup Charlene Asp Michael Avakian Matthew Ayers Luke Badalaty 

Bridget Barrett Heather Becker Hope Bigda Peyton Angelisa Bonilla Rasean Booker 

Arinique Boucher Scott Bratton Taja Bridges Matthew Brown Alexandra Budden 

Andrew Busa Patricia Carey Kyla Caron Cor\ Cascalheira Nicole Casey 

44 Freshmen 

Anthony D'errico Renee Eckert Christopher Egan Christopher Faber Terrance Favors 

Jessica Fernandes Jared Fitzpatrick Samuel Foltz Christopher Foti Thomas Fremk 

Molly Frean Christina Freccero Donald Frost Robert Fullam Laura Corberg 

Christopher Haynes Michael Haynes Daniel Hennessey Amelia Henr)- Nicolle Hickox 

46 Freshmen 

Ashley Hiniker 

Ashley Howard 

Erik Hrinishin John Humphries 

Shemia Hunter 

Ethan Jorgenson Joshua Kalenderian Diane Karanian Timothy Kaufmann Samuel Keller 


I Joshua Kipp Claire Koning 

Nipunn Koorapati Dennis Lam Gregory Lamb 

Emily Le 

Brittany Lee Katherine Levenstein Mychael Lewis 

Jason Liang 

Freshmen 47 

Clockwise from Top: Jav jousts 
with a hard drive. One of our 
staff members as a boy, guess 
who? Your editor pretends to 

work, as usual. Caity Urquhart 
gets something done! 


Where is the stamp? YOU 
Alright, fine. No one knows? 
Wait a minute... MAXINE! 


The staff of the yearbook does not 
associate itself with the picture on 
the left. This is photographic evi- 
dence of the crazy man who snuck 
his way into the room and was 
caught using pretzels in an unor- 
thodox manner. Before running 
away in fear, we managed to snap 
this photo of him. If you see him, 
BEWARE. He is armed with stale 
yearbook pretzels and highly dan- 
gerous. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

O/z my #$/%... 
and I have egg all 
over me. 
- Rinaldi 


Hello Everyone, 

I won't launch into one of the typical yearbook page sermons, there are just 
a few people I'd like to thank. Dru, you my boo. This has been a tough year 
with an editor quitting, snow days on deadlines and our generally busy lives. 
You were so great as an underclassmen editor, thank you so much for the 
never ending help and patience. Good luck with next year, and see you at the 
wedding! Jay, mazel tov! No, just kidding, you know we all love you (even 
though we tried to lock you out repeatedly and made fun of you till you 
cried). Smearing whipped cream all over your face was the most satisfying 
feeling I've ever had. Maxine, only a true best friend would come into 
yearbook everyday and help sort, organize, edit and critique. We all appre- 
ciated the work but we would like our damn postage stamp back. Mike 
Waters, thank you for showing up even after grueling practices, for pulling 
late nights off and for knowing everyone in the school! Mike Gaman, for 
making us all laugh when we really needed it, and for putting up with the odd 
jobs we made you do. Alejandro Garmarnick, I don't know if 1 spelled that 
right, but you know who you are. Thank you for knowing (or pretending to 
know) what to do when the computers acted up every, single. 

day. Bethic, the CD is turning out great, thank you for stepping up to a job that 
certainly isn't easy. Jessica and Caity, thanks for all of the great photos. All of the 
other staffers, this book is a result of your hard work and dedication, you should all 
be proud. To the custodians, we're sorry you hate us, we know we deser\ e it. Rinaldi, 
we both did our share of freaking out, but you always came in on weekends and 
nights to finish pages by my side. You had a solution for every problem and your 
patience with me has been so wonderful. Thank you. Finally, to the student body, 
thank you e\'eryone for all of the pictures, the input, and of course, the memories that 
made this book possible. 

Thank you again, your editor, Emily Siegenthaler. 



Mrs. Allen 
Mr. Amico 
Ms. Baldauf 
Ms. Barnett 
Ms. Bazie 

Ms. Belbute 
Mr. Berlino 
Ms. Billouin 
Mrs. Blake 
Mrs. Bosak 

Mr. Boshcetto 
Mr. Byrnes 
Miss. Burns 

Capt. Carson 
Ms. Caves 

Mr. Chinosi 
Ms. Cobin 
Ms. Collins 
Mr. Connolly 
Ms. d'Entemont 

Mrs. Danaher 
Ms. Davis 
Ms. Devany 
Ms. Dimascio 
Mr. Dinitto 

54 Faculty 

Ms. Dinitto 
Mr. Donnelly 
Ms. Dubisky 
Chief Edris 
Mr. Felker 

Ms. Flannery 
Ms. Flora 
Ms. Foley 
Ms. Frank 
Ms. Ganley 

Ms. Gelormini 
Ms. Gill 
Ms. Gray 
Mr. Griffen 
Ms. Hamilton 

Ms. Harvey 
Dr. Haswell 
Ms. Henoch 
Ms. Higson 
Mr. Huff 

Ms. Incledon 
Ms. Irving 
Mr. Jordan 
Ms. Jourdan 
Ms. Knox 

Faculty 55 

Mr. Rinaldi 
Mr. Primmerman 
Ms. Rosecan 
Ms. Rozen 
Dr. Ryan 

Ms. Sakelakos 
Ms. Santos 
Mr. Sheinfeld 
Mr. Sills 
Ms. Stander 

Mr. Stephenson 
Mr. Stevens 
Ms. Stott 
Ms. Sullivan 
Mr. Sullivan 

Mr. Sunderland 
Ms. Supprise 
Ms. Taub 
Ms. Taylor 
Ms. Thorsen 

Ms. Tocci 
Ms. Twombley 
Mr. Valentine 
Mr. Vankatesh 
Ms. Venuti 

Faculty 57 

Mr. Walsh 
Sgt. Wardwell 
Mr. Zahka 
Ms. Sullivan 
Mrs. McGregor 

Ms. Coburn 
Ms. Gustafson 
Ms. Powers 
Mrs. Bradv 

Ms. Piantedosi 
Ms. Smyth 

58 Faculty 

Mr. Maffa (1994) 

Mrs. Rainus from when most of us were born (1987) 

Sccciasc time flics 
for cucrgonc... 

Mr. Boshcetto (Senior) 

Mr. Sulivan, then Law 
Teacher (1987) 

Bedford's undefeatable 

Semiformal fashions from 
years far past 

Mr. Boschcetto (Freshman) 

F.lcul^• 59 

of flags 



1? V 



Hi I 



i« life , 

nd "tittles 




SSffiS^IS as 4ig(o)(o) 

siMAWAKce $8=rS=^w.cE ^CALL f78l>75-I700siflIZ 

2.ATTHEP0OB. $lo MTrtEooot f=Of^ l»«=0 ! 




Left to Right: 
Lara Backman 
Cheng Li 
Patrick Jeffrey 

Left to Right: 

1 Randy Kring 
Ryan Kring 
Emmet Kelty 
Nick Marshall 

j Natty Smith 
tVlilo MacPhail 
John Warwick 
Alan Bittenson 
Tristan Bard 
Jimmy McNamara 


Front Row: 
Katie Southard 
Stephanie Miller- 
Stacy Watro 
Renee Eckept 

Second Row: 
Eleni Wallace 
Lauren Sarson 
Julie Pietrasik 
Sammy Galler 
Katie Levenstein 
Jen Tate 
Charlene Asp 
Kelsey Domigan 
Diane Karanian 

Third Row: 
Pallavi Sud 
Jared Fitzpatrick 
Jake Mendales 
Delia Whiteneck 
Christine Couture 
Megan Gimbrone 

Back Row: 
Tim Cederberg 
Molly Marshall 
Kevin Harkins 
William Eggerl 
Taec Ok 
Luke Denmark 

64 Arts and Music 

Left to Right: 
Stephanie Miller- 
Hendry, Laura 
Townsend, Elissa 
Cohen, Brett 
Shofner, Mllo 
MacPhail Nick 
Marshall, Pat 
O'Neill, Grant Har- 
ris, Ryan King, Ian 
Dudley Marling, 
Delia Whiteneck 

Back Row: 

Kayla Scaglione 
Carolyn Dunlea 
Sara Bushnell 
Lauren Badia 
Allison Neff 
Alii Lua 

Caitlin Chapnnan 
Front Row: 
Dinah MacPhail 
Nicole Berke 
Maxine Lopez- 


Back Row: 
Dan Jamison 
Laura Kelly- 
Randy Kring 
Nipunn Koorparti 
John Park 
Mr. Maffa 
Middle Row: 
Elyse Purchia 
Staci Chin 
Erica Milia 
Taline Kalantari 
David Byun 
Front Row: 
Linda Fonseca 
Dennis Lam 
Sarah Lam 
Kevin Lu 
Soreen Cyphers 



■ r 

I J 

Arts and Music 65 

Mprcbing Band 


Left to Right: Alex Arruda, Grant Harris, Tony Gong, Randy Kring,Ryan Kring, IWax Hurley-Dorough, Hope Pigda-Peyton, Heather 
Cullen, Bill Johnson, Briana Malaska, Alan Bittenson. Shara Norton, Milo MacPhail, Nick Marshall. Ching Tzer Chang, Pallavi 
Sud, Laura Townsend, Mike Poe, Kayla Scaglione, Craig Baylis, Laurie Ohistein, Jenna Mitchell, Stephani Miller Hendry, Katie 
Neff, Lauren Sarson, Molly Marshall, Taylor Besselman, Ariel Stimson, Natty Smith, Marianna Ballou, Hannah Reynolds. Amy 
Dalrympie, Stacy Watro, Laura Kelly-Bowditch, Dinah MacPhail, Kristen Sarson, Emma Stuhl, Audrey Lin, Jessica Para, Dusty 
Smith, Devin Smith, Andy Saladino, Caity Urquhart, Brian Spencer, Brian Gleason 

66Arts and Music 

Cbctmbcr 5inqcr$ 

Left to Right: Kelsey Chapman, Laura Kelly-Bowditch, Carolyn Dunlea, Nick IVIarshall, Milo MacPhail, ???, Grant Harris, Chris 
Stevens, Max Hurley-Dorof, Cory Cascalheira, Marianna Ballou, Hannah Reynolds, Taline Kalantari, Janine King, Patrick 
Jeffrey, Thomas Colgan, Lucas Bossa,Greg Margolis, Joseph Strachan, Olivia Osgood, Megan O'Neil, Patricia Nelson, Amelia 
Henry,Sarah Bushnell, Kevin Abraham, Anthony Stiles, Sean Ayala, Tony D'Andagora, Jenna Mitchell, Stephanie Russo, 
Stephanie Miller-Hendry, Katherine Whallon, Naomi Ingram, Mike Poe 

From Left To Right: 

Tristan Bard 
Alan Bittenson 
John Warwick 
Kayla Scaglione 
AIM Lua 

Carolyn Dunlea 
Dinah MacPhail 
Randy Kring 
Caitlin Chapman 
Bethie Miller 
Maxine Lopez-Keough 
Nicole Berke 
Ryan Kring 
Craig Baylis 
Lauren Badia 
Jimmy McNamara 
Allison Neff 
Natty Smith 

Arts and Music 67 

Club leadership team: 

Katie Whallon (president) 

Alison Muhs, 

Olivia Osgood, 

Mark Wilkerson 

Club members: 

Ann Dunlea, 

Sam Foltz, 

Tim Kaufmann, 

Carl Larsson, 

Monica Parks 

(not pictured:) 

Sam Foltz, 

Fisa Gocht, 

Tyler Muhs, 

Matt Ranney, 

Club Advisor: 

Mr. Lahiff 

From Top Left to Bottom Right: 
Peter Johannessen, Jamie 
Dorer, Mike Pabian, Alex 
O'Brien, Dmitri Kogosov, Joon 
Hee Lee, David Barnett, Jef- 
frey Ohistein, Peter Sheppard, 
John Warwick, Nicole Berke, 
Nicole Carignan, Shreya Dave, 
Kristen Merlo, James 
McNamara, Cheryl Shao, 
Sabrina D'Agostino, 

Kelly Walsh, Julie Miller- 
Hendry, Sheena 
Mahoney, Phillip Galler, 
Joe King, Emmet Kelty, 
Courtney O'Keefe, 
Vicente Markle, Jamie 
Chin, Bernie Pekala, Jeff 
Hughes, Rebecca 
Moschini, Alex Gaman, 
Mike Waters, Kerry 
Marasa, Kayla Scaglione, 
Erin Van Pelt, Carolyn 
Dunlea, Katherine Amato, 
Maggie Brogan, Jocelyn 
Eagan, Marissa Foti 

In alphabetical order: 
Katherine Amato, Katy 
Arabasz, Grace 
Armstrong, Rebekah 
Armstrong, Lara 
Backman, Marianne 
Ballou, Melissa Barnett, 
Brendan Barrett, 
Nichole Berke, Taylor 
Besselman, Nichole 
Cariganan, Brian Chen, 
Erica Christin, Lisa 
Coppola, Dan Curtin, 
Shereya Dave, James 
Doer, Ann Dunlea, 
Danny Dvinov, Alex 
Gaman, Grant Harris, 

Naomi Ingram, 
Daniel Jamison, 
Travis Johnson, 
Laura Kelly- 
B o w d i t c h , 
Cheng Li, 
Lima, Audrey 
Lin, Molly 
Marshall, Jen 
Morse, Jihyen 
Ok, Neil 
Rangwani, Mike 
Kristina Yepez 

Clubs 69 

In alphabetical order: 
Jay Alschuer 
Alex O'brien 
Alex Gamen 

Alexandra GrebnevKen 

Hemong Achura 
Elizabeth Rose 
Stacy Watro 
Corey Leckband 
Ashley Theodore 
Alyssa Theodore 
Sarah Jaffer 
Sheila Cheda 
Russell Rennle 

Advisor Mr. Donnley 

In alphabetical order: 
Jay Altschuler, 
Nichole Berke, 
James Betz, 
Peter Betz, 
Nichole Carigan, 
Shreya Dave, 
David McGavern, 
Jamie Dorer, 
Emily Lee, 
Alex Gaman 

Advisor Ms. Karen Gill 

In alphabetical order: 
Jay Altschuler, 
Nichole Berke, James 
Betz, Peter Betz, 
Joseph Bigda-Peyton, 
Nichole Carigan, Nick 
Jamie Chin, Shreya 
Dave, Jamie Dorer, 
Molly Frean, 
Mai Fung, Alex Gaman, 
Tony Gong, Prashanth 
Haran, Naomi Ingram, 
Liz Jackson, Peter 
Johannessen, Maxine 
Lopez-Keogh, Lauren 
Mazel, Julie Miller- 
Hendry, Joe Mizzoni, 

I i 

1^ i 



■•' : ' i p,' 

Allison Neff, Alex 
O'Brien, Jeff 
Ohistein, Mike 
Mabian, Peter 
Sheppard, Emily 
Chris Stevens, 
Arien Stimson, 
Eric Taylor, 

Theodore, Shelly 
Wanamaker. Nick 
Young, Chris 
Advisor Ms. 
Karen Gill 

70 Clubs 

In alphabetical order: 
Tori Casey 
Ann Dunlea 
Cherie Freyre Geller 
Mike Gaman 
Alii Lua 
Milo MacPhail 
Kerry Marasa 
Kristen Merlo 
Ashley Rowley 
Stephanie Russo 
Devin Smith 
Natty Smith 
Emma Stuhl 
Drusilla Szeto 
Jeff Vitiello 

In alphabetical order: 
Craig Baylis 
ChingTzer Chang 
Ann Dunlea 
Travis Johnson 
Janine King 
Ellen Le 
Milo MacPhail 
Nick Marshall 
Jihyen Ok 
Bryan Rose 
Ashley Rowley 
Ivana Serret 
Devin Smith 
Anthony Stiles 
Emma Stuhl 

Drusilla Szeto 
Greg Vazquez 
Geoffrey Vitiello 
Michael Willams 

Clubs 71 

anior Kcntoi^ 

In alphabetical 
Katy Arabaz 
Grace Armstrong 
Rebekah Armstrong 
Shawn Ayala 
Melissa Barnett 
Kristina Barounis 
Taylor Besselman 
Jennifer Champney 
Erica Christen 
David Churella 
Kaitlin Connell 
Lisa Coppola 
Andrew Criscione 
Daniel Curtin 
Ann Dunlea 
Daniel Dvinov 
Dominic Gibson 
Matthew Hagar 
Prashanth Haran 
Grant Harris 
Naomi Ingram 
Daniel Jamison 
Gregory Johnson 
Laura Kelly Bowditch 
Sarah Lam 
Ellen Le 
Cheng Li 

Audrey Lin 
Milo MacPhail 
Leah Micu 
Andrew Moran 
Jennifer Morse 
Jenny Oien 
Ji-hyen Ok 
Justin Pespisa 
Kirstin Peterson 
Elyse Purchia 
Russell Rennie 
Hannah Reynolds 
Ashlee Rowley 
Stephanie Russo 
Kristen Sarson 
Mansi Shelat 
Shallon Silvestrone 
Devin Smith 
Michaela St. Onge 
Anthony Stiles 
Ariel Stimson 
Emma Stuhl 
Drusilla Szeto 
Cassandra Taverns 
Jeffrey Vatter 
Cory Waite 
Amanda Whitley 
April Williams 

Boys Matches: 

James Abisamra and Michael O'Donnell 

Jimmy McNamara and Mikey Mechem 

Shawn Ayala and Nick Duchi 

Cheng Li and Tim Feeley 

Rob Basile and Adam Traganos 

Christian Dispena and Donnie Frost 

Justin Pespisa and Richard Spillane and Ari Tannebaum 
Colin Pespisa and Adam Valente 
Matt Hagar and Tim Abisamra 

Girl Matches: 

Lauren Anderson and Lauren Johnson 

c^'f: BIT 

Juliette Bickford 

Sara Hartwell and Chloe 

Cat Iwanchuk and Emily 
Mello and Elizabeth Martin 
Cara LeBlanc and Jen Riley 
Michelle Richter and Stacey 
Watro and Liz Hunt 
Alison Miley and Christina 

72 Clubs 

In alphabetical order: 
Brendan Barrett 
Jamie Chin 
Staci Chin 
Carolyn Dunlea 
Amanda Harris 
Greg Johnson 
Taline Kalantari 
Audrey Lin 

Maxine Lopez- Keough 


- a t 


Erica Milia 
Julie Miller- Hendry 
Jihyen Ok 
Jessica Parra 
Hannah Reynolds 
Stephanie Russo 
Devin Smith 
Emma Stuhl 
Drusilla Szeto 
Kelly Walsh 

mw Foar 

In alphabetical order: 
Alex Arruda, 
Julie Finestone, 
Tony Gong, 
Cheng Li, 
Alex O'Brien, 
Stephanie Russo, 
Natty Smith 
Advisor Mr. Justin 

In alphabetical 

Taja Bridges 
Alexandra Budden 
Amber Calais 
Michelle Decastillo 
Adesuwa Elaiho 
Margaret Harbey 
Shemia Henry 
Jessica Jenkins 
Shemeka Jones 
Jocelyn Jones 
Brittany Lee 
Lauren Manning 

Steven Martin 
Roshaunda O'Neal 
Julissa Shortte 
Shaunea St. Louis 
Audrey Stiles 
Anthony Stiles 
Kandance Valentine 
Sharia Watson 
April Williams 
Rasean Booker 

Clubs 73 

President Devin Smith 

Vice President Nichole Burke 

Treasurer Drusilla Szeto 
Secretary Ariel Stimpson 

In alphabetical or- 

Brendan Barrett 
MIchole Berke 
MIchole Casey 
Kyla Caton 
Shreya Dave 
Katie Donellan 
Tom Frank 
Alex Gaman 
Mike Gaman 
Dylan Gart 
Caitlin Hall 
Daniel Jamison 
Patrick Jeffery 
Peter Johanson 
Greg Johnson 
Travis Johnson 

Catherine Land 
Ellen Le 

Maxine Lopez- 

Morgan Lowery 
Briana Malaska 
Ryan Murphey 
Kyle Rober 
Peter Russo 
Steph Russo 
Kristen Sarson 
Warren Shaw 
Ariel Stimson 
Devin Smith 
Drusilla Szeto 
John Warwfick 
Greg Vasquez 

Ms. Flannery 

In alphabetical order: 
Kathy Arabasz 
Marianna Ballou 
Lindsay Bernardo 
Taylor Besselman 
Juliette Bickford 
David Byun 
Katherine Carmichael 
Andy Caslano 
Rory Christensen 
Kendra Collins 
Georgia Cook 
Alyssa Cox 
Krista Crennan 
Stephanie Davison 
Ann Dunlea 
Carolyn Dunlea 
Ashleigh Gonzalez 
Stephanie Good 
Kevin Grant 
Mike Guanci 
Margret Harvey 
Sara Hatwell 
Max Hurley-Dorof 
Luke Jarvis 
Terri Kachelmyer 
Taline Kalantari 
Deidre Kalenderian 
Laura Kelly-Bowditch 
Erin Kiely 
Randy Kring 
Ryan Kring 

Presidente Sabrina D Agostino 
Vice- Presidente Jessica Parra 
Vice-Presidente Kyle Rober 

Tesorera Sarah Heinrlch 
Secretaria Ashlee Rowley 

Carl Larsson 
Emily Le 
Katie Levenstein 
Bobby McConnell 
Ken Nelson 
Jihyen Ok 
Taec Ok 
Olivia Osgood 
Blair Pekala 
Colin Penta 
Amanda Pike 
Chris Reland 
Russell Rennie 
Michelle Richter 
Samanth Rober 
Ashley Rudd 
Andy Salandino 
Mansi Shelat 
Allsha Silverstrone 
Peter Stern 
Emma Stuhl 
Pallavi Sud 
Drusilla Szeto 
Neil Tembulkar 
Eleni Wallace 
Mark Wllkerson 
April Wilson 

Ms. Barnett 

smn Cdltarc Cxm«mqc 

In alphabetical or- 

Chlngtzer Chang 
Wei-Chi Chang 
StacI Chin 
Katherlne Cuti 
Screen Cyphers 
Shreya Dave 
Carolyn Dunlea 
Tony Gong 
Dan Jamison 
Dennis Lam 
Sarah Lam 
Cheng Li 

Kevin Lu 
Milo IVIacPhail 
Eric Milia 
JiHyen Ok 
Taec Ok 
Russell Rennie 
Kristen Sarson 
Cheryl Shao 
Jeff Shen 
Devin Smith 
Ariel Stimson 
Emma Stuhl 
Drusilla Szeto 
Sowmya Varada 
Jeff Vatter 

Doc. Haswell 

In alphabetical or- 

Katherlne Amato 
Joe Bigda-Peyton 
Deepa Bharat 
Jenny Champney 
Adam Darkazalli 
Tony Gong 
Bobby Dellarocco 
Jim Foltz 
Nate Hauck 
Mike Haynes 
Cat Iwanchuk 
D e i d r e 
Megan Kercher 
Erin Kiely 
Gaby Lynch 

Lauren Mazel 
Chris McNulty 
Andrew Parham 
Monica Parks 
Nick Plugis 
Bremma Quinn 
Dan Rossin 
Ashley Ruggiero 
Aaron Smiles 
Michaela St. Onge 
Chris Stone 
Dave Thorsen 
Cassie Urquhart 
Dan Waters 
Chip Zuckerman 

Ms. Henoch 

In alphabetical order: 
Hemang Acharya, Lara 
Backman, Koushik 
Barman, Ching Tzer 
Chang, Wei Chi Chang, 
Jamie Chin, Jamie 
Dorer, Bill Eggert, 
Prashanth Haran, Tony 
Gong, Kevin Grant, 
Cheng Li, Matt Poe, Neil 
Rangwani, Russell 
Rennie, Peter Russo, 
Cheryl Shao, Peter 
Sheppard, Drusilla 
Szeto, Jeff Shen, Jeff 
Vatter, Sowmya Varada 
Advisor: Ms. Haswell 

In alphabetical order: 
Kevin Abraham 
Katy Arabasz 
Brendan Barrett 
Nicole Berke 
Lindsay Bernardo 
Taylor Besselman 
Juliette Bickford 
Maggie Brogan 
Nicole Carignan 
Katherine Carmichael 
Olga Chambers- Maher 
Wei Chi Chang 
Caitlin Chapman 
Kelsey Chapman 
Erica Christin 
Kendra Collins 
Neha Dave 
Shreya Dave 
Steph Davidson 
James Dorer 
Ian Dudley- Marling 

Danny Dvlnov 
Alex Gaman 
Dylan Gart 
Max Hurley- Dorof 
Peter Johannessen 

Greg Johnson 
Deidre Kalenderi 
Ryan Kring 
Audrey Lin 

Maxine Lopez- 
Allison Miley 
Allie Neff 

Amanda O'Rourke 

Brian Pabian 
Jessica Parra 
Blair Pekala 
Leon Phelps 
Amanda Pike 
Brenna Quinn 
Russel Rennie 
Hannah Reynolds 
Pete Sheppard 
AMy Siegenthaler 
Alisha Silverstrone 
Chris Stevens 
Ariel Stimson 
Colleen Strachan 
Sabrina Stucka 
Emma Stuhl 
Alyssa Theodore 
Laura Townsend 
Cassandra Urquahart 
ElenI Wallace 
Mike Waters 
Corinne Weeks 
Nick Young 

In alphabetical order: 
Sarah Adams 
Josh Caryer 
Jamie Chin 
Dylan Gart 
David Gelinas 
John Gillete 
Lindsey Gravina 
Kenny Sutton 
Ronie Turner 
Matt Wallace 
AJ Webber 

76 Clubs 

T x^^tb T eam 

In alphabetical order: 
Brendan Barrett 
David Byun 
ChingTzer Cheng 
Danny Dvinov 
Prashanth Haran 
Dan Jamison 
Ben Johnston 
Nipunn Koorapati 
Ellen Le 
Joon Hee Lee 
Cheng Li 

Andrew IVIacRobert 
Andy McGavern 

Meghan IVIcGowan 
Jeff Ohistein 
Taec Ok 
Matt Pearson 
Peter Russo 
Jeff Shen 
Peter Stern 
Drusilla Szeto 
Neil Tembulkar 
Sowmya Varada 
David Wang 

In alphabetical order: 
David Byun 
Chris Chapman 
Dan Cullen 
Robbie Fullam 
Dylan Gart 
Tony Gong 
Nipunn Koorapati 
Cheng Li 

Andrew MacRobert 
Meghan McGowan 
Peter Stern 
Adam Shuman 
Mike Whitman 
Advisor: Mr. McGowan 

In alphabetical order: 
Keith Barbato 
Koushik Barman 
Brendan Barrett 
David Byun 
Chris Champman 
Dan Cullen 
Adam Darkazalli 
Robbie Fullam 
Mike Gaman 
Dylan Gart 
Tony Gong 
Prasanth Haran 
Kevin Harkins 
Kenny Hill 
Erik Hirnishin 
John Jaillet 
Patrick Jeffery 
Ben Johnston 
Nipinn Koorapati 
Dennis Lam 

Cheng Li 
Kevin Lu 
Andy MacRobert 
Marcus McDonald 
Andy McGavern 
Meghan McGowan 
Ryan Murphy 
Jeffery Ohistein 
Taek Ok 
Colin Pespisa 
James Pooley 
Nick Reyling 
Peter Russo 
Elad Shahar 
Jeff Shen 
Adam Shuman 
Peter Stern 
Niel Tembulkar 
Roni Turner 
Matt Wallace 
Mike Wittman 

78 Clubs 

Front Row Left to Right: 
Michael Diaz, 
Jesse Creason, 
Joslyn Grabbert, 
Patricia Nelson, 
Carol Murray, 
Dusty Smith, 
Mario Cutino. 

Back Row: 
Chris Foti, 
Kandace Valentine, 
Saunea St Louis, 
Dan Hennessey, 
Andrew Parham, 
Tim Kaufmann, 
Jessica Fernandes. 

Left to Right: 
David Piper, 
Renee Eckert, 
Elliot Snow, 
Meghan O'Neill, 
Matt Roth, 
Andrew Barney, 
Rasean Booker, 
Erick Hrinishin, 
Alex Coe, 
Liz Hart, 
Brittany Cook, 
Jessica Jenkins 

Left to Right: 
Alexandra Grebnev, 
Chris Stone, 
Sarah Wolfgram, 
Sean Hannaway, 
Rebecca Hart, 
Andrew Moran, 
Andrew Wingate, 
Ken Nelson, 
David Gelinas, 
Phil Steinberg, 
Mike Hill. 

80 Clubs 

82 Sports 

>ove Team Back Row: Antoine King, Doug Howie, M\ke Ferro, Daniel Parl<, Tony D'Alleva, Chris Larsen, Jon IVIerlo, Jeff McGrath, Anthony Santos, 
ke Wilson, Mike Barbacano, Justin Porter. Second Row: Kenny Russell, O'Neil Anderson, Dominic Gibson, Sateesh Venkatesh, Justin Pespisa, Brad 
ivis, Matthew Hagar, Chris Mercurio, Matt Basile, Josh Caryer, Scott Steed, James Abisamra. Front Row: Dave Barnett, Nick Park, Bernie Pekala, John 
irtwell, Jeff Hughes, Chris Champney, Mark Sargent, Mike O'Reilly, Joe Bigda- Peyton, Rob Basile, Jim Foltz. 


^ "V 4^ y \ ./ ^ 


Freshman Football Team Back Row: Manny 
Soto, Kenny Russell, Terrance Favors, 
Alfredo Parra, Sam Keller, Matthew Lima, 
Ryne Tillman. Second Row: Sam Foltz, 
Chris Haynes, Chris Faber, Robert Collins, 
Tim Steinberg. Front Row: John Park, Timo- 
thy Cederberg, Kevin Johnson, David Piper, 
Jason Liang. 

Pictured Below, Clockwise from Top: 
Dominic Gibson makes a run for the 

The Buc stops here. 

Chris Champney goes for the slaughter 

with his head. 


Sports 83 

Top: Hilary Fish cheers her heart out! 
Above: Cheerleaders celebrate a 
Bucs touchdown. 

Right: Varsity Captains: Marissa Fot 
Jocelyn Egan. and Monica Beamon. 

84 Sports 

Vbove: Cheerleaders pump up the crowd and the team for the game. 

Senior Varsity Cheerleaders: Adesuwa, Melissa, Monica, 
Jocelyn, Marissa, Pamela and Caitlin. 

Cheerleaders Below: Back Row: Brittany Russell, Ellen Le, Hilary 
Fish, Blair Pekala, Catherine Iwanchuk, Megan Ross. 
Front Row: Adesuwa Elaiho, Melissa Ross, Monica Beamon, Jocelyn 
Egan, Marissa Foti. Pamela Jones, Caitlin Chapman. 

Top: Evan Rosse launches a power- 
ful throw in. 

Above: Senior Captain Joe King 
fights for the control of the ball. 

Varsity goalie Keith Barbato 
punts the ball back Into play. 

Clockwise from Top: Ben Kesler 
battles an opposing team member 
for the ball... Always on the run. B 
Eggert breaks away... Adam 
Darkazalli comes back to win the ball 
at midfield... Christian Dispena beats 
around an opposing defender and 
heads for the goal! 


Above: Boys Varsity Team top row: Bill Eggert, Carl Larsson, Tim King, Matt Roe, Brian Spencer. Jonney Hempton, Ev 
Rosse, Christian Dispena, Brad King, Adam Darkazali, Coach Boschetto 

Bottom Row: Luke Davis, Kyle Rober, James Betz, Joe King, Mike Waters, Mark Busa, Peter Betz, Keith Barba 
Ben Kesler 

Above: The team prepares for a win. 
Left: Mike Waters and James Betz talk 
strategy before a match. 

JV Boys Soccer Team: Back Row: Aaron Smiles, Daniel Jamison, Chris McNulty, 
Nicholas Plugis, DJ Cohen, Kevin Markings , Perry Fotis, Taec Yeon Ok. Middle Row: 
Alex Washer, Nathan Hauck, Anthony Stiles, Luke Badalaty, Andrew Busa, Neil Tembulkar, 
Mark Wilkerson. Front Row: Jake Mendales, Cory Leckband, Jeremy Cogliano, Dan 
Waters, JD Rogers. 

Top: James Betz heads the ball out of the Bedford end. 
Above: Mark Busa prepares to volley the ball past several 
opposing players. 

Above: Varsity Captains: Seniors Joe King, Mark Busa and Mike Waters 

Right: Joe King carries the ball up the field. 

Far Right: Mike Waters sets up the next play with a strong pass. 

Girls Soccer Action Shots Clock- 
wise from Top Left: Jennifer 
Tate battles for the ball... 
Alisha Silvestrone brings the ball 
up the field, looking for a play- 
Georgia O'Rourke flies at the 
speed of light, defending her 

Corinne Weeks sneaks a foot in 
to steal the ball... 
Melissa Barnett moves in to shut- 
down the attack of the striker 
from the other team... 
Alii Morse expertly keeps the 
ball from the opposing team... 
Laura Valente chases after a 
ball, racing to keep it out of the 

Taline Kalantari pulls a classic 
nutmeg, beating an opposing 

Senior Girls of tlie Soccer Team: Bethle Miller, Capt. Katherine Amato, 
Capt. Alison Miley, Kristen Merlo and Laura Valente 

Girls Varsity Soccer Team: Katie Whallon, Colleen Straughan, Courtney 
O'Connor, Kimberly Zolla, Corinne Weeks, Ashley Theodore, Kendra 
Collins, Amanda Pike, Georgia O'Rourke, Stephanie Davison, Coach 
Wilson, Alisha Silvestrone, Lisa Coppola, Shallon Silvestrone, Jen 
Morse, Melissa Barnett, Amanda O'Rourke, Stephanie Lima, Bethie 
Miller, Katherine Amato, Alison Miley, Kristen Merlo, Laura Valente, 
Meagan Gimbrone. 

4. Ml^ 

Girls JV Soccer Team: Back Row: Alexandra Budden, Ashley Rudd, Krista Crennan, 
Olga Chambers-Mahr, Nicole Hickok. Middle Row: Audrey Stiles, Alexranda Ush, 
Taline Kalantari, Georgia Cook, Megan McGowan, Katrina Melton. Front Row: 
Catherine Cuti, Samantha Rober, Catherine Carmichael, Ariel Whitt, Sowmy Verada. 

Girls Varsity Captains: Junior Jen Morse, and 
Seniors Alison Miley and Katherine Amato. 


Top Row: Coach Barton, Ashleigh Gonzalez. Emma Stuhl. Deidre Kalendarian. Jenny Champney. 
Kristin Peterson. Leah Micu. Kathryn Arabasz. Bottom Row: Stephanie Larsen. Cheryl Shao. Rebecca 
Moschini, Maggie Brogan, Lauren Badia, Rebecca Hart. Rebekah Armstrong, Kristina Piccirillo. 

The field hockey team 
Maggie Brogan. Lauren 
Badia, Rebecca Moschini 

Above: Seniors of the Team: Right: Maggie Brogan steals 

Cheryl Shao. Rebecca Moschini, the ball from an opposing 

Lauren Badia. and Rebecca Hart player an d goes for a goal, 
hold up Maggia Brogan. 

92 Sports 

Sports ')3 

Above: A JV team huddle with the coach 
Top LeftrKristen Sarson, Jihyen Ok, An 
Dunlea, and Liz Davidson. 
Middle Left: Scrannble and Shout! 
Below: Ann Dunlea hits the ball with perfec 

IT ^'oH ' 

Left: Varlsty team members from Top left: Liz : 
Davidson, Gabby Lynch, Cassy Taverna, Jacky ' 
Melton, JiHyen Ok, Christine Hill 
Kneeing in the front: Kristen Sarson, Coach 
Serbus, Katie Neff, and Carolyn Dunlea 

BelowrPlayers dash for the ball to return the 

94 Sports 

Sports >J5 

Above: Andrew Windgate finishes 
the race. 

Clocl<wise from the top right: 
Bucs steadly gain position in their 

Senior runners together after a 
big race. 

Russel Rennie and Jamie Dorer. 
Alex O'Brien maintains his lead. 
Team photo from left to right: 
Back Row: Jeff Vatter, Eric 
Smallenberger, Jamie Dorer, Alex 
Gaman, Alex O'Brien 
Front Row: Jeff Sutti, Russel 
Rennie, Andrew Criscione, Kevin 

Above: The Coach times for the runner. 
Right: Lisa Richter keeps her pace. 

96 Sports 


Top Left: John 
Feurstein digs the 
puck out from behind 
the goal. 

Left: Dan Tillman 
guards his goal. 

"When he was 
tested he came 

Coach McGrath talking 
about Goalie Tillman after 
his third shutout perfor- 

The team celebrates an- 
other score! 

Above: Hockey Team Seniors 
Back Row: Mike O'Reilly, Chris 
O'Brien, John Feuerstein, Storm 

Front Row: Rob Basile, Mark 
Sargent, Scott Rossi, Kelly Walsh 

Top Right: Rob circles around to 
begin his attack. 

Top Far Right: Brandon takes the 
face off. 

Right:Mike O'Reilly get's the puck 
around the wing and moves to shoot 
on goal. 


3elow: Mark Sargent wrestles the 
puck away from the other team. 

Top Row: Rob Collins, Matt Basile, Craig Larson, D.J. Cohen, Sam Grainger, Kelly Walsh, Steve Collins, Mike Wilson, Justin Porter 
Middle Row: Colton Sullivan, Andy Westercamp, Pat O'Brien, Dave Ahem, Brandon Sheehan. Allie Szlosek, Mario Cutino, Bret Shofner Bottom 
Row: Mike O'Reilly, Scott Rossi, Mark Sargent, Storm Tillman, John Feuerstein, Robert Basile, Chris O'Brien 

Sports w 

Right: Oneil Anderson fends off 
the competition and goes for the 
shot. Below, IVIikhail Ingram-Rubin 
is inches away from the hoop as an 
opposing teammate makes a weak 
attempt to block the shot. 

Boys Freshmen Basketball: Back Row Greg Margolis, Josh Kalendarian, 
Tim Cedarberg, David Wang, Elliot Snow 

Front Row: Mike Goodridge, Andrew Barney, Tyler Muhs, Ryan Tillman, 
John Park. 

Not Shown: Josh Kipp, Akshay Kaul. 

Boys Varsity Basketball: Top row, from Left; Mathew Hagar, Daniel Reed, 
Gregory Johnson, Adam Darkazalli. 

Middle Row, from Left; Mikhail Ingram-Rubin, Oneil Anderson, Dashawn 
Oliver, Terrance Favors, Gerald Cohen. FRont row, from Left; Alberto 
Rue, Mark Busa, Jeffrey Hughes 

100 Sports 

Left: Alberto Rue dribbles down 
the court with a look of intense 

Below: Mark Busa pivots on 
pointe as Mikhail Ingram-Rubin 
races down the court. 


Left: Captain Jeff Hughes looks to 
the court for an open teanfimate to 
pass to. 

Below: The Bedford Bucs cheer 
uproriously for their fellow team- 
mates from the sidelines. 


loys JV Basketball, Top Row from Left: Devon Ryan, Luke Jarvis, 
lichael Guanci, Chris Larsen, Anthony Santos. Second Row: Bob 

Luke Jarvis, Greg Johnson and Evan Rosse battle for the ball. NBA. eat your 
heart out. 

Sports 101 

Right: Jenny Champney and Jen Morse nurse ankle injuries on 
the sidelines. 

Middle Right: A player is down and the coaches attend to her. 
Bottom Right: Coach Papalambros gives the girls a pep talk 
before the game. 

Right.: Varsity Girls Team. Top 
Row: Tori McGee, Jen Morse, 
Amanda O'Rourke, Melissa 
Barnett, Cassandra Taverna. 
Front Row: Rebekah Armstrong, 
Sarah Heinrich, Jakoya Wilkins, 
Victoria Blanchard, Stephanie 
Barounis and Jenny Champney. 

Right: JV Girls Team. 
Top Row: Allison 
Morse, Colleen 
Strachen, Katherlne 
Carmichael, Lauren 

Front Row: Dominique 
Mitchell, Alisha 
Silvestrone, Georgia 
O'Rourke, Kandace Val- 

25 I 24 ,.22 1 : 

Above: Cassandra Taverna tries to pull off a shot. 
Middle: Melissa Barnett practices her free throw. 
Far Right: The team gets psyched up for the game. 

102 Sports 


Clockwise from Below: Tori McGee beats the opposing 

defenders and battles towards the net. 

Varsity Team Captains Jal<oya Wilkins and Victoria 


Victoria Blanchard makes it to the net and goes up for 
two points. 


bove:Shots from 
ne of the girls' 
>ughest games of 
le season. 

Above: Varsity Senior Girls Sarah Heinrich, 
Victoria Blanchard and Stephanie Barounis. 

Sports 103 

Charlene Asp gasps for air after a 
long workout in the pool. 

Clockwise from Above: 

Katie Levenstein freestyles her way 
through a grueling practice. 

Kaitlin Connell races to complete her 
50 meters of the butterfly. 

Brad Davis takes a quick breath of air 
as he practices his freestyle stroke. 

The girls of the Bedford swim team 
hop in the water, ready for practice. 

Swim Team Captains 

Natalie Taylor and Sean Hannaway 

In circle left to right: Charlene Asp, Brittany Cummings, Lindsay McGrory, Caitlin Hall 
Lauren Anderson, Katie Levenstein, Meagan McGowan, Heather Becker, Laura Gerberg 
and Renee Eckert. 

104 Sports 

Left: Sean Hannaway smoothly 
lauches off the block into the wa- 

Below: Natalie Taylor 
demonstrates an impressive but- 
terfly stroke. 

Left: Charlene Asp crawls her 
way towards DCLs! 

Right: Natalie Taylor, Mark 
Wilkerson, Dave Thorson, 
Sean Hannaway, Amy 
Siegenthaler, Brad Davis and 
Cat Land prepare to get down 
to business in the pool. 

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^ll^^^^^^^ 

Lindsay McGrory, Caitlln Hall and Lauren 
Anderson tread water before a meet. 

Top Row: Amy Siegenthaler, Kaitlin Connell, Natalie Taylor, Mrs. Dotty Blake, Sean Hannaway, Brad Davis, Alison Muhs, Lauren Mazel 

2nd row: Dave Thorsen, Tom Colgan, Mark Wilkerson, Catherine Land, Lauren Anderson, Meagan McGowan, Christine Coulture. Katie Levenstein, 

Renee Eckert. 

Front Row: Alex Budden, Dennis Lam, Kevin Lu, Caitlin Hall, Charlene Asp, Brittany Cummings, Lindsey McGrory, Laura Gerberg. Heather Becker 

spv>rt!. 105 

kff mm 

Nashoba Valley 
hosts the Ski-Team! 

As they watched their teamates pull 
off sharp turns, experience bru- 
tal falls, the ski team's season sped 
by-and they finished off a hot year in 
a cold winter! 

Clockwise from top right: 

Pete Sheppard takes a high speed 


A Buc makes his way down the to the 

Peter Russo skies to the lift 
after another run. 

Carl Larson whizzes past the giant 
slalom gate. 

Kristen Sarson gets excited for her 
up coming race. 

Sabrina Stucka cheers on her 



106 Sports 

Top Row- Lauren Sarson, Bobby McConnel, Kevin Ewell, Amanda Pike, 
Hope Bigda-Peyton, Joe Ball 

2nd Row-Peter Russo, Jeff Vatter, Kristen Sarson, Kyle Rober, Samantha 

Third Row: Alyssa Theodore, Peter Johannessen, Sabrina Stucka, Pete 

A BHS skier speeds 
up to the finish 

Alyssa Theodore skis ♦ 
through the finish. 

Above: Peter Johannessen glides down the mountain. 

Above Right: Team seniors Sabrina Stucka, Peter Johannessen, Peter Sheppard, and Alyssa 

Sports 107 

Senior Track Members 
Top Row: Luke Fougere, 
Joe King, Chris 
Champney, Andrew 
WIngate, Matt Poe, Paul 

Front Row: Mike Waters, 
Katherine Amato, Kristen 
Merlo, Bernie Pekala, 
Jamie Doer, Jim Foltz 

Medley of Stars 

Top Left: Celebrating a good race is 

Jennifer Tate. 

PaulRossi puts the shot. 

Cory Leckband helps his team with a 

winning time. 

Alex Obrien chugs along with his team. 
Chris Hanes begins to move out. 

Above Team Captains Kristen Merlo 
and Bernie Pekala. 

Below Kristen Merlo keeps her relay 
team in the race with a quick shift. 

Top Right:Danny Divinov is quick out 
of the blocks. 

Mike Waters superior performances 
all year earned him the honor of one of 
the top High School athletes in the 

108 Sports 

Back Row: Mike Haynes, Bill Eggert, Luke Davis, 
Andy Criscione, Sheila Cceda, Michelle Richter, 
Kaylin Klatt, Kevin Grant, Jon Merlo, Dan Waters, 
Mike Barbacano, Cory Leckband, Chris Haynes 
Middle Row: Coach Al Dougherty, Shawn Ayala, 
Kenny Russell, Arien Stimpson, Taylor Besselman, 
Melinda Carsino, Michaella St. Onge, Katie 
Southard , Audrey Lin, Sateesh Venkatesh, David 
Byun, Danny Dvinov, Dominic Gibson, Erick 
Smallenberger, Coach Schilder 
Front Row: Chris Champney, Drew Wingate, Jamie 
Dorer, Katherine Amato, Mike Waters, Kristan 
Merlo, Bernie Pekaela, Matt Poe, Jim Foltz, Paul 
Rossi, Luke Fugere, Joe King. 

Center Right: Mike Barbacano clears the bar 

The relay team depends on Drew Wingate's fast 

Eric Smallenberger gets ug and over. 



Bedford trackers: 
Across: Kristen Merlo, 
Audrey Lin, Melinda 
Corssino, Sateesh 

Jim Foltz 

Dominic Gibson 

Joe King 

Far Right: Rifle Team Captians lUlichael 
Pabian, Lauren Badia Rebecca IHart. 
Riglit: Alex Coe shooting in a home com- 

The Rifle Team in alphabetical order: 
Luke Badalaty, 

Lauren Badia,Tristan Bard, Alexander 
Coe, Michael Diaz, Kelsey Domigan, 
Michael Gaman, Rebecca Hart, Sarah Lam, 
Jessica Mack, Andrew Moran, Michael 
Pabian, Andrew Parham, Elyse Purchia, 
Dusty Smith, Jeffery Suddy, Daniel 

Dusty Smith's in 
tense concentration 


Alex Coe, Elyse 
Perchia, Tristan Bard 
and Sarah Lam prac- 

Mike Pabian and Rebecca Hart shoot from a standing position. 





KatieTaylor, Seana Colman, Ashley 
Trimarco, Pamela Deliah Jones 

Cheerleading Team Back Row: Kristina Boraunis, Kendra Collins, 
Stephanie Larsen, Brianna Malaska, Nickole Case 
Middle Row: Janine King, Tranea Perry, Brittany Russell, Michelle 
Delcastillo, Emily Le 

Front Row: Katie Taylor, Ashley Trimarco, Pamela Delilah Jones, Seana 


- ^ ♦.*+v.m|V.-- 

Stephanie Larsen, Pamela Delilah Jones 

Cheering the team on to victory. 

Sports 111 

Top: A Nice pitch. 
IVIiddle: A player slides into 3rd . 
Bottom: Jon Hart crouches to receive 
a low throw. 

Clockwise from top right: Bat- 
ter up, Bucs! Jon Hart pitches 
a nearly perfect game.. .Chris 
Dutton waits for a pitch at 
home plate. ..Ricky Barbato per- 
fects the art of looking pensive 
with his teammates. 

Left: Coach Chris Anders, John Hart, Chris Dutton, Coach Dennis 
Doble. Right: A buc follows through in his swing. 

112 Sports 

From Left to Right: Coach Dennis Doble, Coach Chris Anderson, Bernie Pekala, 
David Ahern, Tony D'Alleva, Ben Jones, Nick Young, IVIatt Hagar, Brad Kennedy, 
Jacob Lafo, Gary Lucas, Brendan Wllkerson, Billy Wilson, Jason Kennedy, Ricky 
Barbato, Jon Hart, Chris Dutton. 

Top: Varsity Baseball Team. Above: Jason Kennedy, Jacob Lafo, Gary Lucas, 
Brendan Wilkerson, William Wilson, Ricky Barbato, Jonathan Hart, Christopher 
Dutton, Brandon Kennedy. 

Above: Gary Lucas steps 
up to the plate. Left: 
Lucas practices his 

Above: A Bedford Buccaneer manages to steal base. 
Middle: Jon Hart gets psyched up for a pitch. 

Right: A Sue concentrates on 
the ball and gets ready to swing. 

Spi.tts 113 

Above: Varsity Team: Rebekah Armstrong, Grace Armstrong, Alii Lua. 
Melinda Corssino, Shallon Silverstrone, Cassandra Taverna, Jennifer 
Champney, Marybeth Corbett, Coach Wilson, Katie Springer, Meagan Asp 
Kristen Merlo, Danielle Cary, Coach Gullage. 

Top: Members of the softball 
team pose for a photo with 
TImone on their trip to Florida. 

Right: Teammates exchange 
greetings with the opposition 
before a game. 

Right: JV Team: Shallon 
Silverstrone, Cherie Freyre 
Geller, Britni O'Connor, 
Stephanie Larson, Kristin 
Peterson, Jessica Reynolds, 
Coach Walsh, Marybeth Corbett, 
Bethy Miller, Maggie Brogan, 
Becky Moschini, Dimitra Philios 


■ I 2 

Left: Cassandra 
Taverna moves to 
make the play! 

Left: Grace Armsrtong 
caught up in a scuffle at 
the plate! 

Right: Freshman Team: Katie Wilkins, Krista Crennan, Lauren Mazel, 
Michelle Richter, Kaylyn Klatt, Katie Southerd, Coach O'Reilly, Lauren 
Marino, Lisa Rossi, Jessica Mack, Julie Petrasik, Coach Costa 
114 Sports 

Clockwise from Top: Cassandra 
Taverna, Varsity first base player 
throws to home plate... Melinda 
Corssino up at bat... Team huddle 
before the next Inning, keep it up 
Bugs! ...Varsity's third base player 
prepares to make a ground ball play. 

Below: AIM Lua, Varsity's catcher 
gets ready for a play at home plate. 

^^^^^ ^ ■»" 

Above: Rebecca Armstrong, 
Varsity's second base player 
watches the play, ready for anything. 

Sports 115 

Below: Ben Ratichek brings the ball to the cage 

J.V. Lacrosse Team Below: 
Top Row: Kevin Grant, Max 
"Chops" Martinez, Kyle Rober, 
Milo Mc Phail, Mark Karanovich, 
Travis Johnson, Patrick O' 
Neil, Ian Hannaway. 
Middle Row: Ching Tzer Chang, 
David Thorsen, Dan Curtin, Matt 
Roe, Dan Jamison, Kevin Conway, 
Joshua Donadio. 
Front Row: Coach Larusso, 
Anthony Santos, Mike Wilson, 
Jeremy Cogliano, D.J. 
Cohen.Craig Larsen, Billy Mello, 
Justin Porter 

Below: Jermey Cogliano zooms past everyone to the • 
side of the field. 

Above: Jeff Vatter clears the ball 

Above: The Bucs gathers 
around to raise spirits before a 

Above: Luke Fougere runs the ball in. 

116 Sports 


Top Row Right to Left: Emmet Kelty, Brian Gleason, John Hartwell, John Hempton, Ben Waite, Craig 
|Baylis, IVIatt Bushnell 

liddle Row Right to Left: Jeff Vatter, Rob Basile, Chris O'Brien, Matt Gagnon, Pat Reed, Cory Waite, 
Jick Park, Coach Park 

bottom Row Right to Left: Derek Johnson, IVIark Sargent, Scott Rossi, Luke Fougere, Andrew 
rolman, IVIatt Lynch, Brian Chen 

T ^ 


L e f t : C r a i g 
Baylis makes a 
save and clears 
the ball. 

Matt Gagnon 
and Pat Reed 
with Coach 


The Bucs warm up before the big game. 

Above: Nick Park runs the ball in for a shot. 

Cory Waite catches a pass. 

Sports 117 

Left to Right from the bottom: Freshmen Team Sheila 
Chhedda, Amanda Pike, Julliette Bickford, Lisa Gocht, 
Jacqueline Melton, Middle Row Left to Right: Kendra 
Collins, Alisha Silverstrone, Share Norton, Christine 
Hill, Catherine Neff , Gaby Lynch Top Row from Left to 
Right : Coach Sherman, Courtney O'Connor, Katherine 
Carmichael, Lauren Anderson, Stacey Watro 

Below: Jill Russo makes a run to clear the ball. 

From Left Top: J.V. Team Sheena 
Mahoney, Sabrina Stucka. Rory 
Christensen, Michelle Mendell, Tracy 
Raymond, Lindsay Foy, Ann Dunlea, 
Ellen Le, Kayla Scaglione, Elyse Purchia, 
Naomi Ingram, Kristen Sarson, Sara 
Bushnell, Lisa Coppola, Kathryn 
Arabasz, Audrey Lin, Ariel Stimson, 
Emma Stuhl, Leah Micu, Erica Christin, 
Jenny Oien, Taylor Besselman, Julie 

118 Sports 

Right: From Right- Ben Johnston, An- 
drew MacRobert, Peter Johannessen, 
Prashanta Haran, Michael Poe, Randy 
Kring, Todd Boghegian, Adam Shuman, 
Keith Barbato, Peter Stern, William Shao, 
Coach Geilfuss, Adam Gart, Chris Kiely, 
Phil DeMeo, Chris Redmond, Coach 

Above:Captains Phil 
DeMeo and Chris 
Keily with Coaches 
Geilfuss and Long. 
Right: Chris Kiely 
lunges low for a ball. 

120 Sports 

Above: Bedford tennis players 
practice good sportsmanship 
and shake hands with their 

Far Right: Team leaders Kate 
Gorski, Lisa Mara and Jenny 
Spencer with coach Aldoriclo. 

Left: Tara Busa lunges for the 

Bottom Left: Kate Gorski, Lisa 
Mara and Jenny Spencer and 
Taryn Westerkamp 

122 Sports 

Above: Girl's tennis players learn a new move for their 

Below: Jenny Spencer, prepares 
for the next volley. 

Top Row:JI-Hyen Ok, Rachael Deak, Neha Dave, Laurie Wissler, Cheryl Shao 

Third Row: Ashley Rudd, Ashley Theodore, Terri Kachelmyer, Erin Kiely, Elizabeth Rose 

Second Row: Carolyn Dunlea, Lindsay Bernardo, Michaela St. Onge, Katherine Amato, Alyssa 

Theodore, Laura Valente 

Front Row: Coach Aldoricio, Kate Gorski, Lisa Mara, Jenny Spencer, and Taryn Westerkamp 


Above: Cheryl Shao follows 
through after hitting a difficult ball. 

Below: Members from the girls tennis team sit in 
a circle chatting before practice. 

iVbove: Taryn Westerkamp, Jenny Spencer, Lisa Mara, Tara Busa, 
<ate Gorsky. 

Above: Carolyn Dunlea reacts 
after returning the ball during a 

» is 

Sports 123 

Below: Blair Pekala at the long jump 

Above: Taec Yeon Ok concentrates for a 
win in shotput. 


Clockwise from top right: Anthony 
Baggett takes the lead in hurdles. 
Dominic Gibson gets into position. 
Gibson pulls ahead against Concord 
Carlisle. Greg Johnson clears the high 
jump pole. 

Top Row: Ken Nelson, John Feuerstein, Kevin Harkins, Tony Gong, Ryan Kring, Andy Criscione, Glenford Julien, Perry Fotis, Sateesh Venkatesh, Cheng Li, 
Evan Rosse, Greg Johnson. Third Row: David Byun, Neil Tembulkar.Nick Plugis, Jenna Mitchell, Joe King, Jimmy landoli, Blair Pekala, Alexander Anderson, 
Scott Steed, Dominic Gibson, Ben Kesler. Second Row: Coach Solomon Cheboor, Andrew Windgate, Philip Steinberg, Dan Waters, Stephanie Scaglione, 
Nicole Berke, Miana LIbby, Cory Leckband, Anthony Stiles, Justin Pespisa, Anthony Baggett, Coach Greenwood. 

Front Row: Coach Schilder, James Dorer, Alex Gaman, Jim Foltz, Danny Dvinov, Alex O'Brien, Sonia Chheda, Jenny Waldron, Taec Yon Ok, David Byun, Bill 
Eggert, Coach Al Sullivan. 

Clockwise from Top: Blair Pekala 
shows her team mates how it's done 
in the high jump. Anthony Baggett 
laces up for hurdles. Jim Foltz and 
Dominic Gibson take a breather on 
the high jump mats 

;:edfo- ..UFO? ■ ' 




From top left to bottom right: Coach Schilder, Coach Solomon Cheboor, 
Coach Greeenwood, Coach Al Sullivan, Jim Foltz, Danny Divinov, Alex 
O'Brien, Jenny Waldron, Miana Libby, Sonia Chedda. 

Sports 12 

2005 Senior TbanK$ 

Dauid Bdcim5 

Kcitb«rine Pmato 

'Life moyes prettg fast If goa don t stop and looK 
around once in aio^We. goa coald miss it -T erris ^ueWzr 
'Blasf -5tetuic 

First I'd like to thank my family: Mom - for being an awesome 
mom, giving me the loud gene, snorting when you laugh, 
taking me on shopping sprees, and always supporting me 
with everything I do. I hope that one day 1 can be as great of a 
Mom as you. Dad - for always being there for me, making 
dumb jokes, sitting with our utensils up, and always taking my 
side. ILU! Mark -even though 1 may be a pain, you are still the 
best brother a girl could ask for. Thanks for always making fun 
of Mom and Dad with me and being a total goofball. Michaela 
- where do I start? Peddler woman, the vehicle, spv routes, 
ham cubes, Nike, Hel and Libbs, our dances, our endless 
conversations, Bosley and Captain, Sunday trips to Starbucks, 
the way you make me laugh, and the advice you give. Thank 
you for making me a happier person, always listening, and 
being the best friend a girl could ask for. I don't know how I 
will survive next year! ILYMTYCIR. Carey - for all the great 
memories and for being the older sister I never had. I look up 
to you more than you know! Taryn - My other half! Thanks for: 
falling off the chairlift, Starbucks runs, shopping sprees all the 
time, being outcasts at the Three Doors Down concert, OC 
nights, talking about boys, making me laugh. Thanks for 
always being there and understanding me. I love you and miss 
you! Laura -for all the great memories: senior soccer season, 
get low, always dancing with me, muffins and dinners (always 
eating), and always being loud. Thanks for cracking me up and 
always being there to talk. ILU! Maxine - Thanks for the fun 
times, the way you tell stories, your sarcasm, and always 
making me laugh. You are so talented, I adore you! Mags - 
Thanks for all the fun times, OC nights, Bentley, procrastinat- 
ing with me, and always making me laugh. I'm so glad I got to 
know you over the years. ILU! Alison -Thanks for being an 
awesome co-captain, TPing houses at two a.m., "That's my 
Uncle", being Mugsy, and always making me laugh. I will 
miss you next year! Becks- You are one of the funniest girls I 
know; thank you for always making me laugh at your crazy 
stories, especially the one with the garden gnome. I don't think 

I will ever forget that! Kristen - thanks for always being the 

126 Senior ThanRs 

most optimistic person I've ever met. Thanks for "I'm on 
roll", "Wing it!", memories with the track team, being ot 
sessed with OC, and our online chats. I'll miss your positi\ 
speeches and your ability to always crack me up (even at oi 
dumb chemistry jokes!) You're amazing! Caitlin - thanks f( 
always being so sweet to me! Mark - What can I say? I love ho\ 
you always make me laugh and listen to me, even though I tal 
too much. Thanks for the revs games, making me sufft 
through the Celtics, visiting at Wedgewood, calls at two in th 
morning, being my superfan, and always taking my side, 
can't imagine high school with out you! You are an amazin 
boyfriend and friend, thank you so much for everything. Crai 
-Thanks for everything; whole foods visits, crazy rides in you 
car, making fun of me all the time, and making me laugh. Yo 
are always there to talk when I need it and are so furmy at th 
same time. I'm going to miss you! Jonney - Thanks for bein 
a fabulous flirt with me, being "El Cid" in Spanish, playing th 
a or b game, and being the best Irish man a girl could ask foi 
Good luck with everything Fabio! Bernard -You have sen 
ously gotten me through high school with our calculate 
messages, our crazy con\'ersations, never being serious, ani 
always making me laugh. You're awesome! Jeff - Thanks f( 
always being so nice to me, for our movie dates and for ne\ t 
saying bye. I'm going to miss you! Brian & Brian - thanks fo 
being the funniest two guys around and keeping me enter 
tained at Wedgewood; you two are the best! Christian, Rob 
and Scott - Thank you guys for always being so funny anc 
nice! You all are awesome. Bethie- Thanks for all the fun time^ 
Alyssa - thanks for all the memories, especially up at Loon ani 
our crazy middle school dance moves! Jimmy - you're ama/ 
ing! ILU! Emmet - crazy eyes! Thanks also to Pete, Shreya 
Nicole C, James, Peter, Ian, and Mike- thank you all for bein 
so sweet! Adam - thanks for being my Latin pal, making ni 
laugh, and being oneof the greatest guys 1 know. JMo- Thank 
for being a great co-captain, being my ball partner, having fui , 
rides home, boyfriends in Math class, and of course, Spain! Tc 
the soccer girls -I love you more than you know, and I will miss 
you so much. Good luck in the future, I will surely be there foi 
some games! To the St. Onge's - you are my family! Thank you 
so much for always taking me in and sa\'ing me from choking 
on Tostitos. To the Gleason's - thanks for always treahng me 
like a third child! I'd also like to thank Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. 
Henoch for being such wonderful teachers. To anyone I have 
left out, I'm so sorry! Good luck to the class of 2005! 

Lauren Badia 

L-Bad. Lola, Lour l^ee-tlee 

"lUbat ive do in life eeboes tbroagb etemitg' -Xa>9mos' fQadiotor") 
If goa re going tbroogb b«ll going -U>inston Cbarcbill 

Tm a gug tberes onig tiuo tbings men neoer forget 
bow to find food and gour girlfriends u>eird oyerig erazg 
tb*«jgbts -3obn bori 

"Ocatb Icayes a b^ortacbe no one can b«al. 
Loue Icayes a mcmorg no one can steal.' 
-From a IjcaHstone in Ireland 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for always 
encouraging me to give it my all and succeed. I thank them for 
shaping me into person I am today, because without their 
j;uidance I would've been lost. MOM-Thanks for being the one 
can always talk to and joke around with, we most definitely 
Tcu e our moments. DAD- You're a dork sometimes, but aren't 
A e all? I'm so thankful for all life's little lessons that you taught 
ne, and strangely enough I will never forget the hairy moon 
n er the Colorado river. Not to mention my brothers JACOB 
kissy kissy) and JARED who taught me a lot of things, about 
life and myself, and for that I thank the both of you. I love you 
all very much! BECCA-now where would 1 be without you? 
Dar you have forever been there for me, always making me 
laugh, and what else can I say you are awesome! We've been 
through a lot together and we always know how to make each 
other laugh. We've had so many jokes and laughs here are just 
a few: u, me, and Travis on the roof, cross country captains, 
furbies, DC and the dirty wall, doll house fim, the movie 
Bounce, white bread football, zombie stick figures, scamming 
the Southboro boys, "I'm coming out of the booth!"(Field 
luKkey), blizzard college visits, and do you remember count- 
ing the cars 1,2,3,4? Alright, I'll just stop at I love you and I'm 
lucky to have you as my twin. TRISTAN-I'm so glad that I have 
\ ou by my side, you are by far the most supportive, loving 
\ oung person that I know and I thank you for sharing that love 
w ith me. No matter where I go, I'll always remember you as 
my Marine-I love you. JAMES & PETER- By far the cutest 
tv\ ins ever. James are tutoring sessions were great! Yeah big 
butt! And Peter I think we all know that Becca's DEEPS, you 
rock my world, there is never a dull moment when we hang 
Hit. We've been friends for so long and hopefully forever- 
\OXO.SHELLMABELLE-Oh man, wow have we been through 
.1 lot. I'll never forget: getting stuck in the window, petotosis 
rosea, Bickfords, parking lot late night. Harvard square, track 
Alex and Cory) and much more! 1 love you! ANDRE W-my 
teddy bear, you are awesome and you know it... you and 
Tarham will have to come visit me in college and we can have 
a good time! SEAN-Even though it was "cold out" I love you 
anyway. JULIE-the popcorn contest, the lemonade paranoia 
were fun and so was D.C., the whole crew: SHEENA (Chavez) 
& MISSY (do you remember the gift swap at your house 
around Christmas?), our room was the best, I love you all! 
JACKIE-OMG, I will never forget sailor moon, we were such 
dorks, now we are just crazy! MJ- You're a blast to hang out 
with, we have so much fun! ALEX-We've had a lot of fun and 
we are by far the hottest Tomb Raider chicks. BECKY-Judge Bo 
Jangles you are truly the most unique, caring, stunning & 
funniest person to be around. I will never forget you, you are 
an awesome friend. To MAGGIE and the entire FIELD 
HOCKEY TEAM, you ladies are all awesome. SABRINA-We 
have so many jokes ranging from Arnold, the drawings we 
made in Mr. Sundo's class and everyone falling asleep, to Nick 
passing out! We are such wimps when it comes to scary things, 
we always have a lot of fun, and I almost forgot-Joseph! CHIEF 
& CAPTAIN-Two sirs that I respect very much and I thank you 
for everything you taught me and everything you helped me 
accomplish. The ROTC crew also, you know who you are. 
BRAD- We've had fun hanging out, and I won't ever forget 

your West Point sweatshirt, hehe. PARHAM- You and An- 
drew are crazy but fun to hang out with. The MADRIGAL 
group- You guys are all really talented, I admire you all. MR. 
LOW-Thank you for inspiring my musical side, you are a truly 
dedicated, wonderful teacher. Other people I would like to 
thank my other teachers that ha ve inspired me, Alyssa, Amanda 
C, Caitlin (Jellybean, hehe), Rory (Chocolate milk stand), 
Travis (remember the good old days), Luke and anyone else I 
forgot, sorry! John-The inspiration in my life and someone 
who truly showed me how to live. I will never be able to put 
everything into words about how much you mean to me and 
your family, for now all 1 have is 1 love you and I won't ever 
forget you. To sum this up, everyone else I forgot I'm sorry, 
you know that you mean a lot to me, I just have memory issues. 
My love to everyone, Lauren. 

U>illieim Barnctt. 

Oaue. tUilliam. Louie. 5eKaeK-5an 

"Lead me. folloiu me. or get oat of mg ivatj' 

- Qeneral George Patton Jr 

^e onig limit to oar realization of tomorrou> ivill be oar doabts of 
todag_' - rOI^ 
"If euergone i$ tbin^ing alil^e. someone isn t tbin^ing ' 

- General Qeorge Patton 3r 

So now someone might actually read my thanks, as that word 
is really massive. It's a disease caused by breathing in certain 
particles, terrible. So I would like to thank my parents for 
pushing me through all this, no matter how difficult things 
became. Friends come next, in being lucky enough to have 
some of the craziest, zaniest people on this planet as my closest 
friends; I can realize how much "I cherish your friendships." 
High School is just like one great memory, full of jokes and 
laughs, but here comes the real world, so we better get ready. 





l^obcrt Basils 

l^ob. S©b. BoWsg. ^c>b. Robert, Base. Basil Bobbg B 5ile 

"Tbe luorld is mg arinal" -3obn l^artu^ell 
"Basile. pbone dade pbone its for goa" -Cbris OBn'en 
"BPM. dade. B^'H -M.arK ^argent 
"Oon t maKe me angrg" -Ol^icllg (Tbe 5olk) 
"Jdd anotber lager dade -T^ossi 
' Tbe barrel jast ivent ouer tbe 5b'p-5Ki -Cbris OBrien 

Oo«s it btJrt HarK Bosa 
"6e u>bo laagbs last WjinKs $\e>ioe$t -fy>oter$ lyet nap 

Senior Thanks 1 2" 

First I would to thank my family for supporting me throughout 
high school with academics and sports. My father and my 
mother have been a big part of my high school years. They have 
guided me through high school and soon will guide me to 
college. Thank you I love you mom and dad. I thank all my sport 
coaches in high school. Especially coach Belcher (football) and 
coach McGrath (hockey) they not only taught me to be a better 
athlete but he taught me how to be more mature and respectful 
in life as an athlete a student and as a person thanks coach. I 
would also like to thank all my friends. There are a lot of 
memories. Scotts New Hampshire house, Jamaica with Sargent, 
and O'Brien, Northern Outdoors in Maine Sargent, O'Brien, 
and Rossi you remember that weekend? Chris I know you do 
("dude you done yet you done"-Rossi). My house on my birth- 
day Spencer jumped Mark. All the good times at Kevin 
McGrath's, thanks Kev you're the man. Hartwell all I can say is 
that kid rolled over those rocks and fell hard, well-done man. 
Hulk (Mike O'Rielly) Thanks for the good times at your house. 
I thank the fabulous five we had good times. I also want to thank 
the shack we miss her its not the same. Craig + Christian thanks 
for helping me out when I lost my license your good friends. 
Spencer thanks for suffering with me on the ride with the 
Burlington chicks when Christian embarrassed us. Christian 
thanks for getting me lost at the Fleetwood Mac concert. And 
every one else I didn't mention like Busa, Hempton, Gleason, 
and Jeff. Keep on trucking. 

Honica Seamen 

"First gea decide wbai tjoa ue gotta do 
tbcn goa go oat and do it 
and magbe tlje most ttjat lue can do 
is jast to see eaeb otJjer tbroagb it 
tUe mal^e our ow>n grauitg to giue lyeigbt to tbings 
tben tbings fall and tbeg breaK and grauitg sings 

I b©p« it luas oKag, I Knoiu it luasn t perfect 
bat somedag tue ll laagb and sag it loas luortb it. 
~5ni Oifranco 

First of all, I need to give a gigantic thank you to my mom and 
dad for putting up with me. Your love and support has meant 
so much to me and I love you both!! Mom - you have more 
patience and understanding than anyone I know. Thanks for 
our talks, our Thursday nights, and for teaching me to never 
take things too seriously. Dad - thank you for always being 
there to help me fix things, to teach me something or to talk. To 
Lindsey, I'll miss you next year! You are so much fun and 1 love 
you so much. To Peter, I hope you always know how much you 
mean to me. I love you! To Shreya for always being there to talk, 

128 Senior Thanks 

Alyssa for singing cheesy tunes in your car and for being 
much fun, Kristen for your crazy amount of energy and jok 
Nicole for having the best name and for being awesome, Al 
for being the most hilarious person ever, Jamie for being i 
bound and incredibly cool, Rory for having the best hair in t 
world and for everything since kindergarten (I love you 
Becky for H&M shopping sprees, Jimmy for always bei 
yourself, John, Maxine, Natty, Dinah, Allison, Krings, Laun 
Carolyn, Alii, Kayla, and everyone else in Madrigal for yo 
musical talent and for being all around great people. To h 
Pete, Chris, Alyssa C, Jessie, Sabrina D, Marjorie, Deepa, ai 
everyone else I love. To Mr. Low, thank you so much for all t 
opportunities and support you've given me. To Mrs. Sullive 
thank you for all of your help and encouragement. I don't thi] 
I could ever really say enough with this amount of words, b 
thank you to everyone for making it all worthwhile. 

^^^^^ 3arne$ B^tz 

I , Jli Peter Bctz 

Betz. I>ete, James 

Integritg First 
5enjiee Before 
€>5cellence in Jll U>e Oo 
- Jir Force Core l^alaes 

My Family: Thank you for always being there and giving r 
support when I needed it. Whether it was coming to my socc 
games, being my Confirmation sponsor, helping me with mat 
giving me life advice, or just encouraging me along the wa\ , 
is not forgotten. I appreciate you all more than you kno^ 
James: We share a bond no one else can understand, kick son 
butt in college bro. Caitlin: Thank you for always being there 
listen. I ha\'e learned more from you than I ever thought cou 
possibly come from one person. Becca: You have already sei 
so much in your life, and I'm glad I could share some of it wi 
you... by the way, it looks like you're pissed... stop sign...ste 
sign. . . Peter, stop sign Kelly: Thank you for incoherent con\ t 
sations in the morning, being peachy all the time, hockey ro. 
trips, and loving life. You are a hockey beast. Julie: Wanna hai 
out? Wanna be friends? You bring passion and dedication 
everything you do. That's not easy to find in anyone. Trista 
You know where you're going, don't lose sight of your goals i 
let anyone else get in the way of them. I ha\'e nothing but tl 
utmost respect for vou. Don't give it away, it's not cheap. Ahr 
One word: Halloween. Shreya: You're welcome for your be 
friend =P. JROTC: Thanks for the fun times at break, good tim. 
in class, and an amazing four years. Everyone Else: Thank? t\ 
making four great years of my life. I ha\'e learned so much an . 
no one else could have better prepared me to make my ws 
through life like you all have. You have shaped who I am. 

Oee. Oeep5. Indian. Dips. 0-Caps. Occp 
5naeK5. Dips and Qjips. O to tb« S (Hr U)alsb) 

In 20 gears gooll regret ttje tbings gou didn t do 
^ot tbe tbings goa did, live life to tbe fullest -Jute 
'yoa don t euen Know*, a don t Knoiyf - K{jM S 
'Life isn't measured bg tbe breatbs goo tal^e. 
bat bg tbe tbings tbat taKe goar breatb aiyag.' -Jnongmoas 
It doesn t matter A>otf gou pieK gour nose, 
it matters uffyere gou put it" - 5 Samper stieKcr. 
"Liue gour dream liKe no one is looKing ' - BKo^ 

My PARENTS, I have been a total pain in the ass n I know 
raising a teenage, middle child, girl isn't easy. I'm grateful that 
u love me the way you do. 1 hope u know that I love you guys 
more than ever, even if it doesn't show sometimes. Thanks for 
all u have given me and always pushing me to be the best I can 
be. THANKS.... AMITA-4 being "fat" on the inside lol! I know 
it sucked in the beginning but I am glad we are so close now. 
Thanks for being the butt of all the jokes. . . MOPED haha, good 
times. I love you so much even tho u aren't THAT cool. I know 
u do the things u do out of love, and I respect u more than u 
know but don't tell anyl that. FORGET IT!! lol SHIVS-4 being 
a BRAT! JK, I love n admire u for ur intelligence. You are the 
greatest family thank you, I couldn't have made it w/o you love 
u. SANJUBHAI (u monkey) 4 being fun to talk to, n making me 
laugh. SARIKA-u my baby! Thanks 4 all the fun times! It 
wouldn't be the same w/o u, I love you more than u know. 
Don't get slapped! SONYABEN-I appreciate the effort u put 
into helping me throughout HS, n always making me do better. 
Also 4 a great time at UVA! SHEETAL-4 being a good influence 
in my life. I got to admit it sucks being compared 2 u babe. Also 
4 calling me a guy, "don't hate the playa hate the game!" Thanks 
for loving me so much n telling me everyday, I appreciate it 
KILO G-4 making my sis happy n being my "dawg", love u. 
VANISHA u are more than a sister to me, thanks. Ro and 
Jackie-u 2 r like family to me. ur there whenever I need u n I'm 
here for u always. ROHIT-you make me smile =) and u have an 
amazing soul. JIKESH- 4 being such a great friend n really 
understanding me. Love you all! MY PANDA-4 always having 
my back no matter what n saving my ass, u can always count on 
me 2. ur more than a best friend to me. It's been incredible 
spending time with you, Adiders lol! The COSTA'S-4 treating 
me like family, love you. LAUREN B.-o man, from picking our 
noses to going out and doing crazy things(u know what I'm 
talking bout). KEVIN C. n MATTY B.-4 being so much fun to 
hang out w/! Kev thanks 4 my "diabetic emergency" rides, n 
great times in band, hah. Matt thanks for being gangsta n 
making me smile =) COXY-4 helping me with HW, etc, u n 
Lauren have been the best of friends since 1"' grade love u. 
CARE-4 working next door n being my lazy partner, what's 
better than sleeping? BECKS-for the rides n coffee-seeing my 
life flash b4 me pulling out of DD! SEAN-4 being crazy and fun, 
I (unlike others) enjoy ur spontaneity, love u. JULIE F.-4 coffee 
runs n the bra, hehe. JOHN F.-4 convos in Economics! BECCA- 
4 doing crazy things w/me ;) EMILY-4 taking care of me, 
shoving food at me cuz of low sugar, etc. n 4 complimenting me 
everyday on how beauhful u think I look, thank you. BRAD 

KING- 1 AM UR FRIEND! ;-) The SULLIVAN'S- for welcom- 
ing me into ur home as if I were ur own. SARA B. n GRANT- 
sorry, thank you for still being awesome, I love u 2! NATE-4 
being so adorable! THANKS TO (in no particular order) Milk, 
P-Dawg, Nikki B., Chocolate, Andy S., the Peerleaders-"wing 
it as best you can", Sarah H., the College Kids, Kristen S., the 
Krings, Eliza, Ahni, Laura V., Vicki, Marching Band-i heart u, 
Alex G., Stephanie B., Boys, Allie N., Boston Red Sox, Ken N., 
funny things, Sabrina D., Max H-D., Mishay, Music, TEACH- 
ERS: Mrs. Bills, J.S. (4 making GSA fun! "SAFE SPACE!") Doc. 
Has, Mr. Felker, Walshy, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Danaher, Mr. 
Stephenson, and of course Mrs. Thorson- thanks for every- 
thing. I'll miss you, take care. SMILE, I LOVE YOU ALL VERY 

3o5epb Bigda Pcgton 


I baue a small little disease called uncutinitits -^cK 
1 loye fresbfnan. tbeir liKe togs -Jamie O. 
Blue! you Qraduatedf -Srit 
"Blue_s tiueaKinJ -eyergone under tbe san 
BiaeKbird singing in tbe dead of nigbt Tal^e tbese sunKen eges and learn 
to see. Jll your life, you lyere onig loaiting for tbis moment to be free " - 
uerse from B'acKbird. Paul HcCartneg 

During high school, there are many people whom 1 would like 
to thank. Unfortunately, to thank all of them would cost too 
much money and the yearbook committee charges serious 
"dough" if you want to write more than 100 words in your 
senior thanks. So I will thank each person that has been a part 
of my growth up until now individually and in person. 1 feel as 
though to thank the important people in my life in person is the 
best way I can show my appreciation. P.S. Mom, Dad, Hope and 
Sam-I love you guys. 

Blan Bittcn^on 


Slan. if gou Ke«p doing tbat it s going to explode. 
-M.att Pearson 
B ducKCnamed n?€0 -M.e 
I can maKe gou laugb witb one iwordC PCJTy^?C1VflCK€LJ 
-3eff Oblstein 
5ome people migbt be bigger tban me! -M.iKe Morton 
l^oads? iDbere lye re going loe don t need roads -Ooe Srou>n 

The guys: Matt, Mike, Jeff, David, Dylan, josh. Thanks for 
laughing and walking. Matt, thanks for DDR and... um... 
looser! Mike, thanks for being my most loyal friend. Jeff, thanks 
for arguing. Dylan, I don't remember ever not knowing you. 
How old are you now, 11, 12? Josh, you're the now kid who was 
worth getting to know. Marianna, thanks for talking about 
serious things and being nice to everyone. Sarah, thank you very, 
very much. Thanks to all the people I'm just meeting. Thanks to 
Gleefin and Garfshil. And, thanks of course to Mom and Dad. . . 
and Linda. 

Senior Thanks 12« 

Victoria Slanebard 

5cirab Sosbeo 

M.aggie Srogan 

Kags. Hagalitci ^'ie Hag ^ag. Brogan. and Brogs 

"Tbe pieces euentuallg fall into plaee.antii tbcn laagb 
at tbe eonfasion and lice for tb« moment' -anongmoas 
In tbree words I can sum up euergtbing I ue learned 

about life It goes on„ -l^obcrt Frost 
tUeli, lue been afraid of cbanging cause lue built mg 
life around gou. but time maizes gou bolder -Fleetiuood Hac 
L «J L P5 - CJs 

My Family- 1 love you so much, I'm going to miss you, thanks 
for everything. Jocelyn- 1 love you soo much, you're my abso- 
lute best friend, 1 don't know what I'd do without you, 1 trust 
you with all my heart and feel like I can tell you whatever is on 
my mind, 1 can't imagine my life without you. So excited to see 
what the future will bring... USD or Loyola! Ali- I love you. 
Can't believe we have been through so much together. I love 
how you always try to make me happy, MV the greatest ex- 
ample. Your friendship means so much to me! Always remem- 
ber: Dudley rd. "Dangles," J. Rabbit. Greg Boeings, washing u, 
tub. Bentley. Merrimack, Jimmy "Brush that dirt off your shoul- 
der." NH (skinny dipping). Monica- I'm so happy that we have 
become such good friends. Your the hippy, I'm the surfer. I'll 
always remember house sitting (Queer Eye. Ali. .tub), Bentley 
trips. Provincetown. And of course Fleetwood Mac "I never 
want Stevie to die!" Marissa- we'x e have been through so much 
together, starting with breakfast, tea, bus in 2""* grade. We ha\'e 
so many memories that 1 can't even possibly list them. We all 
have had soo many good times together: MAMJS, Lake W., MV, 
Cape, the Shack, Fawn Lake, NH (Jae's house), LYLAS. Becky- 
you are such an amazing person. Fun times, Trion (luke), 
lacoste, lettuce, Kyle... 1 love you and know you'll do something 
incredible with your life. Katherine- you are soo funny! I love 
hanging out with you and love how you're always smiling. 
Remember Bentley. .haha. OC nights are/were the BEST I'll 
definitely miss them next year. Taryn- I'm so happy that we 
have gotten so close these last two years, since the sex incident. 
OC parties were awesome, Starbucks runs and of COURSE 
Bentley trips! !haha never forget! Amanda (sleepovers), Bethie, 
Maria- 1 love hanging out with all of you! I'll miss all of our fun 
times... Mikey's, the Shack, etc. Scott-your like a brother to me, 
I love having you as a friend and am so happy that everything 
has worked out. Thanks for ALWAYS ha\'ing people over- 
parties. Lake W., World Series,etc. and of course thanks for 
helping me that night, haha. Mark- you're one of the funniest 

130 Senior Thanks 

kids I know, you're like a brother to me. We have had a lot 
good times, maybe you dad will get his wish someday. Dere 
Miss you! So glad we became friends and loving hanging o 
with you. Jimmy- you're the best/ nicest person 1 know! Jonne 
I'm so glad we have become good friends, thanks for bein^ 
flirt/ good friend. Brian S.- you always made me laugh, than 
for all the good times, fire pit, parties, and photo! Craig- h 
you Craigory! Jeff- you're the sweetest/most caring guy 1 kno 
The guys, Chris O., Mikey, Mark, Rob, Christian and Brian < 
thanks for all the memories. Good luck Becca, Jenny, Kristt 
and Lindsey! Andy- Taryn would kill me but... you're hi 
...good luck! 

Craig Srou^n 

Broiunie C5 Craig Srown t>air ki 

Hag tlje luind altoags be at gour bacK and tbe sun upon gour face, 
and mag tbe luinds of desting carrg gou aloft to dance tyitb tbe stars." 


Boooooooooooommmmbbb' - Cbristian 
Tjeg great dumpa_ Qreat dumpa' - me and marK 
yeab u>ell listen you ougbt to diteb tbe two geeKs gou re in tbe ear 
witb now and get in witb us But tbat s alrigbt well worrg about tbai 
later I will see gou tbere Pllrigbt?' 
- Dazed and Confused 

First I would like to thank my parents, MOM, we have had a I 
of fun while I've grown up and moving on from high school i 
real life. Times like watching the nanny seeing you dance is oi 
1 will always remember. Thank you for giving me money evei 
once in awhile, lunch even though you hated making it, givir 
me rides and also being at every oneof my games. 1 love you an 
can't explain how grateful 1 am to you. DAD, 1 remember ju 
yesterday you were trying to beat me up but now I think its tin 
to realize I can take you. Thank you for everything you hav 
done for me and 1 appreciate the rides, being at all my ganru 
and giving me tips on my techniques, and also giving me mone 
here and there to get to school. 1 love you both so much and don 
know what I would do without either of you. Now for my boy 
CHRISTIAN, me and you 1 think have grown as really goo 
friends and have had a lot of good times like Salisbury, worl 
borrowing each others cars, and not to mention our nicknam* 
for each other. You're a good friend and funny person and 
hope you do well in college and 1 know you'll do well in lifii 
BRIAN, we have gone through a lot together. W^en we brougj 
the video camera out that night, IHT THE BRICKS, Salisbui) 
and just driving around were some great times. I hope you d 
well in college but also get your work done. BUSA, althoug 
you have gotten in many accidents you still keep your head hig 
which is very good. HA-HA. Anyways hanging out with yo 
was always fun and you're a good kid and I know you'll do we 
in college, nerd. GLEASON, you always have the best storie 
out of anyone 1 know and that will always stay in the back of m; 
head, ha-ha, continue to do well in school because you're . 
smart kid. JONNEY, I remember when you first came here you 
accent was so Irish I couldn't even understand you but yoi 
turned out to be a funny kid and I'm glad we became close 
friends in high school. ROB- Driving you around was always i 
great time those long rides to Haverhill were fun, your birthdaj 
parties, and just listening to you sometimes was awesom« 


you're a good friend and an even better person and your going 
e|to do great in life. I also had some awesome times with Chris OB, 
Scott, Marky, Mikey, McGrath, Emmet and anyone else 1 forgot 
'm sorry. Now for the girls, MARISSA, me and you have known 
each other for so many years and I'm glad I got closer to you in 
ilmiddle school. Ill never forget Mr. Smithson's class watching 
Zorro (I'm the black guy remember that) thank you for always 
being a good friend and I hope you have fun in college and are 
sure to call me every once in awhile. MARIA, me and you go far 
back to like j,th grade and ill never forget the last day of school 
and I don't think you will either ha-ha, you're an awesome 
person and your always thinking about other people and that is 
a good trait to have, do well in college and even better in life. 
BECKY, what's up? Can you remember just yesterday when we 
were in Spanish class together? I can and ill never forget it, we 
have had a lot of good times like driving around, study groups, 
me calling you a nerd (you know you are) and just being with 
you was always an adventure. I really think of you as one of my 
best friends and I hope you know that. KATHERiNE, you are a 
very good friend and we had some fun times like the O.C., my 
birthday cake, and playing with Tin-Tin were some great times 
and I will never forget hanging out with you thanks for always 
being there to talk to. JESSICA, I'm glad we've gotten closer this 
year and I hope we stay close for a long time. I love you. To the 
rest of the girls Amanda, Jocelyn, Allison, Monica, Maggie 
thanks for some goods times and I hope you have fun in college. 
I want to also thank Mr. Berlino, Ms. Sullivan, Mrs. Danaher, 
Mrs. Miele, and especially Mr. Low for believing in my potential 
and always wanting me to do better and succeed and now I 
have. To everyone I forgot I'm sony but I wanted to keep it short. 
R.I.P. "The Shack" 

Harjoric Brace Dale 

T*t3. ^ar-g. ^flrge. 3o. BinKie 

Tbe onig person gou bane to be is goarself. 
^eyer let angone tell goa ang different. 
Tbe future lies before gou. 
LiKe patbs of pure lotyie snoiy. 
Be careful boiu gou tread it. 
For euerg step luill sbou*. 

I would like to thank my parents for being there for me through- 
out the ups and downs of my high school years. I would not 
have been able to do it without you and it means a lot to me that 
I could always count on you. You have done so much for me that 
I couldn't possibly put into words how grateful I am. I would 
also like to thank all of my friends who have been there for me 
throughout the years. I would especially like to thank Jackie, 
Rory, Alex, Britney, Nicole, Lauren and Becca. We have been 
through so much together, and had so much fun. I would also 
like to thank Carrie, you have always been such a good friend 
and you helped me become the person I am today. And last but 
not least, I would like to thank Meredith and Denise. You both 
have taught me so much and every day spent with you was such 
an incredible experience. I love you all! Thank you so much. 

Sosa. Booznuts. Krama 

Tbis is getting dangerous - 3oe King 
Brian, lubg are gou ivearing an anl^le brace? _ 
I sprained mg anl^le last gear - Brian 5p«ncer 

To my whole family, thank you for putting up with me and 
always being there for me whenever I needed help. Dad - 
Thanks for teaching me so much about life whether it was how 
to build a house or just being a nice person. Thanks for going to 
all my high school games and even taking me to my AAU 
basketball tournaments that were far away. Mom - Thanks for 
throughout my school career always having time to help me 
with my school work and being there to tell me to do the right 
thing. Mike - Even though your in Florida now, thanks for 
being a great brother who was always there if I wanted to play 
someone one on one or just hang out and watch a game with. To 
all my friends, thank you for sharing some great times through- 
out all of our school years and summers. Brian G. - Thanks for 
all the fun times of just hanging out on weekends and for the fun 
movies we used to make at my house back in the day. Brian S. 
-Thanks for all the times we hung out at your house including 
the soccer sleepover and usually finding something to keep us 
busy when we were bored. Christian -Thanks for always trying 
to get some life into people and for the good times throughout 
the soccer season, panzy. Craig -Thanks for the summer trip to 
Salisbury and all laws you would break while driving the 
Cavalier. Jeff -Thanks for the good times with basketball, the 
trips up to Maine, and always being there to annoy me in class. 
Jonney - Thanks for all the fun we had with soccer and all the 
times we took down everyone at the card table. Kat - Thank you 
for always being there to talk to and for all the fun times we had 
hanging out together. It was great going to the Revolution 
games, going out to eat, and just hanging around watching 
movies at your house. Thanks for being a great girlfriend. 
Alison - Thanks for being a pain in physics, just joking, and for 
the good times we had in math class. Becky - Thanks for always 
setting up yourself for me to make fun of you and just being 
someone fun to talk to, prom queen. Mags - Thanks for being 
a nice person and making me laugh in sociology. I would like 
to thank everyone individually but I don't have that kind of 
money. Thank you to all my friends. The soccer team, the 
basketball team, Scott, Mark, Chris, Rob, Mike, Joe King, Joey 
Mizzioni, Luke, Jocelyn, Marissa, Maria, Laura, Maxine, Caitlin, 
Aaron, Alberto, Danielle, Yap, O'Neil, Evan, Kesler, Keith, 
Adam, and Cass. If I left anvone out, I'm sorry, but thanks to 
everyone for all the memories. 

M^attbew Ba5bnell 

Hcgan Callcii5 

Senior Thtinks 

'If life giues gou lemons, tbreiy tbem at someone'.ononomgs 
'Don t looK oi tb« glass as being balf fall, bat 
5s not baying enoagb to go aroand" .Coartncg 
"Life bas its opS and doiuns bat goa jast baue 
To pasb tbroagb tbem'_ He 
"BSB!!! Tbe uending maebine attacKed meST 
'Qaess lubat?!?! OKIaboma ..Coartneg 

Mom thanks for being here for me and supporting everything 
that I have done. Dad thanks for pushing me to get things done 
and being here for me. Amber even though u were an annoying 
sister thanks for being there when I needed you. Courtney 
thanks for being a great friend... guess what?!?!lol Andy we 
have been through some rough ones but we got through 
them...luv ya Captain Carson and Chief Edris-thanks for being 
hke second dads to me Brian, Matt, Alex, Kenny and every one 
else I forgot thanks for hanging with me through the years 

^eole Carignan 

Poocb. ^<icolc II 

I baue a loue bate relationsbip w>itb deriuatiues- 50 
I gaess because I can- 1*5 
Faitbless is be tbat sags fareiyell u>b«n tb« road darkens- 31^11 TolKien 

Mommy, Daddy, Rhiana- 1 guess it's too late to send me back! 
I love you all (Puff and Strawberry too). Alison- You are the 
greatest cousin ever. From bunnies to boyfriends to old ladies, 
you are and will be there. Shreya- and we survived. 1 can't thank 
you enough for all you have given me; you're the best friend 
anyone could ever want. We've had the best times. JR (calen- 
dars, JSA), math, enviro, all the gossip, jwiing, notes, and 
derivatives, the list goes on, thanks for everything. Jake- Thanks 
for everything. 1 couldn't have made it without you. Jamie- 
Thanks for being around for me through it all, I'll miss you. 
Alyssa- 1 wish we'd become friends sooner, but we've had some 
good times (B&N!) Nicole- yep this is to me. You're great and 
I'm glad to be a Nicole with you! Kristen- you bring random 
bursts of sunshine to cheer my day! Alex- my crazy, strange, 
weird, friend. Thanks Peter J.- 1 like elephant jokes, thanks for 
telling them and cheering me up. Pete- three words: you are 
wonderful; Thank you for all the kindness, joy and love you 
have given me. 1 will miss you. And to e\'eryone else especially 
including: Katherine, Kelly, Mike W., Mike B., John W, James, 
Peter B., Maggie, Chip, Kayla, Ian, thanks for many good times, 
I'll miss you all! And to all my teachers, thank you. 

3o5boci Cargcr 

Kimo. OKimo^ama. Foreigner. 1 337 n 1 nj'^ 

"Onig tiuo tbings are infinite, tbe aniccrse and bofnan stapiditg. 
and Im not sore aboat tbe former ' - Albert Cinstein 

"^o one liues in tbe slams because tbeg u>ant to 
Its liKe tbis train It can t ran angiybere ej^cept for 
u>bere its rails taKe it' - Qoad 5trife 
'W\$e men mal^e proverbs, bat fools repeat tbcm " - 5amael Palmer 
3osb. tbose are gags, not girls- - 3amie Qjin 

So many things I can write. I would like to thank my parents, 

132 Senior Thanks 

who have been very supportive in raising me. Thank 
making sure I didn't c 

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis as I was g < 
ing up. I would also like to thank all my friends. I don't . 
to list everyone, you know who you are. And if 1 dit: 
everyone, and accidentally forgot someone, I would feel \ , 
bad. To that girl that I had a crush on, I never got to say I Ic » 
you. I hope you know who you are. Call me sometime so we i \ 

Tilober Ijot Pants Bott 

'*tea Tbe Titan Ooc Ijas' 
'Qreat success?^ 
'Blue s got tbe clam' 
1 did researeb OWC' 
Keep on TlocKin in tbe Free tUorld' 
'Blab Blab. Blab; 
To tbe looKoat?' 

These four years wouldn't have been bearable if it weren't for 
the people that got me here. Mom and Dad, you inspired me 
work hard and achieve my goals, I hope you'll always be 
proud of me as I am of you. Thanks to all my teachers for beU 
dedicated educators, especially, Ms. Sa\' for taking me undl 
her wing and getting me through high school, Ms. Gill (G-Un! 
for being honest and awesome, and Doctor Haswell for beii 
the man! Blue, Brit, Chip, Dale, Joe, and everyone else. Keep C 
Rockin' in the Free World. 


Babba. Cbamp Lgaapo Tbe Toe l^ocKg Caueman LUaterbog. Titongo 

Tbe bog lyb© 'S going to ma^e a great man 
mast not maKe ap b»S mind mereig to overcome a 
tboasand obstacles bat to loin in spite of a tboasand 
repulses and defeats - Tbeodore l^ooseuelt 
It luas a once in a lifetime opportunitg and lue 
bad a couple of tbose' - iJogi Berra 
'*Joa baye to baye confidence in gour abilities, if goo 
don t u»bo itHll? - 3obnn9 tlnitas 
'5et gour goal 5tag focused Jlnd goa II succeed ' - Ted iDiHiams 
Tortune fauors tbe bold - l>irgil 

Well, I don't really know how to start so I guess I'll just star 
First off, I want to thank my parents. I cannot begin to repay yo 
both for all the things you ha\'e done for me. Thank you fc 
nex er giving up on me, so I never gave up on myself. You wer 
always there when I needed encouragement. Dad, thank you fc 
teaching me the value of hard work, determination, will an^ 
what they can accomplish. Whenever I wanted to do better, yo 
were always there to help me. No matter how long it took, n 
matter what time of day, as long as I was willing to work, yo 
were willing to work with me. Mom, I know I haven't alway 
shown my appreciation for what you have sacrificed for me bi: 

if I ever fail to thank you in the future, and I'm sure I will, know 
that 1 am forever grateful. 

[ also want to thank my grandparents. Grandma C, thanks for 
always being there when 1 needed some advice or a good meal, 
thank you for the Mustang and thank you for teaching me to 
think for myself. Grandma M, you came to all my games rain, 
I shine, snow not even the Atlantic Ocean or the emergency room 
could get in your way. Thank you for teaching me that you are 
never to old to learn something new and to always looking on 
the bright side of life. Most of all though, I want to thank both 
of you for showing me what true character and courage are. 
Knowing that I have made you proud is the greatest feeling I can 
ever have. Grandpa M, thanks for taking me fishing even when 
1 wanted to keep the fish as pets. Grandpa C, thanks for always 
having a story to tell me, teaching me how to garden, chop 
wood, and for imparting me with the gift of knowledge and 
above all curiosity as to why things are they way they are. 
Jenny, we may not always agree on everything but thank you 
for being my sister and my friend. Aunt Carol thank you for 
being my Godmother and for all the suits, cd's, shoes, jerseys, 
AAA memberships and everything else you given me over the 
years, and along with Uncle Frank, Aunt Mary Ellen, Aunt 
Maggie and Uncle Paul for coming to root me on. Aunt Maggie, 
thanks for all the help with the wagon. Uncle Paul thanks for 
teaching me how to box, maybe one of these days I'll beat you 
at chess. Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary thanks for the trips to NH 
and helping get the car. Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim, thanks for 
all the fishing tips and boat rides. Father Sheehan thanks for 
always believing I'd turn out great. Coach Belcher, thanks for 
making me Captain and thanks for letting me kick. Coach 
Rimsa, thanks for the cheat sheet, inspiration before the games 
and believing in me when not everyone else did. Coach Ferarah, 
thanks for teaching me all those tricks for beating the other guy 
and for your time. This year I will break the BFP line! Coach Al, 
thanks for just shooting the breeze and a coaching style, which 
the world needs more of. Yo Paul! No I still haven't forgotten 
about Whitey or the Guinness Drought or the microwave or 
where you last saw Tupac. Thanks for all the laughs. By the way, 
it doesn't matter if you got Vick, I'll still beat you in Fever. Hey 
Matt, good luck with the new wheels, don't hit any teachers, 
believe me it's a killer on the insurance. Jim, thanks for rolling 
my ankle twice. Nate, you stupid fool! You have to go out for 
football next year, Justin misses you. But anyway, in the mean 
time, have fun at D^2. Justin remember all you quarter backs are 
wimps but thanks for holding my balls, while I kicked. Johnny 
Meats, what up ked good luck with the trial, all I got to say is 
soap on a rope, unless you're Preston. Mike, my fellow Captain, 
thanks for stretching. Now for all the people who left Bedford. 
Ben, good luck in Call even though I have no clue where 
Vacaville is, it sounds good. Nick, while you're out there, watch 
your back and always carry duck tape. Anyway, I had fun trying 
to keep up with the Jones's. Pat, how is Virginia? You moved 
just in time because it's not safe for Yankee fans up here 
anymore. Jay Johns, all I have to say is you got guts, sorry we 
couldn't win a game while you were here, but we did all right 
for ourselves this year. Now for the other Jay, man. Foods was 
fun, I don't think we ever made a recipe right. Anyway, I'll stop 
by the shoppette sometime. Chapman, we all know the contest 
was rigged, you are definitely Mr. BHS. Divinov, you crazy 
Cossack. I'll see you in track this winter, thanks for the free 
Denny's. G Luv stay G 'd up. Rich you're my favorite Taco. 
Wiggum, how's Daytona, and what happened to working out 

with Rifkin and me. Rifkin, all 1 have to say is stay diesel. Sean, 
my fellow conservative, thanks for backing me up in this town, 
but who cares, we won. Ken, we definitely have to go back to 
Lexington but this time lets take the stang. 
Now for the teachers. Mr. Mod, thanks for the nickname. J.R., 
thanks for the heated political debates and watch out for them 
monkeys. Mrs. P, thanks for always being there. Mr. Kelley, you 
are my favorite monk. Mrs. Hennoch, thanks for the quote. Mr. 
Boschetto, Brian Adams and Journey rock. Mr. Jordan, Carpe 
Diem, Hemingway rules. Mrs. Harvey, "a monk uncloistered is 
a mere fish out of water". Finally Mr. Berlino, you're the only 
Red Sox fan from New York I know. But that's a good thing! 

Caitlin Cbapman 

MOM and DAD- Thank you for everything you have done for 
me for the past 18 years. You have blessed me with so many 
opportunities in life and I am forever grateful. MOM- Thank 
you for not only being my Mom, but my best friend. Thank you 
for traveling, our CA trip with lots of laughs, and blessing me 
with gift of gab. DAD- Thank you for giving me so much in my 
life, putting up with me and Mom, helping me with my music, 
and being so supportive all the time. KELSEY-My little sis, you 
mean the world to me. We have had so much fun and always 
will. Thank you for MK&A, our 'fun' nights, helping me out 
before every dance, doing our musicals and so much more. You 
are the most beautiful girl in the world, and I cannot wait to see 
you grow up even more! "There were never such devoted 
sisters." RILEY- my puppy and 5th member of the family. I love 
you all so much! MAXINE- my best friend. Thank your for 
staying in my class in 8th grade, our trips to Boston, Audrey and 
Marilyn, St. John, and being the most beautiful and understand- 
ing person in the world. I love you! See you in Hollywood! JOE- 
You have meant more to me than I can ever say. My whole high 
school experience would be completely different without you. 
Thank you for ALL that you have done for me, its more than you 
will ever know. From 8th grade until now. making me a better 
person everyday. Thank you for being my prom/semi date, 
thousands of CDs and notes, phone convos, and always making 
me laugh. You will always be my Josephine, my Joe King. 
EMMET- Thank you for being that guy I can always count on. 
You have meant so much to me in the past years and 1 hope you 
know that. Thank you for long dinners, Canada, singing me Hey 
There, letting me cry and telling me the truth. BECKY- Thank 
you for everything. You have been and there and helped me 
through so much! Thank you for our many shopping trips, talks, 
and hugs that make me cry. You are so amazing and I know you 
will go so far in life! JEFF- Thank you for being such a huge part 
of my life. We have had so many memories together and many 
more to come. Thank you for being my quarterback, the 50-yard 
line, country music, Fawn Lake, Red Sox game, Halloween, and 
the list goes on. You know me better than anyone else. I.l.U.S. 
JONNEY- My Irish charmer. Thank you for our many drives, 
talks, and always being there to listen. You will always drive me 
crazy. See you in London! BRIAN S- Thank you for torturing 
me, but making me laugh! I will always remember you no 
matter what. CHRISTIAN- For being that sweet guy and saving 
my life! You always make me laugh! EMILY- Thank you for 

Senior Thanks 133 

being a part of my life. You have taught me so much and I think 
you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thank 
you for our seances, many boys, doing crazy things, crying, 
laughing and having a lot of great times! LAURA- my cowgirl. 
Thank you for everything! From guys, summer nights, and 6"" 
grade! AHNI- Thank you for being my friend that day in the 
library. 1 have known you for 16 years. We have had so many 
memories. KELLY- Thank you for being such a good friend 
through everything. Your Christmas parties were the best, I will 
miss them! MONICA- Thank you for being there for so many 
years. We have so many memories and you always keep me on 
my toes. There are times with you I have never laughed so hard, 
thank you for our talks at BF, cheerleading, and always helping 
me grow up. 

JULIE- We have had so many memories that still make me 
laugh. PC, Canada, PETER- the perfect guy! 1 know you will be 
a friend that 1 have for a lifetime, I love you more than words can 
say! Our long conversations, political debates, and JAMES- 
Thank you for your friendship throughout these years. You 
always made me think twice. 1 know that wherever you are u 
will exceed everyone's expectations! Remember me 1 know I 
will see you on TV! JIMMY- My President and buddy through 
high school. Thank you for our many library sessitms and being 
my brother since The Sound of Music. CHIPPY- My preschool 
love and great friend. For drumming, hours at your house, Coke 
and your swimming pool. Special thanks to MIKE W, SCOTT 
R(10 years together!) JOCELYN E (Thank you for being such a 
great captain and friend!) MAGGIE B (Sec you in CA!) KAT A, 
ROB, BLAIR (my cheerleader!) and IAN D-M. KELTYS- Thank 
you for all the wonderful home cooked meals and everything 
you have done for me. You have been a second home! Merci 
Beacoup! IWANCHUKS- Thank you for being the best neigh- 
bors ever and my second home! CAT- Thank you for growing 
up with me, MK&A, and teaching me to cheerlead! ALEX- 
Thank you for beating me up, giving me my first kiss, and 
driving me to school. You were the big brother 1 never had. 
BRETT- To being one of the most thought provoking and 
intelligent people 1 have ever met! To many trips to Starbucks, 
great advice, and to reading Gatsby's quotes when we are old 
and gray! 

CJB- Thank you for being such a huge part of my life for the past 
2 years. You have impacted my life so much, and 1 do not need 
to tell you that. 215- 

Brian Ojen 

Samie Ojin 

Communist. BaKa-5an. Jsian 5am 

"UOTC PBnTtf- me 
Can goa get me a eat girl for Cbristmas?' 
Pat me in for most lively to be president and nol^e eyerg otber eoantrg 
in tbe world since goare tbe editor! - Oaye 

134 Senior Thanks 

"It s in tbe Initeeb folder - ^erderg Jaging 

"What do you mean it costs $28,000 for a Yearbook?"- Senio 

I'd like to thank yearbook, for doing and being everything it i 
and was. I'm sorry I couldn't hang around for another yeai 
Those two people with parental custody and the shrimp tha 
lives with me. Yeah.... Thanks. Thanks to my friends wh( 
kicked me (Dylan). Everyone in this can become a bette 
person, strive for it every day, thanks too Tuesdays witl 
Morrie; Thanks Ms. Sullivan for reminding me that having ai 
open mind means you're more ignorant than everyone else 
Thanks for saying the right words Mr. Berlino, 1 do have the res 
of my life to work. Thanks to JSA for proving girls look at pron 
New Yorkers can behave, and that Yankees and Red Socks fait 
CAN live in the same room (for a weekend). Thanks to Aninw 
for proving that nice guys DO get screwed, just in a metaphori 
cal sense. Thanks for cute fan girls who liked to sit on my laps 
(and boyfriend). Fuzzy, tentacles, and fitting 10 people into , 
minivan. Thanks for being Jewish Jeff, White Matt P., Asiar 
Dave, and Josh being White, Korean, Black, J- Rocker. 0\ 
wait... NO MORE WORDS FOR JO! Thanks for all the fadi 
(404, hub, the 

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis), the rides 
and always reminding me just how loud I am. Thank you to al 
the girls in my life... you all know who you are (and you'n 
probably noy reading this), I'll remember all the collective 
bruises, punches, slaps, beatings and harmless flirtation. Anc 
yes I'm straight (bad kitty...). To all those who I have touchec 
(emotionally, which , means not you Jay), have hope. Thank 
you McGowan, McGlorflin, Mickey G, Quick! Look Over there! 
Lastly. Pabian for putting the plunger, wait, the coat hanger, 
back in the closet. "You guys have something long and strait?" 

T^org Cbristenscn 

Hors l^orbear l^oriea. Hadd Sudd. I^or-Honster and VSP 

"Tbe bapP'^* tbings in life are alit>ags tbe sifnplest 
Jonatban Lawrence 
Oream as if goo II liue foreyer_ livje as if goa II die todag' 
James Oean 

Uye goer beliefs and goti can turn tbe world around' 
Benrg Dauid Tboreau 

First off, 1 would like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad, 
thanks for pushing me to become the person that I am today, 
you have guided me every step of the way. Also, for being the 
wonderful and amazing people that I know you are. MOMMY, 
"You cheeky little thing!", riding our bikes into Lexington, 
making all my birthday cakes unique, teaching me to cook, my 
lupine meadow and being such a wonderful woman. DADDY, 
"Hellooo Clarice!", blaring Baby Got Back in front of the 
antique shops, James Bond, "1 need to find a reason to ground 
you". Depends, Cookie Monster and all the other good things 
we have shared together... dude! NIKKI, for being the person 
that has kept me grounded, I don't know what I'd do without 

^ oLi in my life! Here's to, Kiwian men, cooking for our parents 

and not burning down the house!), going to Maine, Harvard 
~>quare and Cape Cod, Camilla, Fire and Ice, Starbucks, the 
huge 81b bag of pretzels, yoga, Billy Blanks, you being my hairs 

Tiggest fan and me being yours! I know you will be a star so 
Jon't forget to thank the hair! JACKIE, (Mudd Budd, Jax and 
I^SP), for always being there for me and being the super crazy, 
^Llnny girl you are! Also, wooden spoons, mountain dew ("Ok! 
There's a tunnel, GO NOW!"), hair dying, mac and cheese, 
WXL yellow pants / Halloween 2003, the funny things Jack 
would say, and ya there's more, but we'll spare people those... 
GABY, for the funny things you say ("Rory we need to be in 
your car when it's dark out"), running through the monsoon, 
getting our nails done, driving in the Jeep and being distracted 
by shiny objects! MARJORIE, for being there through thick and 
thin (and my dad blaring Baby Got Back in Maine), our "wrap" 
with fruit sauce at Fire and Ice, Buffy, good times at the barn, 
living at each other's houses and being amazing! ALEX, for 
being one of my best friends since you've moved here, "yawn" 
and "sigh", mental health days, "we are sooo sleeping with the 
lights on tonight!", eating at TGI Fridays and helping me 
become a better person. PHIL, for being one of the funniest 
people in the world! You and your Sarku teriyaki chicken, trips 
to Stop and Shop, going to the mall EVERY day and all the other 
good times we've had! JOHN, for those times we drove around 
and had our talks, making me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe 
("Cause of death: laughter and loss of bladder control") 

EEWEEEEEEEEE", "who put you in charge?" "Charles in 
charge!" and all those other good times we've had together. 
ANDY, for driving to Dunks every morning just to get our 
coffee and hot chocolate, its VITAL, who cares if we're late! 
SABRINA, for the Patriots Parade, reverse psychology- its the 
way to be, "Loves it!" and freshman gym ("Ohhh Mr. Burges I 
can't stand your calculator skills!") SARAH, (Pungee) for back- 
packing, the Creed concert with the couple in front of us, 
lacrosse, our comfy "pillows" and DDR. SARAH, for brand 
I name clothes, the Mexican food place, your car ("Go Bessie! 
I GO!!!"), shopping and the funny things you say! ("I wanna be 
I a midget, that way I can look like a baby for ever and shop at 
Talbots Kids!") ALEC, for being my AWESOME photo buddy! 
KRISTEN, for saying "How's the pickle?" gotta love that! 
MISSY, for getting tackled in the mud at River Rave and the 
times we stayed up late writing papers. AHNI, for getting one 
small hamburger pizza in your room, JTT, the stool and ECE 
class, man we've had some good times. KAYLA, (Kay Kay) for 
all those MK and A days (shhhh!), lacrosse, Panera, "hate" mail, 
and our boats! We've had so much fun since we've become 
friends, thanks a bunch! AMANDA, for Spanish with the 
Rullinator: the Salsa and Richard Simmons, and ECE with the 
love triangle. BECCA, for those goofy things we did as little 
girls: making Jell-O Eggs, watching Milk Money and being 
such a good little friend. LAUREN, for that crazy chocolate 
milk stand, mmm lets add some sugar! We definitely had some 
good times as little terrors! Courtney, for keeping me sane in 
health and being such a good buddy. LARRY, for making me 
laugh! (Yes, I have naturally blue eyes, these are really expen- 
sive brown contacts") Lauren G, for bike camp and singing on 
the bus to school, only you bring out the craziness in me! 
SAMMY, for being my SHIM-G and flute buddy, you rock! 
Finally to everyone, I hope you enjoy every minute of your life! 
Don't ever forget the good times we've had together and those 
that have yet to happen! 

Lind$eg Celling 

Senior thanks, where do I begin? There are so many people that 
have helped me grow throughout these four years. First off, I 
would like to thank my mother. She has always been there to 
encourage me and keep me going. I love you mom! I would also 
like to thank Mrs. Belbute for putting up with me, she is great. 
Jeremy, thanks for always supporting me and being there 
through the rough days. A final thanks go out to all of my 
friends, especially Marissa and Alyssa. We have gone through 
so much together. Good luck everyone! 

PCeuin Coniuag 

First off I would like to thank the family. Mom, thanks for 
always pushing me and keeping me on task, and for always 
being there when I needed you. Thanks for coming to cheer me 
on at everything sports /concerts, and for always being in my 
corner. Dad, thanks for being there when mom went over- 
board, and providing me with endless support with sports and 
school, and for bringing home the bacon. Dan, Brian, thanks for 
being great big brothers even though I drove you crazy. - 
Friends- Matt, thanks for all the good times, driving me cause 
I was scared to go on the highway, poker, and lax. Mike, thanks 
for the many nights at your house perusing through urban 
dictionary, and for always reminding me that you hate how 
Kevin Millar plays the game. Nick, thanks for helping me 
destroy CWV competition on the court, and for bringing in 
Shaq. Phil, thanks for not having me in the car when you 
missed the off ramp. Amanda, thanks for being able to sue the 
hat companies for one size fits all, and thanks for paying me 
back for that bat. Cara, thanks for never being afraid to gi\'e me 
a taste of my own medicine, and thanks for always reminding 
me of the deer. John, thanks for always raising before the flop 
and being a pain in the butt poker player. Julie, thanks for not 
getting mad when 1 hit you in the head with a lacrosse stick. 
Deepa, thanks for the insulin run. -Teachers- Ms. Sav, thank 
you for helping me not act like a freshman, and for making me 
what I am today. Mr. Berlino, thanks for all the Sox discussions, 
and for my college recommendation. Thank you Curt Schilling, 
for making 50000 people from NY shut up 

Amanda Cojta 

M.anda Panda. Hand© Commando. 3©ogie M.andyC JSC Ta>y (J) P- 
Han-Oalj. Bear, Spend\ev\ar Gmilg empowered 5mellg F eet 

"Tbat s 5o HC! - He and Cara 
TaKe tbat and reiuind it bacK! - Blli Lua 

Senior 1 > 

I'm in one of "my moods." Jen-my main squeeze. What can I 
say, my second mother, my twin, Yay its my birthday! You're 
always pushing me to succeed, and being a nut bag, (and I 
wonder where I get it from), thanks for being a great sister and 
a friend. Mish- You hypochondriac! Thanks for all your hilari- 
ous comments, and for stealing my clothes. You love to push 
my buttons, but one day when I'm running Broadway, ill have 
the last laugh! We may fight, but 1 luv ya! Jesse- You're gonna 
be swinging bats at those girls in a few years. You're the man! 
Shauna- You're the younger sister I never had! Thanks for all 
the late night talks, and the nail painting etc. Cory- Thanks for 
being the only night owl in the house besides me. I can always 
count on coming home to you watching T.V. at 3 in the 
morning! Angel- thanks for being the fattest cat ever. Becky- 
my other sister, you're a dork, and that's what I love about you. 
Never forget BH club, those damn masquites, Stop&Shop 
parking lot rides, the MANY sleepovers. You are the strongest 
girl 1 know. You're mother was like a second mother to me, and 
I know she's looking down on you and smiling at what an 
amazing woman you've become. I know we've grown apart 
this year, but our friendship will never weaken, because you 
are my other half, you freak! Carebear- Oh wow, I don't even 
know what to say. That's so MC, I'm gonna punch you in the 
face. Virgin Mary, late night Wendy's cravings, Rompkins. 
Thanks for driving around for hours on end talking about 
everything under the sun! I know your vision of us being 
pregnant ordering our husbands out for an ice cream run at 
midnight will surely come true, and I look forward to it! 
Thanks for just being there in general. D-Cups- Wow, you're 
amazing. If my mom doesn't adopt you soon, I think she may 
regret it for the rest of her life. Thanks for being a crazy 
addition to our family. I feel like 1 never give you enough 
credit, but your an amazing friend. You're always there for me 
dips! Thanks for letting me eat you out of house and home, for 
your awesome b-day party, for just being crazy 8! Love you! 
Jules- Even though we've become friends so recently, we've 
had so many good times! Our crazy trampoline night, watch- 
ing Kevin hit a deer. We may have started out rough (our 
hatred on the NY trip) but we've come along way. Ali- It's 
pathetic we met pretty much this year and we're awesome 
friends already. Indiana was the best thing 1 did all summer! 
We're such losers together. Driving on the wrong side of the 
road, "Hi Andrew, I'm Amanda", B-U-D-D-I-E-S, Thanks for 
being there to vent to, and for the cute little gifts. You rock! 
Stephanie- for being the best buddy a girl could have! Kevin- 
Thanks for being a big tool bag, hitting a deer, and mocking my 
big nose Matt- Bush lover! Thanks for being a fun prom date, 
making fun of me all the time. Those odor eaters sure come in 
handy! Shawn- Good times over the summer. Thank you for 
introducing me to Fallout boy, and for an interesting party at 
B-rads! You're hilarious, don't ever change. BigL- for BF runs, 
and for "rub all your ****", Newspaper will never be the same 
without us. Nate- for being the coolest sophomore ever, and for 
foods class, Kayla S- Foods, The Sarah's- You guys are too 
much fun! Can't wait for Canada! (Sarah H- Mexico IS part of 
the US!), Ahni- Good times in ECE, for dragging me to the band 
comp, our hilarious talks about fishsticks! Neff- good times 
driving around pimping in Cara's car, Kelly- Marine Bio, for 
talks about C, and being hilarious in general, Julie M-H- for 
being my best friend, Alyssa- for being coxy, Rory- for helping 
me defeat the rullinator. Emmet and Joe- for distracting me 
during many English classes (I'm not Drew Carey Emmet), 

136 Senior Thanks 

Sabrina D- sheets ked, Becka- for all the talks, and softbal 
nights, Grace- for being a twin, Bucky- how's alex? JK! Amand 
Baum- your last name says it all! Ur the bomb! To the CVS crew 
I love you guys! E. Bills and J.S- for being the best advisor evei 
You guys are amazing, and my time at BHS wouldn't have beei 
the same without you! To the class of 04', you're in my heart bu 
there's no more room! To anyone I forgot I'm sorry! Thanks t( 
the class of 2005 and good luck! 

Bl955a Co)s 

Co)5g, Co>^ Fftj^g Coj^g. Lg$a. 5parKg. J-Cobb j 

If goa can ui;ualize it, if goa can dream it. 
tbcres some it>ag to do it " - lUalt Oijneg 
Qags. it u^ajn t bifnf 

MOM AND DAD- Thank you so much for family trips to Cap< 
Cod, Disney World, holidays, Germany and all the endless 
memories. Thank you for everything you have done for me 
You have supported my choices, my thoughts, my ideas anc{ 
most of all me. You have shown me the world and I thank yoti 
for that. You introduced me to new possibilities and havel 
guided me through life. MY GRANDPARENTS- Thank yod 
for always believing in me and giving me strength to live 
everyday to its fullest. You will always have a place deep in my 
heart. DOREEN- Thank you for showing me everything I ami 
capable of. You've shown me courage and confidence to be mei 
Thank you. COURTNEY- Thanks for all the sleepovers and 
early morning soccer games! You're the best younger sister that 
I could ever have. You've taught me so much about life and 
love. I am truly a very lucky girl. To my friends: SABRINA- 
Holla to my twinsta! O snap! We have SO many inside jokes the 
list would go on and on. Adam Sandler movies. Corky Romano, 
chemistry (get Gart!, EC), piano class (Cayman Islands, my 
wonderful dance move!), movie nights (guys. . . it wasn't him!), 
can I touch your paper, hand lotion (it's raspberry!) and remem- 
ber I don't wanna wait! Thanks for everything S-Dogg! DEEPA- 
We go all the way back to 1 " grade with Mrs. Gallant. Chem. was 
so much fun last year, Doc. Has's stories were the best. Your b- 
day party, my beach party, Girl Scouts, math for 3 years, we've 
been through it all. Thanks for all you've done for me. RORY- 
Wow, friends since kindergarten. Where do I start? Maine, CSI, 
Girl Scouts, ouiga and me fainting. You're my best friend and 
you are always there for me. Thank you so much. BERKEY- To 
a wonderful friend. There are so many things to say. Track (we 
are so good! We got varsity letters! You and javelin... meant to 
be!), falling down the side of your bed (classic), KK mat. Bio 
class, fire and ice, movie nights and of course a thousand other 
things. Thanks for being an incredible friend. AMANDA- So 
many memories! Well we can't forget Gian and my dancing 
hamster! Classic! Gym class, movie nights, Walshy's class, art 
class, x-block, playing hearts, mural painting, and writing sooo 
many notes! Karaoke at Sabrina's, and many more countless 
memories. CARA- Its been awesome getting to know you, you 
are a great friend. Mox ie nights, Bedford Farms, mural paint- 
ing, seeing corny movies and making fun of them in the theater 
(First Daughter), Ladder 49, and so many other things. I'm so 
glad we'\"e become friends; vou are so funny and sweet. Thanks 
for all you've done for me. SARAH H- We've been through a 

kit, but in the end we've conquered it and have remained close 
friends. Of course we can't forget our attempt to write a book, 
SIMS, you always fall, cool whip, sped monkey, Newport, and 
(ire and ice. Although things have change, we have proved that 
iiLir friendship can last. To many years to come. SARAH I- It's 
been incredible getting to know you. I'm so glad we met. Movie 
nights, fun dinners, physics class (we are NOT taking the final!), 
ht)VS, mall trips and so many more to come. Thanks for always 
hi'ing there for me. JESS- English class was fun last year! Glad 
u e've become better friends. You are hysterical and spice up 
life. PHIL- Piano class! Enough memories there! Thanks for 
always being there for me and giving me great advice. You're a 
lunny kid! And to anyone else I forgot, thanks for everything 
\ (HI have done for me. You've been there every step of the way. 
BEDFORD FARMS GANG - Thanks for everything! Work has 
been a blast. TEACHERS AND COACHES- Thanks for every- 
thing you have done for me. Without you I would not be where 
I am and who I am today. You have guided me and pushed me 
to strive for the best. Thank you. 


^^^^ 5abrina O'^gostino 

It taK«S an atblcte to dance, but an artist to be a dancer -Jbanna 

I luas liKe €T«tllJO -J ^gbt at tbe l^ojjbarg 

Mom and Dad thank you for raising me the way you did. Mom 
thanks for always being on my side and for making dance a part 
of my life I love you so much. "It's different" haha. Dad I love 
you, thank you for always pushing me to do my best. Bush rules 
so does SNL. Carolina you are not only the best sister but you're 
my best friend. I love spending time with you especially when 
you're @ home and we are roommates. Salsa, JLO is cool; love 
the Nikes, Cayman and its o.k. to eat all the time. Nick, big 
brother thanks for always watching out for me. Sebastian (Spi), 
you are the funniest person I know. Thank you for always 
making me laugh. Sheets, massive. lol. "Nice butt you workout". 
I love you guys so much. Tigga, you are the cutest cat ever I luv 
you! Alyssa, Adam Sandler movies are the best. "Oh I see what's 
going on". Doc Has's class, oh snap. Sarah. H, what would I do 
without you in Spanish. Palabra, neopets, tombola, and your 
weird looks. Lauren pizarro rules. Thanks for making English 
and boring history class fun last year! Arnold prank calls rock so 
does SNL. Sarah I, me and you are the only ones who know what 
real fashion is, everyone looks up to us. "I wanna drop out" lol. 
Cara, dynamic stretches, sheets lol. Amanda thanks for making 
math class + Mrs. Gills class fun. Jessica thanks for being such a 
good friend. Rory patriots parade and reverse psychology 
lol.Thanks to Sarah, Kerry, and Kayla for our awesome Spanish 
videos. Kevin, junior homeroom was fun same goes for foods 
class. Phil, piano last year. Final thanks to: Ms. Paul, Jimmy, 
Nicole, Kendall, Ahni, Deepa, Mai, Lisa, and Stephanie. Good 
luck 05'. 

t5aue, 5-baaa. Jbreg 

Too often ute underestimate tbe pouter of a toucb. a smile, a Kind ivord a 
listening ear, an bonest compliment, or tbe smallest act of earing, all of 
lubicb bow tbe potential to turn a life around 
- Leo Buscaglia 

First, I'd like to say thank you to bhagwan, and to my parents 
and grandparents. There really isn't any way for me to express 
my gratitude and respect for everything you've done, and 1 love 
you. To Neha, you're the most compassionate, selfless, bother- 
some little sister ever. I'm lucky to have had someone like you 
to remind me what's important. Nicole, from dancing in the rain 
to stealing apples, thanks for the fun, for listening, caring, and 
for being you. We'll always have a love-hate relationship with 
derivatives, and washing cars will always remind me of you. 
Kristen, K-rissss, you lipid. Thanks for never being tired (or 
cold), for a ride that night, and for always making me smile, no 
matter what. Bruno, old-man, I'Homme de Croc, Alyssa: I'm so 
glad that we've become friends. Thanks for always making me 
sit in the front seat... plus, Kristen smells. NicoleB, thanks for 
long talks while driving in circles, and for inspiring me over and 
over again. PeterJ, thanks for everything we've ever discussed. 
I'll always be your pothead. Jamie, thanks for letting me get to 
know you, and for being crazy. Props to PeteS., a.k.a. Mr.Perfect. 
Alex, thanks for bringing down the intelligence level of our lab 
group, and for being weird. In a good way, of course. PeterB., 
I owe you big time for that introduction. Thanks for always 
hearing me out, and for your advice. James, thanks for prom, 
and I still owe you brownies from the Western! Kayla, Kerry, 
Alii: Good times! From D.C. to ores and pink paint at tourna- 
ment, thanks for so many amazing memories! Mai... and then 
you found $20? We miss you (and your stories). Arushi and 
Samira: thank you for everything. I love you guys. And to 
anyone I might not have mentioned, thank you! 

Cbristian Oijpcna 

3ame5 Oorer 

3aime. TracK, Ketebup 

"lUbat is tbe point?" - Joe. y[j\e. and me 
If I licK tbis will I die?' - Hatt in djemistrg 
i II be bacK in balf an bour. I m 
going to tal^e a nap' - Cric at 2 am 

Consistent with most of my high school work, I am starting this 
at midnight the night before it's due. To begin, I would like to 
thank the art of procrastination and the caffeine for making sure 
things actually get done. Do not be offended if you are reading 
this and I ha\'e left vou out. So manv people ha\ e affected me 
through the years that it is hard to create a list. So if you are 
absent from my list 1 am sorry, thank you. Specifically, thank 
you Mom and Dad. You have always supported me while giving 

Senior Th.inks I .^7 

me enough freedom to make my own decisions and mistakes. 
I could not ask for better parents. Whitney, I'm glad that we 
have become better friends over the past few years despite 
arguing over the car. I'm glad I always had you to look up to 
in school and in life. And to my other sister, Betsey Holland, 
thank you for being like family and ignoring Whitney to hang 
out with me. Mike and Pat, you guys are like brothers to me. 
You guys have been my best friends for longer than I can 
remember. I won't begin to list the memories and funny 
stories, there are too many. I don't know where I would be 
without the triumvirate. Amy, you have been amazing. Thank 
you for always being there for me and I'm still glad that I was 
able to help when you needed it most. I will always remember 
you. Matt, thanks for making two years of science a blast (AP 
B and chem). The rest of the crew: Sarah, Eric, Corina, Britta, 
Meghan, and Kristen - we have had so much fun in the past 
year, handless cake eating, Arlington Heights, Bickfords. . .good 
times. Joe, we've drifted apart in the past few years, but you've 
still been a great friend with the summers at SBP and argu- 
ments in Wolfeboro. Do you remember the clique from back in 
the day? Pete, we have gone through high school taking 
practically all the same classes and getting just about the same 
grades. Kinda creepy. I expect I will continue to run into you 
throughout my life. I'll never forget Costa Rica and arguing 
with Pabian over opinions. Shreya, I will admit that I found 
you kinda annoying in the beginning of high school, and I 
think you felt the same way about me. I'm glad that we have 
become such good friends. The Improv Halloween was classic. 
Peter and Alex, thanks for the great Harvard Square trips and 
humanities classes. You always made things interesting. James 
Betz, it was always nice to have someone to debate (argue) 
with, even if I am always right and you (being conservative) 
are always wrong. Really though, 1 find our discussions en- 
lightening. Sabrina, Sabrina Maria. We've had fun over the 
years in and out of band, you always telling me a bit too much 
and me always wanting to listen a little bit too much. Audrey, 
thank you for the company on the ride to school. It would be 
quite boring without a Lin in my car. You've become a good 
friend, even if you are just using me to get to my trampoline. 
Ariel, thanks for the fun rides home from XC, the late movie 
nights (stupid babysitting), and for being my junior (haha, 
creepy Mrs. Hoyt reference). My XC folks, one of my best 
decisions was to switch to XC, it has been a blast. My marching 
band people, you made it fun. Kevin and Ryan, first trumpets 
are by far the coolest group. Sara, thanks for listening to our 
guff. Thank you to all of my teachers. You have been great. 
Well, there are so many more people that have affected me and 
I can't leave them all out so I thank all of the following in no 
specific order: Abby, Chris S., Jill, Sonia, Kate W., Alyssa, 
Missy, Kayla, Jeff P., Julie, Nicole B., Nicole C, Mike P., MAI!, 
and anyone else that I may have forgotten. Thank you. NSW 
and TTC for life. 

Ian Oadleg-Harling 

Caroign Oanlea 

Caro. Carolina Casftign tb« Lone 5«nior 

If goo u>ant to Knoiy lotyai a man s liKc taKe 
a good looK at bow l?e treats b'S inferiors ~5iria5 
Don t fall Id batje to laugb at yoa and 
tbat would be reallg sad "Jmanda 
Litje euertj dag as if it loere gour last and 
somedag goall be rigbt "BreaKer" Horant 

Differences of boM and language are notbing at all if 
otir aims are identical and oar b«arts open "pibas Oombledore 

My family, especially my mom & dad even though sometim 
I don't show it. Vball: KATIE, CHRISTINE, ANN, lil sis, Gabb 
my other half, LIZ, CASSY, KRISTEN, coolest vball dork . 
team, JIHYEN, vball, tennis, bnasplts, chem, espafiol, BF fro 
Harvard & Yale, Annyeonghaseyo! Madrigal peeps, especiall y 
DINAH, roomiej KAYLA, math, madrigal, western! AMAND \ 
everything, DS, A&P. ERIN, you've been a huge part of my 1 1 
since V grade. Ahhhhh can't get away!! JK Siempre amigas 
EVERYONE else. Se que I forgot MANY important peop 
GRACIAS! If you are reading this you know you should ha 
been thanked, sorry. 

3ocelgn Cgan 


S* courageous and be strong and in mg beart goull 
alwags stag foreuer goung -l^od 5t«u>art 
If gou tbinK gou are beaten gou are If gou 
tbinK gou dare not gou don t $acces$ begins witb gour 
own will It s all in gour state of mind -?nongmous 
Ojerisb gour friends and gour familg as if gour life 
depends on it_ because it does -jinn l^djards 

First I would to thank m)- family for everything that they have 
done for me. Mom- Thanks for being there to talk with and 
always finding the right thing to say to make everything seem 
better. I lo\ e you so much and will never be able to thank you 
enough for everything that you do for me. You are such a giving 
and selfless person and I'm so glad that we are close. 
Dad- Thank you for always being so patient with me and 
always being willing to help me out. You are the most honest 
and hard working person I know, I admire you so much for all 
that you do. You always push me to do my best and ne\ er give 
up. I love you. 

Catherine- Thanks for the endless amount of advice, always 
finding time for me, letting me come \ isit you, sharing your 
cloths and giving me someone to look up to. I have learned so 
much from you and owe you so much. Even though we fight 
sometimes I can tell you anything, love you. 
Keith- Thanks for always making me laugh and being so much 
fun. I can always count on you to be on my side. I love hanging 
out with you, our car rides and visiting you at school. I'm glad 
that we have gotten closer these past couple years, I love you. 
Amanda- It all started at tryouts in 7th grade, we have so many 

1 38 Senior Thanks 

inemories to look back on. Sal-Amander's, Dominican 
Republic(message in a bottle, cards with your mom), "I'm not 
i;oing to lie", Colorado, girly nights, UNH getting pulled over, 
Starbucks, Maine, Friendly Toast. Thanks for always sticking by 
mc, there is no word to describe our friendship. I know that we 
will always be friends. 

Maggie- Your my oldest friend, I've known you for as long as 
I can remember! Cape Cod, Syracuse, MAMJ, UNH(sorry I fell 
nsleep so early), Merrimack (Jimmy-thinking of that still makes 
ine smile), our weekend on the Vineyard, USD next yr? Thanks 
lor always being there and seeing my side, we can always relate 
to another. Even just within the past year we've become closer, 
I know our friendship will last our lifetime, LYLAS. 
Monica- our family, Bentley, Kerry's(running), senior obses- 
sions, captains 2005, house sitting(sorry about the broken glass 
And hitting on Dave!), Fleetwood Mac, You're truly are an 
amazing person and I admire you so much for sticking up for 
e\'erything that you believe in, thanks for being such a genuine 
friend. You can always make me laugh, we always have so 
much fun together and we always will. 

Ali- lax(getting mad), long bus rides, hockey games, dancing, 
Milton, bunk buddies at Merrimack, twins, LYLAS, MAMJ, 
Bates, summer nights, peeing in my closet, I think I'll go for a 
w alk outside, el shacko. Thanks for being there for me last year, 
as always, and sending me the cutest texts, I love you! 
Marissa- We've grown up together and have so many memo- 
ries together. LYLAS, MAMJ, Buddy Ol' Pal, snowmobiling(our 
accident). Ping Magic, running @ Kerry's, Fawn Lake, Prom 
2003(not quite as we planned), house boat, captains 2005 
Maria-thanks for always making me laugh, cheerleading; you're 
the sweetest person and so much fun 
Beth-Dave, camp, lax, your going away party 
Bethy- thanks for always being so sweet and understanding, 
good luck next year 

Scott- You have been such a big part of my high school. We have 
had so many memories and good times together; our movie 
nights, riding your bike to Amanda's with a flat(scarring the 
crap out of me), Glouster, Winnipesauke, freezing on the jet 
skies, attempting to teach me how to play pool(ril be good at it 
someday), all the parties at your house and so much more. 
Mark- My football player! I've known you forever, I'll never 
torget our song, planned life or our handshake, thanks for 
always making me laugh and being so fun, I'll miss you next 

Jimmy- teaching CCD, ruff early Sunday morning breakfasts at 
Bruegger's, student government, thanks for being you and 
always being willing to help 

Chris- you're always up for a good time Fleetwood Mac, Lynyard 
Skynard, good times at the shack, bad times at Fawn Lake, the 
Rcz, my first Lexington party 

Rob- Thanks for always being the nice one, you're such a good 
person, I'll miss you 

Brian Spencer- It was fun fighting with you in Chemistry, 
Fleetwood, thanks for always remembering to look at me in 
Hiiglish; we dominated the dance competition at Homecoming 
Jonney- our long walks, I'll never forgive you for not catching 
me, thanks for always being there to talk 
Christian- you always can make me laugh and are such a fun 
person, I had fun trying to help you in Chemistry last year 
Craig- I'll never forget 8"' grade, my brother, AA classes 
Mikey- your wild parties in Middle school, Wachusett, 

Kevin- thanks for always letting us come over; I'm glad you've 
become part of our class 

Busa, Katherine, Becky, John, Brian G, Jeff, Caitlin, Sarah, Joe, 
Chip, Emmet, all of the cheerleadcrs(Seana, Hilary, Delilah, 
Blair, Cat, April...), lax girls, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Stephenson, 
Sarah BS, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Boschetto 

"Bran Slliott 

Where do I start? Mom and Dad- what else can I say except 
thank you. John- good times these last 2 years, thanks for 
chilling with me when I first moved. Lucas- you're crazy man, 
I like you, but you're crazy! All of my teachers- thanks for 
motivating me to do my work. Everyone else who I had a class 
with, or was nice to me- sorry I didn't mention you, but it 
would take too long to write and remember all your names. 

3obn Feaerstcin 

Sre goa gonna barK all dag. little doggie, or are goa gonna bite?' Hr 


Tbere can be no Triumpb lyitboat LosS: ^o L>ietorg luitboat 5offering: ^o 

Freedom lyitboat Sacrifice ~Retarn Of Tbe Kings ~ 
^obodg is perfect, but tbose of us wb* are must ma^e alloiuanees for 

tbose of gou lub© aren t Preston ~ 
Bebold. a pale borse: and be tbat sat upon bim. bis name u>as Oeatb: and 
Ijell folleiued iwitb bif" Tombstone ~ 

First of all I would like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad, I 
wouldn't be here standing right before you and for that, I am 
eternally grateful. I love you guys, just for being there for me 
when I needed back up, from getting told to suck it up and push 
through it, to letting me know that things are going to get 
better. Thank you. Grandpa, thank you for being such a goofy 
old man. Grandma, I know your not here anymore, but I just 
want to say thanks anyway for showing me so much about life. 
Mike, thank you for always willing to share your knowledge 
and wisdom about life and all the challenges I might face in the 
near future, thank you for always understanding when things 
between my family weren't going so well. Barbara, my little 
sister, if there is one great thing I can thank you on, it is the fact 
that you have never changed and have stayed vour goofv little 
self, don't ever change. Preston, oh man, vs here do 1 e\ en begin 
with you? If I were to name all the good times it would take up 
this entire book, so I need to cut it down to a selected few. 
Thank you for always having my back when 1 need it. Thank 
you for all the rides to the movies and making fun of me 
because I was afraid of the film Frighteners. Thank vou for 
sharing you're past experiences about High School and how 
awesome it used to be before my generation went and babied 

Senior Thanks 13^ 

out. Thank you for introducing me to more than half of the 
music I listen to now. Thank you for taking me to my first local 
show ever. Dude, thank you for being the person 1 look up to. 
Preston, you're the like the me to Josh. Ashley and Sarah, my 
sister's from another mother. You guys are the best, from 
hanging in my basement, to the endless hours of being there 
for me, telling me that everything was going to be all right and 
that life will go on. I am forever in your debt you two. 1 love you 
guys. Billy, man, we have been through some rough times 
together, and yet we still manage to make things work out in 
the end. From girls to hockey, you have been there for me. 
Thank you Billy. Phil, where do I even start with you? From the 
beginning of high school until as of late, you have been one of 
my best friends. Whenever 1 needed some advice or guidance 
you were there, whenever 1 needed a good laugh you were just 
around the comer, thank you for just being you. Lilly, you're 
the classic case of a great person. Lilly, for as long as I live I will 
never forget the times in my kitchen and the early mornings 
around town just spent talking about random little things. 
Lilly, no matter how far away we drift apart. There will 
always, alivnys be Stop and Shop. Emmy, well, just keep being 
yourself, and keep your goon of a boyfriend the same. Heather, 
1 can't think about high school without having you enter the 
picture. You crazy girl. Thank you for showing me that long 
distant relationships can work out. Rory, thank you for put- 
ting up with me and my whining and moaning, and thank you 
for the late night conversations as well. Jaime, your such a 
mess girl, I just want you to remember that your time will come 
for a man to love you as much as you love him, but until then, 
hold on, it will be worth it in the end. Oh and thank you for 
believing in me. Austin, you crazy dude, thanks for being an 
understandable guy when it was needed. Gaby, thanks for 
nothing. Sean thanks for being you. Kelly, no matter what 
anyone says, your happiness always comes first. Thank you 
for hearing me out about so many things especially when it 
was early in the morning on the hockey bus. Sheena, thanks for 
being so nice and caring even at times when you shouldn't 
have been. To the rest of my family, you guys are awesome in 
every single way, and don't change, you guys are the people 
that are most likely to stick around in my life. Josh thanks for 
being the man. 1 would like to thank my coaches for pushing 
me when I didn't think I could do it. Lastly, I thank the music 
industry, if it wasn't for the power of music, the one true way 
to communicate to ones heart and soul to another, well, life 
would be very boring. Thank You, John. 

^ 3ulie rinestene 

I belieue tbat u>bat u»e get out of life i$ 
wbat iveue set oarselyej up to get. so tberes no 

sacb tbing as an inconsequential decision 
Tf^atjbe tbe past is like an anejjor balding as bacK 
Kagbe. goa bo^e to let go of loiya goo are 
to become u>bo 9»o will be 
Se^ and tbe Qtg 
Tbe cberab bas been defeated! 
-Bmanda and Cara 

I thought a great deal about who to thank and decided that 
there are too many people. Everyone has had an impact on me, 
for better or for worse. So, to aimless driving, getting lost in 

140 Senior Thanks 

Rhode Island looking for Alewife, hitting deer and fire hy- 
drants, Exxon hottie, Friday routine, so much drama, shoeless 
walks home, crazy night on a trampoline. Matt Damon, angry 
bonding, sleepovers I don't remember, water tower excur- 
sions, driving in underwear, wing it responsibly, "She'll see the 
lemonade on the driveway and know!", a nature walk home I'll 
never forget, and everything in between- TharJc You. 

3ame5 Foltz 

3im Big 3ifn Jimbo Toltzg. Big Oawg B»g S^<j 

"Life moues prettg fast If goti don t stop and looK oroond 
once in aiubile goo eocild miss it - Ferris Boeller 
iJoti don t tag on 5fpermans cope. 
*Joa don t spit into tbe luind 
yoa don t poll tbe masK off tbat ol Lone ganger. 
Bnd goa don t mess aroand tyitb 3im' -Jim Crocb« 
"Tbe qaestion is is tbe jaice u>ortb tbe sqaeeze?" -Ci|<0 
"lUe are all aboat being lazg' -Vaul t^ossi 

1 luoald ratber regret tbe tbings tbat I b<we done 
tban tbe tbings tbat 1 ba^e not" Lucille Ball 
"In tbree u>ords I can sum up euergtbing lye learned 
about life It goes on l^obert Frost 
Bngtbing is possible if gou put gour mind to it' 
'Sometimes u>e must get burt in order to groiy loe 
must fail in order to Knou; sometimes oar uisions clear, 
onig after our eges are lyosbed luitb tears 

First of all, 1 would like to start by thanking my MOM. You have 
always been there for me when 1 need someone. Thanks for 
supporting me endlessly and for all of vour advice. I hope I will 
be a mother like you someday. DAD- You have gi\'en me so 
much, and I am thankful for everything. You have guided me 
and been an inspiration. ALEXANDRA- You're my bestest 
sissy. 1 am going to miss being mean to mommy with you next 
year! JOCELYN- We have been through so much together, I still 
can't believe how long we have been friends. You are such a 
kind person and you have always been the best friend I could 
ever ask for, I know we will stay close forever. Always remem- 
ber space girls, misslynn, cheering, captains, cops, the shack, 
sleeping in ping, MV, being Indians, barking, v^oyage to America, 
the magic stick at lane school and much more, ilu! MONICA- 
Your such a furmy person, we have so many memories to- 
gether, 10th grade we really were sisters. Don't forget, Kerry's, 
Dave B., cops, haircuts, stalking, veronica, lying to my mom, 
cheering, captains and New Years. We have been through so 
much of the same things that even though we aren't as close as 
10th grade 1 still feel like we can relate to each other so well. 
HAILEY- We have had so many crazy times, I can't begin to list. 
I'm so happy I met you, with our 'connection', were going to be 
friends forever. ALISON- "Sorry, sorry", wow, that was a long 
time ago. You are an awesome girl, thanks for being there when 
I needed someone to talk to. Rebelling against parent, getting 
in fights, selling pictures, being competitive, the cape, NH, 

ihelly's, Gunnar's and Pete's when we were freshmen, ilu. 
Vl ARIA- I'm so glad that we became friends through cheering, 
^ve had so many fun times, but we were definitely dorkey! 
Remember, Dave B., softball, NH, Westfield, Skynyrd concert, 
FPing on April fools, making awesome CD's, poopie pants, 
:^etting lost in the woods, taking a taxi to Brians!, ilu. MAGGIE- 
vVe were the biggest losers ever, but we had fun. Remember 
uir boy obsessions, hockey, zoom, first drivers, making the 
A'eird story with lams and papilla's, MV, hating sleepovers 
md much more, you have always been able to make me laugh. 
Thanks for being so honest! You are really smart and I know 
/ou will do well in life. AMANDA- 1 can always relate to you 
.n a few certain areas, we had many crazy nights, your house, 
Pats, Bentley, Brian, 89, "spoiled rotten". Thanks for always 
giving me advice, and always gossiping! LINDSEY- We have 
^uch a crazy friendship, you know I will always be there. 
EMILY- Sorry about that night in your garage, also when you 
slept over! I'm sure we will have more interesting times! 
SARAH- I will never forget middle school because of you. 
BETH- Dave and 16 candles! BETHIE- Being the best dancers! 
CRAIG- Bob and Carmen, you're definitely not the black guy. 
I will always love my brother. MARK- Thanks for the log 
incident, and being in the biggest fight with me in 11th grade, 
you're always ready to party and make me laugh. BRIAN- 
We've had some interesting times, you always know how to 
have fun. Thanks for being 'scummy', haha, Hootie concert, 
our talks, you're my best friend! ROB- My football player. 
Thanks for always being so nice, driving to Skynyrd, don't 
forget when we almost got in the accident on the way to NH. 
CHRIS- I'll never forget Jr. Prom. Remember middle school, 
always going to the movies, thanks for having people over and 
letting me drive your truck. JIMMY- Thanks for introducing 
me to hails, calling me a diva, and being sneaky. SCOTT- 
Thanks for having us up to NH, all the times at your house, and 
going to the semi together. JONNEY- We've had many fights, 
and of course remember the picture. Good luck being a busi- 
ness man! MIKEY- Thanks for having people over all the time, 
especially my 18th birthday. CHRISTIAN- The concert and our 
talk in the car! I'm happy I got to know you better. KEVIN- 
Thanks for always having people over your house. MY CHEER- 
LEADERS- Good luck next year, I am going to miss you all so 
much, we have had some interesting seasons together! CAT, 
BLAIR, April, Seana, Hillary, I'm going to miss you all! 

j DELILAH- You can be my therapist, keep on dancing! MRS. 

I MORRISON- Thank you for all the time you put in to help the 
squad. It was an interesting season, to say the least. Thanks 

I your all your advice on not only cheerleading, but college and 
life. TO THE CLASS OF 2005- Good luck in the future! 


LaK« Foagcre 

Blg55a Frcncb 

Wow, I can't believe it's time to write senior thanks. I want to 

thank my parents for supporting me and always being there. I 
love you both. All my brothers and sisters I hope your years in 
high school are great, 1 love you guys. Lindsey- wow, we have 
became such good friends over the last two years. Thanks so 
much for helping me through the rough times and for all the 
good times. Mike you are amazing. You have been the best 
boyfriend. Your have always been behind me no matter what I 
decide to do. I love you. 

VbiWp Qalller 

Life \$ni about luljo goa are tedag or lyljo people tbinK goo are todag. it 
is about u>bo goo be tomorroiu, lyitb or luitbout ttje people tijat 
moKe gou lubo gou are todag. ~ me 

First off, I would like to thank my family, especially my mom 
and dad who helped me through high school, motivated m.e to 
do my work (or some of it at least) and tried to teach me that 
doing something correctly the first time usually saves time in 
the long run. I love you more then life itself. And Sammy, thanks 
for being a great sister I'm glad I got to spend two years of high 
school with you. Secondly, I would like to thank all my friends 
including John, Rory, Billy, Becca, Sean, Alyssa, Sarah & Sarah, 
Sabs, Amy, Cara, Jackie, Gaby, Courtney, Jess, Steph B, Steph B, 
and Steph S. and anyone else I forgot. It was great, and I hope we 
can keep hanging out and being friends through college. 

Ble)$and«r Qaman 

Don't taKe life too seriouslg. gou II neuer get out aliue " Qbcrt Hubbard 
Let tboje lubo loye us loye us 
Pnd tbose lubo bate us 
T*tag Qod turn tbeir bearts 
Jnd if be can t turn tbeir bearts 
Hag be turn tbeir angles 
5o we mag Knou> tbem bg tbeir limping 

The following people know what they are being thanked for: 
Alex Gaman, Barrie Gaman, Patricia Byrne, Michael Gaman, 
Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Leonardo DaVinci, 
Andy Warhol, anyone I have ever had the pleasure of calling 
"friend, buddy, pal, chum, comrade or amigo," FW Murnau, 
Cameron Crow, Daron Amofsky, Muhammad All, Cassius 
Clay, George Foreman, all of my mentors, teachers and instruc- 
tors, Robert Heinlein, Kurt Vonnegut, King James, Bill 
Shakespeare, Spike Lee, acne, Christopher Columbus, George 
W. Bush, Michael Moore, hormones, John Cusack, Jenna Malone, 
Jane Cusack, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, teenage angst, Spike Lee, 
Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Walt Disney, Salvadore Dali, Paul 
Gauguin, and the whelming lack of sleep that made my high 
school years so incoherent and interesting. 

Senior Thanks 141 

Hisbog Cicorge 

Brian Qlcajon 

Brian Bri Qleason 

TaKe g&ar time don t liue to fast. troable$ luill come and tijeg iwiil pass - 
Lgnrd SHgnrd 

'Orcam as if goa II liye forcucr liye as if goo II die todag " - 3ame5 Oean 
JsK unbelt goar eoantrg can do for gou. asK ufiyat goa can do for 
goar eoantrg - JFK 

To my family, first my Mom. You have been with me through 
so many things, most of them good, a couple of them bad. But 
through all of it you have loved me so much. 1 am going to miss 
you next year whether you know it or not. You can not be 
replaced, I love you. Dad, you are the coolest. You love to argue 
with me on random points, we always had trouble studying 
math together, but 1 will always remember those nights. You 
have always pushed me to do better and I love you for that. And 
I love or competitions. I will miss you greatly next year. 1 love 
you so much. Nick, my big brother, you have always looked out 
for me. We can get on each others nerves but I think we get along 
better than any other brothers 1 know. Thank you for being 
there for me. Callie, even though we have not lived in the same 
house our whole lives I still feel so close to you. 1 can come to 
you with anything and 1 think that our bond is close and that is 
special. Lee, you are a new addition to our family and you fit in 
perfectly you are a cool brother in law even though you're a 
Yankee fan. Grace, our newest addition, you are going to grow 
up into an excellent person. And to my dog Truman. 1 love you 
all. Brian - Wedgewood has been some good times over the past 
years. Club Wedgewood under the barn, tractor races, snorkel- 
ing, family days and staff dinners, losing the championship, 
and making the big bucks. Canoeing down the Charles River, 
going to concerts, pond hockey. You're always up for some- 
thing new, like at the Aerosmith concert. Having the same 
schedule for four years in a row, the shack, the semi at your 
house, and all the other good times. 

Jonney - Being neighbors, going to Wachussett. Rides to school 
for the past three years, you driving me and me dri\ ing you: 
everywhere. Going to concerts, playing soccer and being on 
varsity together like you said we would. Going to B.U. with 
you, I always had fun, NBA Live. Chicago was awesome, going 
to New Hampshire. Playing pond hockey every day after 
school. Having a good directed study, lacrosse, the only ones to 
play poker, going to BHOB and the ATM. The shack, other 
weekend moments, its been real. 

Christian - Soccer freshman year, missed this year with you. 
Eating fruit, having grapefruit. Asking random questions like 
how many trees there are in Vermont. Making everyone laugh 
and have a good time. Having two heads of hair, basketball refs, 
almost starting a vending stand, and being yourself. 
Craig - The cavalier, dangerous driver, Halloween in Gerald's 
truck, going to all the games together and not playing a sport 

142 Senior Thanks 

with me. We made all those trips together. Your B+ on the wal 
hanging out, coming to Wedgewood, going to Whole Food; 
Announcing the soccer game, and all the other things. 
Mark - Making the videos freshman year, cruising in your ca 
and getting in your first accident with you. Soccer, the poke 
gods (rock), all the classes together, you always calling m 
Lenny, going to Maine, cigars outside my house, going to th 
shack, and all the other wild times. 

Jeff - Being in the same classes since sixth grade, always jokin 
around, MacGyver, the loon, those were weird. Hanging i 
your apartment, going to Maine, washing our cars. You alway 
with me outside the shack, the junior prom, and all those othe 
fun weekends. 

Katherine - 1 have known you forever, longer than anyone els« 
We have grown up together and been in the same classc 
together until high school when you left me for the smai 
classes. Hanging out at Wedgewood when we were kids an 
then working there together. We have had some great times 
Taryn - We have had good times hanging out at your hous 
working together at Wedgewood talking online while you ar< 
at UMASS the semi and prom, and being a great friend. 
Rob - Weekends, lacrosse, cards, watching the games at you 
house. Maggie - Directed study was fun, weekends going to SL 
Flags and going bowling. Caitlin - You have been cool to jok 
around with. Bush is the man, having reading tutors togethei 
Chris - " No Onion." Mikey - New Years, homecoming and a 
the other good times. Allison - Six Flags and bowling. Amand 
- hanging out at your house all those times. Scott - Gock 
weekends and fun times at your house. Mark S. - Gettinj 
suspended in fifth grade. Ke\ in - for being a senior, good time; 
at your house. Monica, Marissa, Jocelyn, Maria, Maxine, anc 
Laura, Becky, Joe, Joe, Josh, John, and Kevo, 1 have had fun witt 
you guys all through high school thank you. To all the peopl« 
who 1 do crew with it has been a good four years. And to all th< 
people that I work with at Wedgewood, you guys are awesome 
And to the Amatos, my second family. To all the people in thii 
and all the people that I may have forgotten by accident whc 
have made my high school experience awesome, thank you. 

5ean Qriffin 

5eang s«ang bog. griff sorge scanomaffin. seanatbin. 

' Don t be a fool and die for goar eoantrg. 
Let Mye otljer sonofagan die for biS 
-Cieerge 5 Cotton 
" It is diffiealt to sag u>bat is impossible for 
Tbe dream of gesterdag is tbe bop« of todag and 

Tbc realitg of tomorroiy' -Robert 5 Qoddard- 

d like to thank my parents for there love and support, I'd also 
kL' to thank the O'Rourke's and the Wilson's for being my 
lome away from home "literally". A special thanks to Mari 
ipriono for her unconditional love and support. Thanks to 
iTi is Wilson for being the brother I never had, Megan lynch for 
lu' being the sister I never had and Jeff Ohlstien for helping me 
\ ith my school work when I was completely lost, and a very 
pccial thanks to Katie Donnellan for making me feel confident 
1 my hats!! Thanks to Nicole for putting a smile on my face and 
listening to all my problems. I 'd also like to thank Capt. 
arson and Cmsgt. Edris for keeping me out of trouble "most of 
he time", Mrs. MacGregor for showing me I was capable of so 
luich more, Mrs. Gullage for helping me stay focused on my 
;Oeils. I'd like to thank ms. Harvey, Mrs. Billouin, Mr. Berlino, 
\lrs. Krueger, Mr. Sheinfeld, Mr. Carson, Mr. Edris , Mr. Sills, 
Reagan, Ms. Twombly, and Mrs. Danahar for being the 
oolest and nicest teachers in the school. Thank you... 

g Bugu^t Odbiela 

Caitlin 6adleg 

i hank you LABBB and thank you Mr. Billy Brincklow for 
•\ erything that you taught me through the years. I will take 
A hat I learned into the working world. I will miss everyone. 
Thank you Pat Barbieri for letting me come into the program 
md thank you mom and dad for supporting me . 
I hank you Courtney for your support and all your love. 
Vace and God bless. 

Kendall 5anKin5 

Sean l^annaiuag 

Bmanda Harris 

T»lando. Hondcrizor. Smandei ?anda. 

LUcnis" -Bill L 
'Old goa do all gear bon^ew'orK?" -Tn^om 

Thanks mom and dad for all your love and support. Charlotte, 
I know sometimes we fight, but I truly do love you and am lucky 
to be your big sister. Thanks to my family including the ones 
outside Massachusetts, you've been great. To all my friends. 

Carolyn, Erin, Amy, Colleen, Katie, Pat, AUi, Kerry, Kayla, 
Randy, Ryan, everyone in Peer Leadership and anyone who I 
might have forgotten, you know who you are. Thanks to my 
BDC bosses and all of the campers for four wonderful summers. 
I am also lucky to have four amazing cousins, Tony, Amelia, Jilli 
and Garrett. Thanks to all of my teachers for being great role 
models and all the staff in the counseling office, making it easier 
to go through this process! Your help has been greatly appreci- 
ated. Thanks and love to you all! 

^Ki5ba 6arri5 

First of all I would like to thank God for helping me make it this 
far. Also I would like to thank my mother. Dahlia and my aunt 
Megan who has been there since day one and helping me 
through my hardships. And to my little brother, Rashaun and 
my cousins Samantha and Lissa I love ya'll and good luck in 
High School. In addition, I would like to thank my girls Tati, 
Neisha, Mercedes, Stephanie, and Delilah for being the most 
kind hearted friends. And to all the haters, get ya game up. - 
Nikisha Harris 

Seeea. B«edar. Oar. Oarina, TiyinKle Toc5. Bee. Beeeaboo 

'Jre goa related to Pam?" -Cuergone 
'S joameg of a tboasand miles begins u>itb one step' -Lao Tza 
"Be content luitb u»bat g©o baue: rejoice in tbe u>ag tbings are iDljen goo 
realize tbere is notbing lacKing. tbe iwbole luorld belongs to goa ' - Lao 


First I'd like to thank my family even though we always fought 
about school more than anything; you guys are always there for 
me. I want to thank all the people who were nice and supportive 
during my second half of high school because it was kind of 
rough. Your support means a lot. Class of 2005, thank you. 
LAUREN-thanks dude for everything. I'm still amazed we 
survived that freak snowstorm in western Mass, and the hick 
Taco Bell there, and going to Hampton Beach with Deepa haha, 
thanks for Halloween, and being late to school everyday, and 
our fun times on the beach in Florida during quiet time, and how 
could I forget... the squirrel on my porch! ALEX-to dirty to 
clean... The Living Room in Boston oh man that was one crazy 
night, being stalked by a homeless woman because we got in a 
"paint fight" all the fun times we had sleepovers and sneaking 
in at 3am oh anci 8th grade art class. PETER- what can I 
say..."BECCA'S PISSED!!" and "Becca, It's two times wine, 
Becca Becca!" All the fun times we had even the hard times, but 
I'm glad we're really good friends now and 1 learned a lot from 
you. LAURA T- you're awesome, and you always need some- 
one to play Barbies with when you're a four-year-old. TRISTAN- 
you inspired me to gi\'e bluegrass a chance and \'ou play the 
banjo 1 mean c'mon seriously you rock and it was fun in DC 
with Eric eating fried chicken for brunch and dragging mc to 

SiMiior Thanks 14.^ 

Hooters. PHIL- 1 still remember us fighting all the time now 
look at us! I can talk to you about anything and everything you 
are always there to listen. Remember that time we saw that girl 
drive into the sidewalk near taco bell? JAMES-Beccalopogus, is 
that how you spell it? MIKE-I still owe you a beating don't 
worry it'll come and you can sneak into my dorm next year it's 
easier than my house. Andrew Squared-you guys are so awe- 
some and entertaining, keep it up but stay out of trouble! You'll 
have to come visit me at college sometime. Also thanks to all the 
ROTC people you know who you are. Field hockey and Rifle 
Team also. Julie F-Remember Lauren's drive way and French 
fries? Luke F- I'm so glad we are friends again, MR, SM (Chaves), 
JR, MBD, Rory-Rooooorrryyyy, Deepa- going to the Natick Mall 
aka Hampton Beach hsk tisk. Again thanks everyone 1 don't 
know where 1 would be without you all! Good luck next year! 

Sobnng mi'Kc. Bod'eg TacK Brotber job" Tbonder 

"yeab I m 5«llin it-' -me n 5arg 
Xans got a sammieb!- 3o« 
"Tbat iva$ mg crocodile moyef- Blair 
'lybofd a forget about tbe BIQ lUICI^OO up tbe middle?'- Beleber 
!Joa migbt ba^e bcord I run lyitb a dangerous crotud 
U)e ain t too prettg lue ain t too proud 
We migbt he laugbing a bit too loud 
Jiuiu But tbat neuer bort no one 

I would like to thank my parents for obvious reasons. You have 

always been there for me through thick and thin. I love you both 

and appreciate all you have done for me and being there for me. 

No matter what happens or what I do I know that you will be 

behind me 100%. Linds 1 gotta thank you for being my second 

mom and friend. We don't c each other as much now that you 

are at college and it's kinda weird but we're srill close. We've 

had some good times and memories and 1 hope that we continue 

to in the future. Nothing like playing oonce late at night with 

countless plates of nachos on a nuclear charged plate up in 

Hampton. To all my family, I would like to thank you all for 

being there for me. We have always been close and there have 

been a lot of fun times. Thank you to all the people who have 

helped, coached, or guided me throughout my life. Lou 

Tompkins you helped me out during a confusing part of my 

life, while a lot of things were going on around me you always 

kept me on the right track. The way you never would look at the 

bad parts of life but exaggerate the good has inspired me. Bob 

merchant you have always been there to lend a helping hand if 

I needed it and hanging out in the pits was always a good time. 

Uncle Vinny working with u was usually a good time even 

though the way 1 started working with u wasn't the greatest 

reason. Crew 2 was always a blast. Biggs and Mizzoni the 

nights driving around in a car with nothing better to do than 

beat the bag out of a street sign or driving in a field or RIFFING 

people and deer or using the BEEPLER was fun even though we 

never did anything. To anyone who went to the hockey games 

and helped me be extra obnoxious thank you because being 

obnoxious is no fun alone. Lisa not many people may think like 

us but we have fun even if we piss other people off. Blair it's an 

odd friendship we have but you're one of my best gurl friends. 

We may not hang out but the times we did like the 10-miii visits 
144 Senior Thanks 

that turned into an hour or 2 or Halloween with paintball gui 
and being up 'til 5am was always fun. Even if we flipout c 
eachother it never lasts. I've known you forever and yc 
better b around later on in life or ill never know what to a 
when I mess things up! 1 mean seriously 1 ask your advice h 
just about anything 1 dunt understand. I'm gonna miss } 
when I go away to college. Jess we know that we both nev( 
cared what we did so I dunt know why either of us asked. Bi 
even doin nothing was fun with u and I hope we still hang oi 
in the future. Hillary so far it's been fun, even since T-bal 
Mark we've had alotta good times, ur always ready to sta 
shit with me or kick sumone out or whatever needs to be dor 
Monday night wings was always a blast, (especially if v\ 
happen to hit a few trash barrels on the way home) and th. 
goes out to all the regulars and the one timers too. Scott she 
was a good time "elboooooww" and welding and Zambo» 
making, weekends were always fun too. . The shop crew 
from the original 4 Andrew Matt jimmy n me who stuck wit 
it from frosh yr. to the ppl who come and go it was always 
good time. Thank you Mr. Connolly for dealing with us an 
helping us out with our umm lets say original projects. Kevi 
u mind as well be a senior with us, thanks 4 havin us o\ er t 
hang out or rumble in ur driveway. Emmet mikey rob Chn 
and all the rest of the regular gang you guys were alwa) 
down for whatever's goin on. And thanx to those I forgot c 
couldn't fit... 

Sarah Ijcinricb 

3oncitban Jjcmpton 

3onneg 3-Honeg. Jon Ijampton 

Xag tbe u>ind aliyags be at gour bacK and tbe sun upon gour face, 
and mag tbe luinds of Oesting earrg gou aloft to dance uHtb tb« stars 

- Bloif 

Bedford's been a good time and one I don't want to forget No 
one that 1 will someday look back on and regret So I'r 
proposing a toast to remember the times that were fun Be 
cause whether we like it or not high school's almost don 
Here's to the weekends and all the wild nights With groups c 
crying girls and pointiess fights To dri\'Lng around constantl; 
from place to place And waking up with marker all o\'er you 
face Here's to concerts and listening to classic rock Anc 
inventing the most annoying ways to talk Saying dude, bomb 
relax, and bad mood? And going to the house of beef fo 
awesome food Here's to spending time in NH, Call, Chicago 
and Maine Being together too much, and getting drivei 
insane To lake houses, bridge jumping and water sport Am 
even digging in snow to build a fort Here's to four years o 
doing nothing but hanging out Because that's really what i 
was all about Spending time watching the Sox and meeting 
the Pats Tailgating, barbecues, and every kid wearing hat 
Here's to good teachers and occasional fun classes And th 
same kid always breaking my glasses To back in the da] 

anging out at the shack And good friends going to Fleetwood 
lac So to my parents, my family, and every friend Although I 
ant to move on I'm sad it has to end Cause we've had some 
reat times just being together Making memories that we will 
;member forever To the class of 2005 I hereby propose a toast 
specially to all the people that matter most Our time at Bedford 
[igh School went by too fast So one last time let's stand up and 
use a glass 

Lciiyrence i50iA>ard 

;eep luerKing bord and goa eon get angtbing tbat gou luant. If Qod gaye 
joa tbe talent, goa sboald ge for it. Sot don t tbinl^ it s going to he easg. 
^ Its bard! 

- Baligab 

ley Everybody! It's Finally my turn to graduate. I've waited 4 
3ng years for this and I couldn't have done it without my 
riends and family, I would first like to thanks my partners in 
rime- Ramal, Anthony, and Xavier. Ramal, you've always been 
"lere to laugh with me; remember all those times we went to 
toston. Anthony, sorry for almost killing you but it's better the 
aundry basket died instead of you. LOL. Xavier, you will 
Iways be "The Freshman". Josh, thanks for being my friend for 
11 these years, I will never forget you. Russell you're a good 
riend and I had fun hanging out with you. Andrew thanks for 
)eing such a good friend and for all those rides. Also, I would 
ike to thank the cheerleaders for putting up with all my jokes 
md pranks; Blair would could've done a toss awesome, tick- 
ock to heel stretch and then tripled down. LOL. Sassafras!. 
\udrey and Alisha, I WILL get you back for all the times you've 
ried to assassinate me. Thanks mom for driving me to my 
)ractices. Dad and Joy, thanks for keeping me on track. And to 
ill my aunts and uncle that's for all your good advise and wise 
vords. To all my Burger King crew- Katie, Sam, Will, Andrew, 
fori, and Sarah, thanks for all the fun times. And for everyone 
forgot I want to thank you too. 

Jeffrey ^agbes 

3eff Babg 3-1locK 

Wag it lil^e tbe best, die liKe tbe rest prepare for tbe luorst, bat e>y>eet 
tije best ' Pnongmoos 
It's C(io-Time_' -me and Srian 5 

nrst of all I want to thank my family. Mom and Dad, 1 don't 
hink I could ask for better parents. You have always been there 
or me, and have always pushed me to be the best that I can be. 
jreg-I have always looked up to you, and I can only hope that 
lomeday I will be half of the son, friend, and brother that you 

are. Thanks for always being there for me, the bball games, 
bailing me out, and for hanging out with me. Jamal-1 consider 
you another older brother. Thanks for all the fun times, and for 
teaching me how to be black. Grammy+Grampy H.- 1 am who 
I am today because of the influence you have had on my life. 1 
love you both and you will always be with me in my heart. 
Grammy+GrampyG.-You guys mean so much to me. Thanks 
for always spoiling me, and for all the fun times I have had in 
Maine. Ricky-What more can I ask for from an uncle? Thanks for 
always coming to my games, and always making me laugh. 

Amy, Brian, Jake, and Emily-Some of the best memories I have 
are with you guys. Summer vacation wouldn't be the same if 
I didn't get to see you guys. Thanks for everything. Brian S.- 
We've grown up a lot together, thanks for all the summers at 
Wedgewood, trips to Sebago, Maine, go time, the bridge (#2), 
sleepovers, fishing, the Hang Out. Aruba was the sickest 
vacation, I'll always remember the piss sheets, and for the 
record, you got the fat chick. Gleason-thanks for the rap battles 
at the shack, Wedgewood, concerts, and for making me laugh 
my rear end off every time I'm with you. You're a funny man. 

Mark-Aruba is gonna be crazy. Thanks for all the good times 
playing basketball, and for all the rides in the blue demon. 
Jonney-I'm glad I got to know you, thanks for golfing, fishing, 
and the fun times in Maine. Craig-Thanks for all the trips to 
HOB and Brueggers, and for driving around in the Cav. I can 
always count on your for a good laugh. Christian-for all the 
laughs in Sabego, and pickup bball games. Ryan Nazarro-I wish 
you could have stayed in Bedford, some of the best memories 1 
have are of us as kids, you're the man. Brit-we've grown up a lot 
together, thanks for all the fun memories. Colton-I'm so glad 1 
had you as a neighbor growing up. You're such a funny kid. 

Thanks for all of our adventures across the field, hide and go 
seek, tree climbing, and all the rides together. Julie-you're like 
a sister to me. No matter what was wrong, you were always 
there for me, no questions asked. I'm lucky to have such a good 
friend. Alison-thanks for 6th grade, too bad you don't still have 
that ring. You're an awesome friend. Katherine-We've had so 
many memories since our days in Mrs. Champas class. Thanks 
for all the laughs, movies, online conversations. Maxine- thanks 
for keeping me in line, and always being there for me, even if I 
am just a "dumb jock". Becky-when I think of middle school 
you're one of the first names that comes to my mind. Even 
though D.C. could have been different, you've always been 
such a good friend, thank you. Taryn-thanks for all the memo- 
ries "my lil sister", the prom, t.v. at your house, and the jacuzzi 
parties. Emily- I'm glad I got the chance to grow up with you, 
thanks for the slush, and especially jumping off the shed. Jae- 
thanks for always being sweet to me, the prom, and 7th/8th 
grade. Most importantly, I want to thank Cait-the best thing that 
ever happened to me was that night at Fawn Lake. You mean so 
much to me. I'm thankful for all the memories we've shared, 
and I look forward to the memories we are going to make in the 
future. l.L.U.S. And remember, a little squeaking no\er hurt 
anybody. Thanks to families: The Sullivan's, Richardson's, 
Spencer's, and the Teque's. I also want to thank the football and 
basketball team, this past year was the most fun 1 have over had 
playing sports. I want to thank all of my coaches, especially 
Coach Byrnes, Coach Belcher, and mv father. Thanks to Maggie, 
Marissa, Monica, Scott, Rob, Sarge, Chris, Joe M., John, Justin, 
Michaela, Cookie, Oneil, Amanda, Laura, and thanks to every- 
one else 1 missed, and I'm sorrv if I forgot you. 

Si"nior Thanks 14? 

3obn l^alslander 

3cimcs landeli 

"To loye and be loucd is tb« greatest jog on eartb 
'5ong I don t sp«aK Frencb 
" I m Cnglisb gog'-Joe ' 
'If goa don t belieue in it luon t iworK Pllistcr 
"5 friend once told me lue arc our memories, witboat tbem loe equal 

"Lets isag cigarettes arid giye tbem to little Kids -3acH Oetoj^ is jost up 
tbe bill -€mmet 
Be spontaneous gou looser -me 

Thank you Mom, thank you Dad, thank you Grandpa, thank 
you Grandma, thank you Rich, thank you Ms. Pascucci, thank 
you Mr. Connolly, thank you joe, thank you Mike, thank you 
Emmet, thank you Jack, thank you Allister, thank you Mizzoni, 
thank you Becky, thank you Maijorie, thank you Maxine, thank 
you Emily, thank you Danielle, thank you anyone I missed, 
thank you Honda, thank you Pic, thank you five star, thank you 
Detox, thank you U.S.A. thank you yearbook ect. 

5arab Ingcgneri 

5tubbs 5arab 5 
"*Jou botcbed it" 

'lUoiy oar seboo! is so retarded, tbat s it I m dropping out of seboolT 
Cyergtbing bappens for a reason 

"Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by dou- 
bling our joy, and dividing our grief." ...These people are what 
friendships are made of: Sarah , Sabrina , Cara , Alyssa , Steph 
B, Amanda , Deepa , Missy K and all the guys John F, Phil , Ken, 
Sean and Brian C. 

A special thanks to Sarah Heinrich, you were the first person I 
met and the last person I will forget. Words can't even describe 
my undying gratitude that 1 feel for you, you're not only my 
friend but my mentor, my family, and my inspiration. I want to 
thank you for everything because with out you, I don't think I 
would have been able to make it this far. 

Thanks to. . . Mom and dad, Kristen, Kurt, all of my friends, ski 

146 Senior Thanks 

team, tennis team, jsa, and of course the Wedgewood crew 
have had the honor to spend high school with a bunch of gre 
people, you know who you are, and 1 thank you. 


Hi^ Pamela 3one? 

Cmmet K«ltg 

1 could just coger mgself in utax, and ligbt mg bead on fire - fttr 5b«infel' 
"^euer lyrestle a pig *Jou botb get dirtg and tbe pig liKes it - JacR fysnde 

"?ero el amigo Gs un eondon en el bolsillo -Jublime 
In tbe end evjergtbing lue do is just euergtbing u>eye done - stone sou 

I would like to begin by thanking my parents, Maya, Stevie Rc 
Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and Mary Jane. I also need to than 
Kevin, all the Joe's (Biggs, King, Mizzoni, and Bud), Mike\ C 
Mike, Jimmy, OB, Scott, Mark, Nick, Chip, that kid Peter, Bri 
Jack Davis, Hartwell, Lunch, Silas, and the hacky-sack gur 
from Burlington. 1 gotta thank Becky, Emilu, Maxine, Knti 
Kendra, Amanda (Drew Carey), Katherine Crazy Eyes, Dolfi 
Mrs. Sullivan, and, last but not least, Ms. Caitlin J Chapmai 
Sorry if I forgot you, I sort of did this last minute... Also, K-spic« 
You're my dawg. 

Sradlcg King 

3o5epb King 

JoKing. 5eri©tJSlg. 3osepbine. I^on. 3K 

'your beard is free, ba^e tbe courage to follou; it' 
Bebold I am making all tbings new ' Hey 1 2 5 
'Just do i^beit I do go commando -HiKe U>aters 

"Lets go to Oeto)^'- Smmet Keltg 
"Tbis i5 bOw^ yotJ HeminO me_ -Jimmg landoli 

First I would like to thank my Mom for always being there t< 

LI ide me and care for me. Dad, even though you are not here, 
ou remain my driving force in life. Caroline and Peter for 
L'ing what I needed in a brother and a sister. In no particular 
rder if I forgot you, forget about it: Jimmy, Mike, Emmet, Cait, 
lax, Emily 7* through freshman year were some great times, 
lecky, Laura, SUBPLOT, Amanda, Joey, Chip, Ian, The Soccer 
iuys. Summer Track, Travel B-ball team guys, Wachusett 
i e;hts!, Al, Jack, Lisa, Katie, Brendan, Emily, Elliot, Erin, Meghan, 

Carcbcar. ?ollg PBSSimistie. Squints ^IcQcc. I^aeeoon. 5BC tajy{ OZeloom 

"Tbat 5 50 HCT-Bmanda and I 
"6i oglgf-Pllic 
"Coneb Fritters?"- BecKg. Jmonda and I 
life is not measured bg tbe number of breatbs lue tal^e. but bg tbe 
moments tbat tal^e our breatb aiuag. -Cieorge Carlin 

[l would first like to thank God for blessing me with such a 
wonderful life filled with such wonderful people. MOM and 
DAD- You have always pushed me to be my best and stood 
behind me no matter what choice I make. You are wonderful 
parents and I don't know what I would do without you. 
LAUREN- You have helped me in so many ways I can't even 
begin to thank you. I would have never gotten through High 
school without your advice and support. I'm so glad we are not 
only sisters but amazing friends. GRAM and GRAMP-Thank 
you for always being there and pushing me to do things even 
when I don't want to do them. You have helped make me who 
I am today. MERE and PERE- Your kindness and love has 
always meant so much to me. I always look forward to coming 
to Canada to visit you and I never want to leave you behind. 
AUNT SUE and UNCLE ROGER- You both mean so much to 
me. Thanks for always letting me come up and visit You guys 
are the best. AMANDA- 1 don't even know where to start. We 
have had so many good time together. Doing the loop 400 times 
just talking about life. You are the only person I know that 
would dress up like Pooh and Tigger and walk around Stop and 
Shop with me. I know we will always stay awesome friends 
cause if we didn't that would definitely be MC! BECKY- You are 
such and amazing person and you always know how to make 
me laugh. Late night trips to the 24 Dunkin Donuts. Umm 
excuse me can you tell me what conch fritters are? That is one 
trip that I will never forget and 1 still am mad at you for deflating 
my air mattress. DEEPA- We have so many good times. Your 

birthday party and me hiding in the bathroom. ..ok so that 
wasn't fun but it made for a good story. Thanks for always 
making me food and bringing it to work. You are awesome 
person and I love you to death. ALLIE- I don't know what 1 
would have done if 1 didn't meet you that day at the game. We 
instantly hit it off even though you probably thought I was 
dumb cause I thought Wally was a pickle. BFC and that crazy 
lady that couldn't find her way home. JULIE- I'm so glad we 
became such good friends over the summer. I'll never forget the 
night that we swore off guys together. I'm glad that lasted a long 
time! Thanks for always coming shopping with me when I 
dragged you to the mall cause I just had to buy more clothes! I 
can't wait for more fun this summer! KEVIN- 1 don't know how 
to thank you for your endless hours of comedy. My advice to 
you is to keep clear of the deer in the road and remember that 
only you can help McGruff take a bite out of crime! MATT- 1 will 
always think of you as Matty B. Remember the Blair Amanda 
Project? I'll always remember those crazy times. ALYSSA- We 
have had some awesome times. Movies nights and listening to 
the Dixie Chicks. I'm so glad that we are awesome friends. 
SARAH H.- It all started in middle school in Mr. Macaldi's class. 
We have grown to be such good friends and if we didn't I think 
that I would want to be...hmmm....a turtle? You are an amazing 
person and don't ever change. SARAH I.- 1 am so happy that we 
have become friends. I could always count on you to agree with 
me that our school is ghetto. This summer is gonna be crazy. I 
can't wait for Canada! SABRINA- We always have so much fun 
when we get together. I would have never gotten the gym 
award without your positive ness to keep me going. Butt kicks 
are so sheets! Anytime you want to go see a scary movie you 
know I am up for it! NATE- What would I do without you in 
foods class? I'm so thrilled we got to know each other this year. 
We will definitely have to go bowling again as long as you don't 
make fun of my eyes! I love fighting with you because you are 
like the little brother I never had. SEAN- I will never meet 
another person like you. Junior year would not have been the 
same without you. From now on will you please not smash my 
car doors into BMWs? JESSICA- You are a funny and really cool 
person. I would have never gotten through History without 
you. I'll come visit you at CVS over the summer. PHIL- You are 
one of the nicest people I know. Stay the same. DIMITRI- You 
are by far the coolest Russian person I know.COLLEGE PEOPLE- 
I love you all! You are amazing friends and you make my 
summers so much fun. I'm glad we are all great friends. BED- 
FORD FARMS PEOPLE- I'll never forget you guys and look 
forward to seeing you in the summer! Anyone that I forgot I am 
so sorry but I wrote this really late at night! I'll never forget any 
of you. Thanks for everything! 

3oon 5«e 

Senior Th.inks 147 

ft[flyjine Lopez-Keoagb 

Lo Hag. Lopez. Ocrlic 

I rcfase to join ang elab tbat luoald bo^e me as a member. 
-CJroaebo ^ary^ 
Being born is liRe being Kidnapped Jnd tben sold into sla^erg 
-Jndg LUarboI 

Be daring, be different, be impractical be angtbing tbat iwill assert 
integritg of parpose and imaginative uision against Wje plag-it-safers tJje 
creatures of tbe commonplace, tfje slaves of tbe ordinarg 
-Cecil B«aton 
Cigbtg percent of success is $i)C>ufing up 
-UJoodg Pllen 

Thank you BHS, for giving awkward phases and claustropho- 
bia new depth. Thank you Pepsi, for supplying four years of 
legal addictive stimulants to be consumed between the hours of 
seven and two. Thank you Martha, for breaking the law and 
doing amazing things with acorns and frosting. Thank you 
Abercrombie, for installing ridiculous standards of beauty into 
yet another generation of girls and guys. Thank you chess team, 
because no one ever came to watch you play and cheered like 
they would for a football game. Thank you London, thank you 
Rome. Thank you Chevy, thank you Picasso. Thank you 
Tarantino and Vonnegut. Thank you mom, for your genius and 
letting me borrow shirts in secret. Thank you dad for your 
knowledge and throwing me around the pool. Thank you 
Spain, for your useless vosotros form. Thank you Taking Back 
Sunday, thank you to Emo in general for helping e\'eryone feel 
depressed and existential regardless of the situation. Thank you 
Monks, for perfecting the art of winemaking. Thank you Pol- 
lock, thank you Warhol. Thank you Papi for teaching me to fish, 
thank you grandma for 10 years of the best Halloween costumes 
on the block. Thank you to my gorgeous friends, for making 
every useless moment seem a little more constructive. (For your 
brilliant plans and failed ones, your incentive and creativity, 
your laughs and adoration, for lying on the grass, for driving to 
the beach. For your never yielding charm and support, for your 
trust and effort and parts in moments that will never fade from 
golden memory. For making this so hard.) Each of you deserves 
a novel of recognition and inside jokes, of photographs in sepia 
and blurry with laughter are beautiful, savvy, smart, 
funny, soccer players, yearbook editors, cheerleaders and un- 
derclassmen. There is more love than words or spaces could 
ever convey, but all the same- wherever you may lose or find 
yourselves in years to come, know that in the hallways for four 
years you were gorgeous, poised and full of promise, you were 
laughing until tears came, you were everything hopeful and 
good in this world. You were getting lost on highways, you 
were taking bows for a standing ovation, you were scoring goals 
and winning hearts. You were the best company and family in 
the history of the words. You made this worth surviving. You 
will make it worth coming home to. 

Daniel Loueig 

Bill Lud 

pis pliababiua l^aipb Ijallelajab 

'T«tg motto iOQ$ alu>ags to Keep stringing U)b«tber I u>as in a slump or 
feeling badig or bauing trouble off tbe field tbe onig tbing to do lua; 
Keep stringing -fjanK ?aron 
"5boot for tbe moon €yen if gou miss gou 11 land among tbe stars 
-Les Brown 
Open tbe gate and seize tbe dagf -^teiysies 

First of all, 1 would like to thank my parents. Mom- ur 
beautiful person, inside and out. Thanks 4 putting up with n 
disagreeing with u. I am so lucky to have a mother like u anc 
love u. Dad-Thanks 4 all of the adventures, even if we did 
lost along the way, and laughing at my jokes. I love u so mi 
and I'll always be ur Ralphy Bear. Stephen- 1 have alv\ . 
looked up to u. Thanks 4 being nice to me even when I \ 
annoying. Nikki- u r my best friend. Thanks 4 always bein^ 
my side and 4 loving me. I will always remember the good timt 
(LOTR, driving, sleeping on the floor, NYA, and making fur 
u) I love u so much. Joey- u are the best little brother an\ i 
could ask for. Thanks for teaching me to play football and h 
shaking ur head at me when I say something stupid. Kari- e\ l 
though we fight I still love u and would doing anything 4 u. ' 
are so loving and caring and 1 know u will accomplish man 
things in life. Nana&Papa- U 2 have given me so much love an 
u have taught me a lot. 1 love u more than words can say. Diant 
Tommy, Linda, D.j, Jen, Teresa, &Peter- 1 am so lucky to ha\ 
the coolest aunts, uncles, and godparents in the world. U all ar 
so smart, brave, and strong. I love u. Chris, Anna, &John- 
guys are so special to me and u make me very happ\ 
Lauren&Mike- u 2 are not only my cousins but also my brotht 
and sister. We have many great times together and 1 cherish a 
of them. Kerry- u r an awesome friend and person. Thank 
listening to me and valuing my opinion. I'll always rememt\ 
(swimming in ur pool, watching scary movies, the India projcd 
Joey & Heather, passing notes, English and other classes, build , 
a-bear, and most of all venting 2 each other.) Kayla-"He''' 
remember that time we fell in the waterfall?" Ur so funny ani 
creative. Thanks 4 loving to have fun. Remember(Guys+Doll 
and the other plays we have been in, frolicking, Peppermin 
patties, dancing in Gym&Chambers, racquetball, war paint, ou 
languages, 'Bobby Orlando' and the mole. Kristen- I ha\ t 
known u the longest out of everyone. Starting with the Oriole 
and hopefully not ending with the BUCs. We had awesom. 
times (show ur friendship, "it's not ur fault u have a 4 ft tal 
shortstop", Softball teams, the yearbook game, and water foun 
tains and Florida.) Shreya- u r the smartest person I know. I wil 
alwavs remember (blue-eyeliner, u going to England, walking 
into poles, not hearing certain people talking to you. Hart) 
Potter etc.) The Clique- Shine Bright Shine Far Be A Star. Chris- 
Thanks 4 making me laugh, picnics, making breakfast, Panera 
just hanging out. Michelle&Keith- Thanks 4 letting me tag 
along and for putting up with me being annoying. Becky-u are 
so funnv- 1 will never forget the blue suits in Florida and lockers 
during Junior year. Amanda C.&Cara- sociology and mythol- 
ogy r awesome with u guys. Arron&John-Thanks 4 making me 
laugh in Forensics. Randy&Ryan- u guys r so talented and i'm 

148 Senior Thanks 

;lad I met u. Erin,Amanda H.,&Carolyn- Thanks 4 the good 
imes. Mr. Wilson- Thank u 4 loving softball and coaching. Ur 
. great coach and person. Kelly- thanks 4 the help and 4 being 
omeone to talk 2. Thanks u 2 the softball team- Grace, Beck, 
viel, Cassie, Jenny good luck next year. Always remember 
"It's all going down tonight!" and "Yo Mary Beth.") Believe in 
irselves and never give up. Mr. Low- thank u 4 being funny and 
o\ ing what you do. Thanks 2 everyone at SBP and the SBP 
eniors (Alex, Jamie,& Joe) Merles- thanks 4 letting me hang 
>ut at your house. Marasas- Thanks 4 letting me swim in ur 
iool. Scagliones- thank u 4 making me feel comfortable in ur 
louse and letting me be weird. Thank u to all my senior pals of 
'004. Thanks 2 every teacher 1 have ever had. Thanks(in no 
uder): Home interior design. Madrigal, Frodo&Boots, York 
Beach, underclass 

Jnd tb« pieKI«5-- Cmmct. 3o«. and Keuin 
Tbat's bi5 name rigbt?- ^lissg 
Ufe is 1 0% uAyat (jappcns to goa and 90% b^iu gou react to it-? 

pnd tben, tbis one time_- Pete 
Qebes and maps tbeg ebarter goor iwag bacK b^tne - 5ometbing 
yoa see as as gou u>ant to see us- TBC 

Without my family I would be nothing, so I'd like to thank them 
first. MOM&DAD- Thanks for everything. I appreciate you 
more than you know. JAKE- Thanks for always being protec- 
tive. Even when you went overboard. MIKEY- Never grow up. 
I know you're the baby, but 1 also know you'll be independent 
soon enough. FATTY- Don't poke the ceiling, remember I'm 
always here for you. Stay away from those boys. AUNTIE, 
You've all supported me so much. Thank you, 1 love you all. 
Now for my friends. You're all amazing, and if 1 forget some- 
one... I really hope I didn't. Sorry if 1 did. AHNS- Coffee, guy- 
dar, JR's, sarcasm, voices & faces, dance, and genie! Never 
forget. ALLIE- You're the most self-less person I've ever met, 
you always make me laugh. Smile. CHRIS- You're like a 
brother to me, you're always at my house. Just don't tell my real 
brother, he'd hit you. DAVID- I'll always have gum for you. 1 
know that I'll turn around someday and you'll be there with a 
smile and say "Sheena, let me get some gum!". JO- Home room 
and almost identical birthdays. I'll never forget our conversa- 
tions and odd looks in the hall. JOHN- I'm always here to listen 
and you're always there to talk. Thanks. JULES- Adventures, 
driving, lacrosse, venting, boy hunting, understanding. What 
more could 1 ask for? KEL- It's inevitable. 1 love you soo much, 
and the Breakfast Club too. LYS- I'd go broke if 1 tried to tell 
about all of our escapades. I Love You! HUG! PETER B.- I've 
seen you change so much, but you're still my Peter Betz. Stay 
that way. SABS- Despite our hindrances, we've grown to- 

gether. Live without worry or regret. STORM- You're abusive, 
but a great friend. Thanks for making me laugh. STEFANO- 1 
miss you. Thanks for all the time you gave up to talk to me. 
You're always looking out. RODGER- You can always make 
me laugh with your antics. 1 can't tell you how special that is for 
me. MARC(us)- You can act like you're two, but I love you. I'll 
just never help you move in again. PETE- Vanilla lattes, 
listening, learning, and friendship. Then this one time... To all 
of my GC crew: BIG G- Thanks, I mean it. For understanding, 
and helping even though you yelled. STEPH- Calm Down! But 
don't lose yourself, ever! Your identity makes you unique. 
MIKE- I'll always cherish our friendship. KATE- Hello Kitty 
rocks! Thank for listening. TRAFTON- Snaps will live on. 
Enjoy Texas. Remember to stay young. KREOP- I'm so proud 
of you! You deserve everything (legal) that makes you happy. 
BEENA- You're gorgeous. I love you and always will! LA- 
Words can't describe what you mean to me. Thank you will 
never be enough for listening. I'd also like to thank Eric Taylor, 
Joe Bigs, Jamie Dorer, Becca Hart, Lauren Badia, Julie Finestone, 
Joey Mizzoni, the Sebago Crew, and my Jungle Boys. 

Brian Tif^alleg 

Uieentc HarKle 

1 tbinK, tberefore I am Ttepobliean' (Bumper sticKer) 
'Did gou forget gour passiword?' (lUindoiys ^Sl*) 
Tiftg tbousand lyatts of l^usb!^ (Rosb Limbaugb) 
Can I sag 3obn Kerrg noiy?" Qobn €du>ards. during debate) 
"Lets asK tbc priest s b*lg guidanee-to Burger King! 

'iJou are error incarnate' (Kr ^tcC^Olt»an) 
'BTTP ^OQ Bad Request ' (Internet error message) 

First, I would like to thank God and Jesus Christ. I would also 
like to thank my parents, Abuelos, and my relatives in Lancaster 
and Argentina. Thanks to my friends, especially Josh Caryer, 
Dave Barnett (Go Republicans!), Jamie Chin, Kenny Sutton, 
Sean Griffin, and Antonio Diaz. Also to my friends Jen Larino 
and Kate Gorski. And anyone who can pronounce my name 
correctly. 1 would also like to thank Capt Carson, CMSgt Edris, 
Mr. McGowan, and Dr. Haswell. Thanks to my friends from 
California, Ricardo Ramirez and Brittany Rodriguez. Thanks 
also to President Bush and the Boston Red Sox!!! 

3amc$ Hcnamara 

3immg 3im Jimbo Jimmg Hoc 

"3enngs missinglf 
-T*t.arissa Foti 
Xg G*J€CC€GCf 

Senior Th.inks 14^ 

-Tn^onnie B«oiT>©n 

Mom and Dad: thanks for everything and sacrificing so much 
for me. Mom: being amazing coming to all of my events, even if 
sleep-deprived, looking out for me, being "proud," and always 
sticking up for me.Dad: being the same person, mac and cheese 
perfection, supporting everything I do, your intelligence and 
being my inspiration! Cara: t.v. /movie/lazy nights. The Power 
of One , advice, funny stories, procrastination queen, knowing 
ALMOST as much about Hollywood, Caroline Rhea closet 
obsession, making everything more fun. Kristen: running- 
buddy. Meet Me In St. Louis, "fights," laughing at everything, 
late nights (2 AM my-so-called-life shows), dancing (or speed- 
walking?) secretively to walkman, salsa obsession, partner-in- 
crime getting lost in California. Mary-Kate: freshman year 
craziness, Jessi's, talking for me, laugh attacks at: mr. kmieck's, 
church, and chorus concerts, taking care of me. ..not to 
mention. ..those undescribable demon/exorcist laughs... Kayla 
(Booboo): my lover and an amazing friend, pre-calc/ calc savior 
and always being helpful and sweet! Doc Has: for being an 
amazing teacher, and all of our afternoon chats/sessions. 
You're the best. Thanks to Ms. Lohrum, Mrs. Smyth, Mrs. 
Piantedosi, Mr. Low, Mr. Walsh, and Ms. Walker for being 
awesome teachers. Best of luck to all of my friends at BHS! 

Kmer. K-risss5S K-tiae 

Tbc onig time success comes before lyorK 
is in tbe dictionarg ' 
'Opportunity taKes some risK 
yoa can t steal second u^itb goar foot on first' 
"To infinitg _ and begond!" Suzz Ligbtgear 

Wow, already time for senior thanks! First off, thanks to my 
family: Mom- for always being here/there/everywhere, for 
helping to study, making everything fun, and "look beyond. . ." 
Dad- for being my first coach, playing catch, and supporting me 
in everything that 1 do. Jonny- you're my favorite brother! 
Sleeping bear and your peanutbutter problems. Haley- hey 
sissy! Easter carols, baskets on our heads, Duckylooloo, crazy 
videos (thanks to you too, Suz!). Lori- evil bunny faces, the 
skateboarding dog that eats Cheerios, and being an awesome 
littlest sister! Britta- thanks for moving next door and wearing 
Snoopy pants. "I support that" -EM, BMW; scoopin' out the 
green stuff, cute little fence, awesome mailbox, catch, and lots of 
crazy times! Matt- for being such a great friend, defeahng 
BumblebeeHead, madd pole, thinking you were Peter Pan, 
fishpond, and always watching mo\'ies. Lisa- thanks for walks 
to school and for being another little sister. Sara- "I will sur- 
vive," watching The Replacements! To the Gochts- for provid- 
ing a second home, and so much fun. The Warners, Bushnells, 

150 Senior Thanks 

and the whole neighborhood- for being a gigantic family an i 
always being around to play. Thanks Alii- so many years: abov* 
the lettuce, Florida, show your friendship, "you've got a frien 
in me," yearbook game, counting sweaters, water fountain 
and throwing apples at trees. Kayla- let's walk a way the pound; 
Gotta love Leslie and her inspirational buddies! Thanks fc 
raps, Friday game, and JR's class. Kerry- Augustians for lif( 
Fine, I killed the kiwi. Thanks for sharing the same birthday an 
for being friends since kindergarten! Lunches and xblocks = s 
much fun! S-haaa- my lipidic friend. Ohwm, ou est le buerre 
NEC, DFD's, entropy, videos, halloweeness, studying for stuf 
our Igbo brochure had class, and bus buddies! Alyssa- thank 
for being I'homme de croc and Bruno. 1,000 stars in your eye^ 
so many classes, and lots of fun! NBran- you're the cooles 
Can't wait till we're old ladies! Walking, videos, Arthur song! 
and failing math. Nicole- good times with the Western, hangin 
out, and studying. Pete- yeah 4"" grade Marlins! Battle Moui 
tain Academy and tball! Peter- minigolf freshmen year, yog 
for the fingers, we're kent partners for life! Alex- thanks fo 
person of the week and always being fun to be with. Jamie 
you're not creepy! Thanks for hanging out so much and alway 
being a complicated individual! Eric- making blue cake was si 
much fun! Thanks for being crazy and all the good times. Als< 
thanks to friends in the class of 2004! James- "do you work fo 
the Pony Express?" Peter- thanks for rwdo lermacrsb and th 
beastly Bunsen burner in apchem! Dishes- knock knock 
Studygroups, xblocks, and Florida were so much fun! Amanda 
Albuquerque was a turkey. Bpex- baa baa bac ee, x = 6, classe 
together, and indoor track captains! Sabrina and Captain Jimmy 
lights in middle school. Thanks also to: JimmyMac (pals sino 
2"^^!), John, Alyssa, Shallon, AmandaO, Mai, Maggie, Ron 
(pickle), Julie, Emily, and other cool people. Katherine- go ea 
some ice cream! Winging everything over the past few years 
soccer, and loving ricekrispies! Laura- banana! Soc homework' 
Alison- for being one of the most sentimental people ever anc 
gym sneakers. Bethie- xblocks and softball. Soccer seniors- foi 
fun times and an awesome night. Soccer team- for making this 
year so much fun, you guys are awesome! Lisa- classes to- 
gether, being cool! Audrey, Michaela, and track team- foi 
spending quality time at the RLC and doing the ABC's 
afterschool. A special thanks to the softball team - older anc 
younger - for spending so much time together and having sc 
much fun. Infield powwows, Disney...! Grace- we ate beads 
and slush - you're so much fun. Becka- thanks for turning 
double plays, slush, and being so loud! Mel- comdogs at track, 
rocks on the softball field, Denny's, and being the cool side ol 
the infield. Cass- thanks for catching everything that comes 
your way, for being so crazy - how funky is your chicken?] 
Jenny- you're the coolest tall person I know! Meagan- sand-^ 
wiches, juicy juice, want to play catch? Mr. Wilson- thank vouj 
for being an awesome softball coach and for making these past, 
four seasons so much fun. Kelly- for being the best softballj 
coach ever, MAP, and appreciating even the stupidest of jokes. 
Paula and John- thanks for being at every game and being our 
number one fans! To Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Lua, Mr. B., and all of 
my coaches. Also, thanks to Mr. Byrnes, DocHas, Mrs. Sullivan 
(Harvard jelly!), Mr. Zahka, Mrs. Lohrum, Mrs. K.Sullivan, and 
all of my teachers - you have been so influential. Finally, thank' 
you to anyone who ever held a door, smiled in the hall, or lent' 
a piece of gum - these past years in Bedford ha\ e been so much 
fun! Congratulations Class of 2005! 

3li5on T»til8g 

Bli. I^osic. 1ifj\e$ 

I m leauin tedag Liuin it Leauin it. to ebflnge 
5 sunset is u>bat life sb*old quiet, noble and anbarried -CL. Ttaiwlins 
yoa Crg, goa liye. goa loose, goa learn -JIanis Horissette 
'I feel liKe iue Known goa foreuer. and I iwisb ' didn t. -Jagme 
.... "Qct off mg bedf -me 
'iDbo does tbat?" -me 
}(a }(a }la Tia. 5eg Beg Beg. Ooodbge 

Mom-classic soccer mom, baking, going to all my games/ 
comps/ shows, crying during soap operas, random laughing 
sessions. There is no way that my actions have shown you how 
much you mean to me. 1 appreciate all the love and guidance 
you have given me throughout my life Dad-nature walks, car 
stuff, boating, photography. Although sometimes you seem a 
little old-fashioned, 1 appreciate your efforts to meet me in the 
middle. 1 know you both want the best for me, whether or not 
I agree with your decisions, 1 respect your reasons behind them 
Brian-soccer, lax, our many fights, car/comp stuff, skiing. I 
admire you for your strength and courage in every situation. 1 
couldn't have asked for a better brother or role model. 1 wish 1 
could be more like you. To my entire family, for your love, 
support, and for always being there for me. — M AMJS: Maggie- 
?eing the "mom", our arguments, fun times, and 
silliness... July4th (the good and bad ones), your 18"" birthday, 
Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, opposite tastes in guys, always 
being sincere, and while you don't always understand me, you 
are always there for me. Your enthusiasm and encouragement 
inspires me .A. Marissa-dance, "sorry, my bad". My 
Stepmothers an Alien, "think what you wana think but your 
thinking wrong", arbor day parties, weekends in New Hamp- 
shire, boating, semis and proms, screaming every day on the 
way to school. There have been some hard times, but we come 
back to each other to cope with it. Jocelyn- an accident in your 
closet, confirmation, my emotional breakdown about god, la- 
crosse talks, my birthday at your NH house. Even though 1 
didn't always want to talk, it's comforting to know that you are 
there. Thanks for always being a true friend. Sarah-Tim and 
Alex fxm times and the drama, movies, food, always treating me 
when you really shouldn't, Dave, Amy, your huge ripper, 
calling ourselves best friends when we didn't even know each 
other, our talks. We have gone through so much together and I 
know we will always be there for each other. L.Y.L.A.S. — 
Amanda C-CVS, procrastination, my room, quote book, BB 
Convention:General Caucuses, skelator, dropping the kids off 
at the pool, karaoke, chilling with "Andrew", being crazy, "she 
wouldn't let me be a soopa staa", talking, laughing, and eating 
dominos into the early morning. I'll never forget the fun times 
we've shared. 1 love being crazy with you. Amanda P-our 
sleepovers(after the shack and others), going out to eat, Maine, 
the hilarious rhyming game, coming to my house to cheer me 
up when I wasn't allowed to leave. Thanks for all the chats and 
fun times Beth-1 miss you so much, but our time spent apart 
allows me to cherish the time we spend together. 1 have to say 
that 1 do miss our "diet" dinners and of course your bcniitifiil c\/es 
but remember they paved paradise and put up a PARKING 

LOT Bethie-redoing our rooms, sleepovers, drives, bonding/ 
venting, soccer experiences, Beth visits, monster mash, dumb 
moments Brian G-band, soccer extreme, friendly folks Brian S- 
our forever changing relationship Chris- proms, other good 
timesChristian-thanks for listening, being so funny and posi- 
tive Christina- the movies, getting our nails done, going out to 
eat, lunch at school, your Sweet 16 party, and of course our 
sleepover. I had so much fun getting to know you in my three 
years as your buddy. Thanks for being an awesome buddy, I'm 
going to miss you. Craig-craigypoo Emmet-weekends. . . Jimmy- 
BSC break-ins, late nights/ sleepovers, being facetious, procras- 
tinating, prez business... You've always been there for me and 
helped me get through high school. I could not have asked for 
a more faithful and sincere friend. Jeff-$.50 ring, 6"' grade 
shyness->close friendship JoeK-photo, BOO Jojo- CDs, flow- 
ers, movies, dinner, talks, everything you have done for me. We 
have gone through a lot together, and 1 am lucky to have you as 
a friend. I don't know where I'd be without you. Jonney-rocks, 
secrets, vaca Maria- Tim/Alex/Danny drama(TorD), "My 
homework flew out the window", before and after makeovers. 
I admire you for your sacrifices and determination. Mark B-I 
know you always got my back Mark S-"I was just gona stop 
home on the way back. . . " Mikey-thanks for all the fun times at 
your house MikeW-summer night runs Monnie-sleepovers, 
Alimon, tub, follow the antenna, "peeing my pants", for always 
understanding and being there for me. Thanks for all our 
adventures and heart to hearts. Rob-Jr. Prom, Sox/Patriots 
parties Sabrina-pool/ living room dances, "Is there something 
on my face?", Scott-PP Tracey-staying in touch, Boone lake... 
Thanks to the soccer girls: Alisha(SS,Meow), Amanda O'Rourke, 
Amanda P(my morning buddy), Ashley, Bethie, Colleen, 
Corirme, Courtney, Georgia(Gogina... holler), Jen, Kat(Bugsy), 
Katie, Kendra, Kim, Kristen(with your odd sayings and positive 
attitude), Laura (1/2&1/2 like a cup of coffee), Lisa, Meaghan, 
Mel, Shallon, Steph D, Steph L(butterfly), and Mr. Wilson. 10/ 
29/04: tied DCL Champions (LS) finishing the season by danc- 
ing the night away at homecoming "soccer chain!!" I couldn't 
have asked to end such a unique and special season any other 
way. I can't wait to come back next year to cheer you girls on at 
states! I love and will miss you girls! Shoutout to the girls Lax 
team. Sarah H-all the rides, and all the fun times Sarah BS-your 
guidance and support. You have turned me into an intense 
Inxlete, thanks for believing in me. Teachers of BHS-without 
your guidance, none of us could be where we are today. For 
those of you who go the extra mile, thank vou-it doesn't go 
unnoticed. To all my friend's parents. All the things you've 
done for us have not gone unforgotten. I ha\'e enjoyed our 
mother-daughter lunches, and 1 hope to continue them through- 
out college. Thanks to the Student Council for all your enthu- 
siasm and hard work. For everyone else not mentioned, you are 
not forgotten. If you have had an influence in mv life, vou 
probably know it, so thanks. I'd like to wish the Class of 2005 the 
best of luck in your future. And remember to live life to the fullest 
becnuiic i/oii never know what will happen. 

Betbic M.iller 

Betbie boo ^ti!ler 5baniqua $ux:>c>^ 

Senior Thanks l.'^l 

"Tbe greatest tbing you II eyer learn, is just to loue. and be loued in 
return" -Hoolin i{ouge 
'Oanee liKe nobodg is luatebing. sing liKe tjoure a super star, smile liKe tbe 
u^bole lyorld is smiling. sp«aK liKe nobodg Knouts bc>uf. dance liKe nobodg is 
luatcbing" -Jnongmous 
1 Know. u>bg Hon t lue all close our eges. turn 
off tbe ligbts. and just.feel aroundf-Conquette Cberie. T«ladrigal Dinner 

"I lyill go to college. I uiillf-Betbie 

Mommy, "how sweet it is to be loved by you." You're like a best 
friend, 1 tell you everything. You appreciate who 1 am as a 
person, always telling me "you'll be successful in anything you 
do." Thanks for telling me that no matter how far 1 go, we can 
only become closer. Daddy, remember 1 wrote a paper on the 
person 1 most admired, and it was you? You've always had to 
be the bad guy but I'm grateful for the right choices I've made 
because of it. Rachel, yeah its been hard and I've cried a few 
times but wait till I'm gone and you'll soon come to find that 
under our fights, our yelling and lies is a really nice friendship 
in front our eyes. Grandma and Grandpa, you are inspirational 
and 1 can only hope to become as happy and successful as you. 
Uncle Dan, you're a great roll model. I love you, Dina, Zach, and 
Jonah. Uncle Will, Emily, Danny, and Nicky you are more 
special than all the stars in the sky. Peter, I miss you more than 
every note in every song ever composed. You were the best 
teacher and person I have ever known. With all of my heart I 
will forever remember your teachings in voice and in life. 

"Friendship is keeping secrets, laughing really hard, smiling 
until you cry, crying until you smile. Friendship is a beautiful 
thing." Ali, thanks for always being my best friend, through 
everything. Manda, "I wanna take you by the hand and show 
you that I can Amanda." You have been my best friend forever 
and my memories with you are some of my favorites. Beth "If 
1 could say what 1 wanna say, I'd say I wanna blow you 
away... Guess I'm wishing my life away, with these things I'll 
never say." This year has been tough and 1 know how strong our 
friendship is because even though you're not around 24/7 we 
are still attached at the hip. Sarah, "when things aren't going 
your way reach for the chocolate and cookie dough and turn on 
Moulin Rouge!" It brings tears to my eyes to think that next year 
I won't be going to school with my best friend but I'm excited for 
both of our futures to be filled with love and happiness. 

Billy thanks for showing me it is better to have loved and lost 
than never to have loved at all. Ryan thanks for being one of 
those friends I'll never forget. Stephanie and Jenny, thanks for 
being two of the best people I know. Jimmy thanks for encour- 
aging me to be the best I can be. Emily and Maya "are you guys 
freshmen at Harvard?" "No we're freshmen in high school!" 
Our memories are unforgettable and bizarre, I will never forget 
the way I love you. Kendra, if there was a limit to how nice and 
beautiful one person could be. . .you'd break all the rules. You're 
one reason 1 never want to forget later in life, the great friend- 
ships I treasure now. Mikey, I'm glad we've gotten close, don't 
ever forget me. Rachael and Pilar, I'm speechless with the love 
that I will always hold in my heart for our inseparable trio. 
Thanks to all my friends that make me smile, let me breath, and 
are my life. Erica, Jocelyn, Maria, Marissa, Monica, Rob, Lindsey, 
Lindsay, Dale, Taline, Nicole, Jesse, Evan, Maria, Ben, Ben B., 
Allie, Genna, Erica, Josh, and Mr. Mangan. 

Thanks to Madrigal for showing me how to really enjoy 
music and theatre. Thank you Mr. Low for pushing me to 
achieve what 1 want. Allie Neff thanks for being my lifesaver in 

152 Senior Thanks 

any Madrigal sticky situation. Maxine, in a glance you can ma - 
me feel like I'm doing everything right. Shawn A. thanks ti 
inspiring me to sing. Maya and Max, thanks for the good tim» 
in chambers. The Girls Varsity soccer team of 2004: thank y 
all. Ali, Katherine, Kristin, and Laura... Seniors have it the be 
Steph you're my favorite goalie, or was it cheerleader? \ 
Wilson, you have changed our lives, we will forever remembi 
Steph Davison, Ashley, Georgia, Amanda Pike, Jen, Mel, and 
the Seniors to be, that made Senior night so special. The girl 
Softball team is the best this schools' ever seen. Mr. Wal 
thanks for teaching me to love Softball and the simple thin- 
Thank you Maggie, Becks, Kristin, Shallon, Dimitra, Pasqua 
Dr. Ryan and Charles, I don't know where I would I 
without you two. The support and just plain sincerity of yoi 
friendship means the world to me. "Life is not a movie, peopi 
lie, the good guys loose, love isn't everything, and ... I'll get o\ i 

3alic Hiller-^cndrg 

?udge Julia Ciulia Fattg 3T»t6 Su-Ju 3ole lee Louge 

'U)b«n euergtbing else seems unclear. 
I guess at least I Know 
I do it for tbe jog it brings 
Because Im a jogful girl 
It s a long long road it s a big big lyorid 
iVe are un$e wise women we are giggling girls 
U)e botb carrg a smile to sbow wben we re pleased.' 
lani difraneol 

"Everything I need, is right here in my hands." Thank you t( 
everyone who has given me everything I need and more 
KELLY- To my gf, bff, husband. Thanks for reminding me h 
breatheee, for Captiva, Red Sox games, hockey games am 
everything in between. You are the strongest person I know anc 
the best friend I have ever had. I love you. MISSY- 1 love you di; 
much. GS trips, Hampton beach. New Years (dismissed), Lex- 
ington, pool parties. ALLIE- LL #1- beach trips, BF visits, craz) 
JSA trips, apple picking (sorry!), freshman lax fun, P' perioc 
classes SABRINA- "hi Jimmy Fallon!" magic shows and movie 
obsessions, revolution games and sleepovers (cops), 'Sabrine 
stories,' senior prom, orchestra. AHNI- Mom- 5"" grade boy- 
friend partners, Buffy, Halloween with boys (sh!), upperclass- 
men obsessions, leading by example that night, special type ol 
hugs. That's what friends are for! SHEENA- venting drives, la> 
moments, parties, our jamn MAXINE- You will always be thai 
cool girl on the playground with leopard print tights. GG 
moments, 6-2, CVS, hair dye, AFS meetings and other various 
adventures. LAURA- nicknames, coaching, captains, frosting, 
don't leave me knockless JEFF- To my "older" brother, thanlt 
you for listening for that 40% of the time. Thanks for my firs! 
quarter, all the nickels, the rides to school, the times you came 
by, for making me laugh, introducing me to country music 
against my will, the NC shirt, calling me Julia Gulia, listening to 
me cry countless times, and for all the hours on the phone. 
Macaroni. PETER BETZ- Wanna hang out? Rock-climbing, laser 
tagging, apple picking, hugs after math tests, motix ation. PE- 
TER JOHO- the notes I keep in a box, DTs, concerts, mix CD's. 
"Never feel unloved, I will always be here, I love you." 

providing a second home to me- the grilled cheeses, the rides to 
lockey games, the diet coke, a place to sleep, ice cream, Captiva, 
md so many laughs. Really, I was all of your friend first. 
yCHTERS- Thank you for all your patience with me, for 
illowing me to make myself at home at your house, taking me 
New Hampshire, playing scrabble (LINDA), watching ran- 
jom shows and movies, for the basketball fanny pack (BEN), 
md always making sure I had clothes to wear (RON), even if 
hey weren't mine. Thanks for the pudding, and thanks for 
providing me with a wife-to-be (MICHELLE). Oh yeah, and 
hanks to the best friend (DANNY). THE ROSS FAMILY- Since 
irl scouts and intramural soccer I have always been so happy 
o be close with your family, and I want to thank you for all the 
-upport through the years- for the rides on the school bus, for 
ithe pool parties in the summer, Valentine's Day, every New 
Year's that I can remember, bonfires by the pool, ice skating 
back in the day, and just a place to go to talk. BEANIE- thanks 
for lending me clothes and being an awesome HI' sis 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for always being there 
and supporting me and in every thing I do. To my sister, thank 
you for always helping me, but you never answered the beeps 
for me. To Nick, do not worry you can call me anytime while I'm 
at school. To Nick, Chip, Biggs, Brit and Peter, Good times. 
Hagar I told you I would put you in here, there you go, I did. 
Gramps, thank you for all the meals and the golf lessons. 
Grandma and Papa thank you for helping me and being there 
for me. I would like to thank Ms. Gullage and Ms. Gray for 
putting up with me and my antics. And to Mrs. Gill for helping 
the boys and I get through these four years. 

Bbns. 5bn© Offg. Brmenian Bngcl. BB^T 

'UJbetbcr b« b« original or a plagiarist, man is tbe 
nouelist of bimself ~ Ortega 
"Qinger Rogers did euergtbing Fred Pstaire did. jast bacKvyards and 
in bigb b8«ls 
"5tag in tjjc toaster!" ~ Colorgaard 
'jyitb goar babies breatb. breatbe sgmpbonies. come on $u)eet eatastro- 


'reasons like seasons, tbeg eonstantig cbange. and tbe seasons of 
last gear liKe reasons are floatng au>ag' ~5ometbing Corporate 

High School has been a blur. I've tried to hold on to so many 

memories. I believe that everyone in my life has an influence on 
me. So here's to the people who have made high school what it 
is to me. Thank you to everyone who has been in my life the past 
four years. 2005 SABRINA: fun times in marching band for 5 
years, we were the coolest rookies! We always made band fun, 
our underwear, making up songs and dances, and don't forget 
95 cirmamon buns!! Our obsessions, O-Town, and oh yeah, 
those 2 senior guys. Thanks for tolerating me and "Gatorade". 
Just remember that you can. . .in Jon's car. KELLY: Calvin Walsh 
Rd, friends for 12 years, things always just seemed funnier to us. 
Dance Team has been so much fun, and thanks for putting up 
with me in Psych. Your house has always been a second home, 
thanks for always being there for me, even though I'm a Yan- 
kees fan. - Bahni Bologna. SHEENA: Genie, always up for 
COFFEE, having classes together like Foods (with Dave!), and 
dance class. We have shared some of the best times, in Lex or at 
Rockets. Thanks for taking care of Missy and I and always 
giving me rides. MISSY: The Sexy Six (we are tied), we will 
always be the Bedford Babes. So many fun times and even 
funnier quotes. "I don't like it I don't like it!" One word: 
mechanical! Thanks for introducing me to The Lex crew, Stefano, 
and PETE! Lets always do our Brueggers and Gatorade break- 
fasts. MAXINE: My Armenian dancing, Buffy-obsessing, and 
ice cream hinging partner. Countless rock shows (TUH group- 
ies). Thai food, old movies, and, oh yeah, chatting with AN- 
DREW. OMG. Thanks for being the one I could share line 
dancing, tofu, and James Marsters with. "I'd bite you in a 
heartbeat." JULIE: bathroom buddy, fun times with The Team 
("did you?. ..did you?"), living at Windsor, our odd kind of 
hug. . .STEVE WAITE'S CAR! LOL. Thanks for always being up 
for a good time, and being Pete and my adopted daughter. 
ALLIE: my other Weather Girl, locker buddy, and guard girl. 
The first time I hung out with you, you stood up on a table to spy 
on Springer. That was our first crazy obsessing together, and 
thanks for many more crazy times like that one. I'm glad I ha\'e 
someone to share the love for preschoolers, drummers, and 
musicals. CAITLIN: 16 years! Since our little click in preschool 
and showing off our Little Mermaid underwear. Our Star Wars 
obsession... too embarrassing to talk about. But Harrison 
Ford... what a babe! Thanks for Indian food, years of dance 
class, and always loving Audrey Hepburn. PETER: history was 
fun with Mr. B. lol, hearing all my stupid stories, text messaging. 
Hallo ween... was Becca pissed? JAMIE: Marching Band, rebel- 
ling against the staff . . .fun times. I just remember you pointing 
to yourself and saying, "I'm a freakin GENIOUS!" LAURA: 
blasting Shake Ya Tail Feather coming back from you-know- 
where, you and Gas Station, and who could forget our odd 
relationship with Mr. Jones!? THE ECE GANG: coloring books. 
Something Corporate!, sharing stories (fish sticks). Ms. Caves 
loved us. JO: dynamic dancer, fun times with Shubh and rebel- 
ling against journals. UPPERCLASSMEN BILLY: our secret 
pact, memories in the Billymobile! MONTANA: thanks for 
always letting me sleep in your bed. DANNY Qesus Christ 
Superstar) NICK G (BBSF) JESSE and KEN (The UpperHand, 
"The Team") PHIL (Prom) M ATTGAGNON (ROTC Ball) CLASS 
OF 2002: you'll always be our seniors, JON (support group), 
back on high school, I'll think of you. Thank you for BEING 
freshman year to me. LOWERCLASSMEN ALYSSA: sleepovers, 
Buffy, Jeepers Creepers, Cabrios, and so much more. MEGAN 
(matchmaking, coffee/tea?) RUSSELL (lunch convos, getting 

Senior Thanks 153 

me through chem.) KYLE (cute soccer ball boy) TODD (my fave 
Boghigian) JAKE (pissing off Sheena) MARCHING BAND: 
thanks to everyone who was on the field with me, and stuck 
with me even with my stupid wrist. FELKER: I really admired 
the person you used to be. THE GUARD: Meagan, Ashley, 
Lauren, Emily, Deepa, and yes, even Danika. . .its been fun girls. 
MR. LOW, DEBBIE, and MS. PAUL: thank you for helping me 
do what 1 love the most: perform. THE SEXY SIX: thank you for 
being the most fun and crazy group 1 know. I love you guys! 
WINDSOR 2311: my second home, never a dull moment, holes 
in the walls, and being "educated" by Charlie. STEFANO: our 
favorite waiter, my big brother, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. SOMETHING 
CORPORATE: the best band EVER! PETE: You mean the world 
to me, and 1 cant thank you enough for all that you've done for 
me. 1 love every minute that 1 spend with you, every word that 
you say to me. CTC always. 

Dale Hoore 

T»lubammad. Oaleie 
I iwill paneb gou in tbe face, if goa don t get off tbe sb«d! - U>ill Ferrell 

I would like to thank everyone over the years of my high school 
that have changed me for the better, whether 1 am friends with 
them now or not. I'd like to thank my parents, for everything. I'd 
like to thank Mr. Alperin for helping me through the rough 
times. And to thanks to all of my friends for being the greatest 
people in my life. People that 1 will always remember and 
people that I hold close to my heart. And obviously, all those 
good times that changed me and made me realize how life is 
actually supposed to be. 

BeeK5 Lo. Lon, 5BC TcDji S. Z\erh$. Qeebs, $tr\a. Tootlc5. BooKa 

"JcstiS. u*b«n it rains, it poors for tbat girl" Jnon 
'U>bil8 tbe son sets bere. it rises on tbe otber side" - Tim Titosdjini 
"Tbere s jast not enoagb time for as baby" - Barbara M.cCann 
"5© u>e beat on. boats against tb« current, borne bacK eeaselesslg into 
tbe past"- rjcott Fitzgerald 

Amanda - You are the person I try to be everyday. Your morals 
are stronger than those of anyone else 1 know. We have been 
together for the hardest times of our lives thus far. Thank you for 
being my Boog, for always knowing what I am thinking, and for 
having such a significant impact on my life. Emily - Pixie sticks. 
You were my first friend in Bedford and you have ne\'er left me. 
No matter how long we go without talking 1 know for a fact that 
everything will be okay with us. Thank you for Mohawk, 
Springs Brook, De la Guarda, reassuring letters in 8th grade, 
and for being the most unique girl I know. Maxine - For being 
the epitome of a best friend. Once you are at someone's side, 
they better know that you're not leaving. For letting me be your 
third step. Thriller, Dave & Zac, my bracelet, and double dates. 
Max, you don't know how amazing you are. Cara - Thank you 

154 Senior Thanks 

for conch fritters, 24-hour dunkin donuts, caterpillar, space 
ships, ABC taxis, Jeb. Thank you for putting up with me evei 
when you have no desire to. Thank you for your PJ's oi 
countless occasions. Thank you for being my Care-bear. Caitlu 
- Thanks for countless boy chats, for confiding in me, fo 
shopping, for crazy Abercrombie interviews. Mags - Thank yoi 
for showing me that you're amazing and that 1 missed out al 
through middle school. Thanks for being my beautiful co 
Captain, for always going to Dunkin Donuts for me, for Luke 
and for being you. Craig - Thank you for sharing your house 
your couch, for driving me home, for Christmas Eve. for stil 
talking to me after Thanksgiving. Thank you for being a gentle 
man, thank you for letting me feel so comfortable around you 
Jimmy 1. - Thank you for being my gorgeous date to semi anc 
prom even though you didn't want to go. For wearing th( 
craziest clothes, for being the most clean-cut boy with multi 
colored hair 1 know. For being the field hockey teams bigges 
fan. For your pink sunglasses, for always looking out for me 
Emmet - Thank you for always being my entertainment at th< 
lunch table. For always escorting me to lunch arm in arm. Fo 
loN'ing my fathers awful jokes and for liking my family men 
than I do. For having the worst handwriting and having th« 
most unique 'butt.' Mark - For being my king. For trying tc 
rescue my radio, for introducing me to Tim. For my 'ring', foi 
being biqck and always smelling like detergent. For bein^ 
extremely non-photogenic, for truly being as nice as you claiir 
to be, and for being different from all of the other 'guys'. Joe - Foi 
changing the meaning of the word 'joking'. For truly being all- 
around amazing. For the Cape, the blow up mattress, the tent 
'sexy' pictures. For Syracuse, for New Years and Semi (win! 
wink) at your house. Jonney - For endlessly trying to get me tc 
have 'fun'. For proving there was more to you than just a sweei 
talker. For Goodwill Hunting and for being you. Mike - Foi 
seriously just being Mike. For your hilarious laugh, for letting 
me pick your nose, for being the most up front person I know 
For being my homefry rap partner. 'My name is Jo, I like to flo, 
vo!' Jeff - where do I begin with Jeff ? Oh, right... 7th grade 
Thank you for being my biggest crush in middle school and for 
all except one part of the DC trip. Shreya and Kristen - For 
holding the BEST study sessions in the entire world. Ohhh 
Spinosa, Reynolds, and then of course Boschetto. Shreya: For 
always laughing with me at the worst times, for Thoroughly 
Modern Millie. Kristen: For turning one of the best knock knock 
jokes into a legacy. For Disney World, the greatest place on 
earth; "It's all going down tonight!' For our Asian club pictures 
no matter where we are. For being genuinely perfect. Nikki - 
Thank you for 1-1 & M, Thoroughly Modem Millie, our trips to 
the beach. Thank you for making BHS spring plays worth 
seeing. Finally, thank you for being the only soon-to-be-famous 
person I will ever come close to knowing. Deepa- D-cups, 
Dips'n Chips, Deepa Doopah.-.and the list goes on. Thank you 
for some awesome times in the motel rooms, for rides to school 
and for some girl parties we don't talk about! Alyssa - Thank 
you for moN'ie nights at your house, trips to the mall, to the 
beach. Thank vou for alwavs making me jealous of how amaz- 
ing you dress. Jimmy M. - Thank you for knowing my life better 
than e\ en I know it at times. For winks in class you think I don't 
see; they make my day. For Cocoa-Cola. For being the best class 
presidentPeter B. - For random hugs in the hall and always 
confessing vour lo\'e to me, I know vou mean it. For your 
ridiculous giggle that could make me smile even on a bad day. 
For being the only boy I know who has mastered the art of text 

messaging in class without ever once glancing at the keys. 
Lauren - For hilarious times in chemistry. For teaching me how 
to do the 'cheek thing'. For field hockey and our amazing psyche 
I mix. For late movies that almost made me pee my pants. For the 
] Bedford Motel. Becka and Jenny - Fo Skizzles! Good luck next 
■ year ladies. 1 love you guys so much and 1 am gonna miss you 
so much next year. You guys make me laugh harder than I ever 
thought I could laugh. Some of the best times in high school 1 
^pent with you on and off of the field. Evan R. - Thank you for 
3eing the only person I've seen to hit a parked car. Dad - Thank 
\ ou for trusting me more than you should at times; for being 
Linconditionally caring and loving. Thank you for always look- 
ing out for my best interest when 1 was younger even if it made 
me mad at you. For always letting me take advantage of unique 
opportunities. Thank you for understanding my independence, 
but always knowing I'm daddy's little girl when I'm sick. For 
making up for all the time we missed together in just two years. 
I love you. Carol - For being my second mother. For taking me 
in and treating me no differently from your own children. For 
countless trips back and forth to Bedford, for trucking me from 
friends house to friends house. For asking nothing of me, but 
doing everything for me. Tim - For terrorizing me and making 
me tough. For late night chats. For being a future Rock Star or 
comedian. For being a mixture of all the good traits in our 
family. For having such strong morals, yet being the funniest 
person I have met and will ever meet. Chris - For being a genius, 
but a hilarious genius. For always fixing my computer and 
sliowing me how to creepily track down people over the internet. 
For calling me Sma and never ending a conversation without 
telling me you love me. Amy - Thank you for being the sister I 
ne\'er had. For taking me everywhere, for showing me things at 
tbe age of ten I probably shouldn't have seen until now. For 
letting me be a part of Layne's life and just being truly amazing. 
Gary - Thank you for being the love of my mom's life. The 
way she smiled around you was different than any other 
smile. Thank you for making her truly happy and for continu- 
ing to care for me even after she is gone. Mom - Butterflies... 
I am the person I am today because of you. You gave me 
strength, independence, humor, beauty, patience and you 
showed me what it is that makes a perfect mother. I love you 
and I know to this day you have never left me. You inspire 

Mrs. Sullivan - Thank you for being the most influential 
teacher on my life both intellectually and 

Tatiana Harcbison 

Tati, Tots. Tiueetg Bird 

1 liKc people lyb© refuse to speaK until tbeg are readg to speaK" 

- Lillian bellman 
"Tatiana is tbe S«st'' 

First and foremost, I would like to thank the one person who has 
made everything possible, and that is God. 1 would also like to 
thank my mother, Pam and my father, Jr. for making me the 
person I am today and supporting my hopes and dreams. I love 

ya'll. To my older sister, Felicia thanks for being there for your 
little sis. Thank you to my two best friends Keisha and Neisha 
for being there for me when 1 needed you. Keisha we finally 
made it. And thank you Tee for encouraging me to keep my 
head up. 

Bllison fleii 

Bllie. pilie B Qallie. ^effer. Jieii Blondie Blues, ?l, B»©bie 

Tifteen tberes still time for gou" - Rue for Tigbting 
If I didn t lotie tbe rain so mucb. I d bag an umbrella " - moi 
"Life is wbo gou ebange - Ufe, bg T>eter 3obo 
"Pllie. gou can Hue gour lubole life preparing for life, tben gou miss life' - 

"Id liKe to tbinK tbe best of me is still biding up mg sleeye ' - Jobn Hager 

"These can be the best four years of your life or the worst five 
years of your life. You decide." They were wonderful. Thank 
you Poppyseed, Mommy, Cheriks, Boobie, KT and Wrobby for 
all the laughs and love. I love my family! Thank you BHS and 
the many teachers and staff that helped me out or put up with 
me. These years were filled with beautiful memories. Without 
my friends, there would be no memories. 1 couldn't ask for 
friends more amazing than the ones I have made. Thank you, 
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Love. 


Karg Morris 

M.ieba«l Norton 

Mom and Dad, thanks for ample amounts of support, faith, love 
and overall awesomeness throughout the years. Max, never 

Senior Th.inks 1 55 

stop being the unique and interesting person who brought 
chaos and craziness to Damprichard. Friends:Thanks to Simone 
for being entertainingly sassy and having an obsession with 
trashy romance novels. If there's one town that needs a madame 
it's Bedford, and if there's one person who can do the job, it's 
most definitely you. Mike, for reintroducing the word "scumbag" 

BHS colloquialism and hating New York. John, just know that 
I've stolen the equivalent of probably 5-6 oreo frappes from 
your pantry. Emily, thanks for being cool enough to dance to 70s 
soul in my car. Laura, thanks for making Rocky Horror all the 
more interesting. Gabyy, yhanks for fun times at Rocky Horror 
and some especially useful birthday presents (muahaha). Alex, 
I'm always surprised at how your face almost manages to 
stretch as far as your imagination. Thanks for all the quirky and 
intellectual IM conversations. Jessi, thanks for bringing me to 
Fitchburg ("Fabio!"). Joon, thanks for sneaking into movies in 
8* grade and for being the only person I trust to speed without 
killing anyone. To the people I forgot-sorry! I'm doing this late 
at night, without too much thought. X-C: Good times-"'Cheb, 
the van's on fire' 'HOLY molley"'...this team's def made up of 
back to back national champions of something, if not cross- 
country. Indoor + Outdoor: YEAH BUGS! I had fun toughing it 
out with the whole group. Much thanks to all the wonderful 
teachers who made BHS great. Your dedication and sacrifice 
made all the difference in getting me to appreciate the pursuit 
of knowledge and truth. Lastly, I'd like to thank Jay Altschuler 
for telling me I could pass this in on Monday. 

Cbri5topb«r OBrien 


Tbe l^oad Qocs On Foreycr - Pllman Brotb«rs 

I would like to thank my family for helping me out throughout 
the years, and dedicating there time for supporting me with all 
my sports you're awesome thanks a lot love you guys. And to 
all my friends it's been rea 

U)\$e men maKe prcuerbj. bat fools repeat tbem" - 5amael ?almer 

"^Ofl - Hatt Pearson 

3 trae friend is one lub* ouerlooKs gear failures and tolerates goar 
success! - Ooug Larson 
'Cuer get tbc feeling of Tn^enage a trois? Crr, OejS U(J ©€35 - Oaye 


I'd first off like to thank my parents, who have always sup- 
ported me in everything I've done and have helped me get 
through all the tough times I've had. I could never have gotten 
to where I am today without your constant support, and I 
appreciate it immeasurably. I'd also like to thank Laurie and 
Katelyn, for putting up with me and providing some much 
needed love and comic relief. I'd like to thank all the teachers 

that I've had for helping me grow and dealing with me. You'vi 
granted me opportunities to be successful I'd like to finalb 
thank all of my crazy friends for all the insane fun and absurc 
humor we've experienced over all these years. All the parties 
movies, and general weirdness we've been through have beei 
astounding. You know who you are, and I can't possibly de 
scribe everything we've done. To everyone, I can't possibb 
express in a paragraph how I feel about the past eighteen years 
so sorry if you don't think I've done them justice. It's time t( 
move onto a new reality, but let us not forget this one as wt 
stagger onto the next step. I'll miss everything we have, and 
hope this year won't be as final as it appears to be. Oh, and I hop( 
none of you get Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcano 
coniosis, a rare lung disease caused by breathing in certaii 

Corg. Court, pigse, OKeefe lUeird one. Funng-looKin . Irisb t{ednecK 

PueeT- Jopbomore gear art class 
'lOe must regain a uision of ourselues as leaders of tbe luorld U)e must 
join in an effort to use all Knoiuledge for tb« good of all boman beings 
U)b«n loe baue done tbat loe sbf" bay« notbing to fear' - Qeanor 

Before I can lige uriHy otbcr folKs I ye got to liue lyitb mgself tb« one 
tbing tbat doesn t abide bg majoritg rule is a person s conscience - From 
To Kill a 7»t,ocHingbird 

I dedicate this to two of the most important people in my life, my 
parents. Mom and Dad, I'm finally graduating but no matter 
how excited I am, I don't want too. I would like to rewind the 
present right now and relive everything in the past. I would like 
to be seven years old again and playing with my barbies, those 
same barbies you bought me even when money was tight. Take 
me back to my first band concert and the look of pride on your 
faces. Take me back to my first day of school and the smile and 
hug I received when I came home. Take me back to my first 
report card and how you showed it to everyone you knew. 
Thank you for everything you've done, sacrificed, and will do 
for me. I love you guys and always remember that I am the way 
I am because of you and only you. Mom: Thank you for being 
there and constantly pushing me to succeed. You've not only 
been my mom but a best friend and always will be. I look up to 
you and all your accomplishments. Dad: Thirty years in the 
Marine Corps, need I say more? I'm extremely proud of you and 
I just hope that I can have a career that I can be proud of like 
yours. Thank you for being there for me, ev^en when you were 
thousands of miles away. Mom and Dad: Thank you from the 
bottom of my heart and know that I will always cherish your 
love. Love you, Courtney. 

TvticbacI O l^cillg 

HiKe '"liKeg ^oIK 

I firmlg belieue tbat ang mans finest boar- biS greatest 
Fulfillment to all b« bolds dear, is tbat moment iyb«n 

156 Senior Thanks 

Ijc (jas u>orKed b'S b«art oat in a good eause 
Bnd lies ei^astcd on tbc f cid of battle-uietorioas. 

-Uinec Lombardi 
U)e can t stop b^re. Ujis is bat eoantrg. -F ear and Lootbing 
"Oadc" -Cuergone 

First I would like to thank my parents. You guys have always 
been there for me through all the rough times in my life. Mom, 
for putting up with me over the years and supporting me in 
j\ ery aspect since the beginning of my life. I'll always remem- 
ber waking up at the crack of dawn and going to the early 
Imorning hockey games with you. And pushing me through 
times when 1 wasn't trying so hard. Dad I've learned so much 
from you and you've taught me so much. Your hard work and 
integrity has never seized to amaze me. I love you guys both so 
much. My sisters Terri, Chris, and Erin. Hove all of you so much 
and I've enjoyed spending time with you. All of you have been 
such an inspiration to me. We will always have some pretty 
funny family stories. Now for all my friends, Amanda-all the 
times we have spent together, Mark, Rob, Chris, Scott, Kevin, 
Emmet, Jonney, Brian(s), Booznuts, Craig, Brit, Joe(s), Chip, we 
have had some pretty good times over the years and a lot of 
good stories. And everyone else 1 didn't mention I thank you 
and will thank you when 1 see you. All I have to say is VIVE LA 
SHACK!!!!! The shack was always there for a place to go. I'd 
also like to thank all of my teams and the coaches. Coach Belcher 
and Coach McGrath. These 18 years have gone by fast and I'd 
like to thank everyone that's been a part of it. 


Tbat's it' yoa people Ijaue stood in mg lyag long enoagb I m going to 

eloiun college " - garner $\n\p$e>n 
'iVe dont intentionallg bit 260 bitters" - Jason DariteK about S-rod 
'Saseball is liRe a po^er game ^obodg luants to quit 
w\yen bes losing; nobedg lyants gou to quit loiyen goure 
abead." - 3ael;ie Y^obinsen 

Jess. Jessie 

I would like to thank a lot of people who have impacted my life, 
but I'm to lazy and cheap to sit here and write a 4-page letter to 
everyone. Special Thanks to: Amanda C, Cara, Sabrina, Aylssa, 
Deepa, Sean, Phil, Rory, Sarah I, Sarah H, Nicole, Ken. You 
have in some way or another made me the person I am today. 
I'll thank all of you personally. 

I can't forget the CVS crew, you all are awesome! Amanda B- 
I will always remember Brad (a.k.a. Chris), me refusing to clean 
the bathroom, the evil customers, the cute guys who came in 
and of course all the lovely language we used. Working with 
you has been MINT! Lauren G- I was a fairy for Halloween! 

Michael B- 1 want an invite to your wedding! Amanda C- you 
have worked with me from the start and its been 2 14 years of 
excitement (and hell depending on the day). To everyone who 
has ever worked with me- CVS SUCKS! but you guys have 
made it fun! I will always remember all of you. To my family- 
I love you all and thank you for pushing me to do better and 
helping me. Mom, Jose, Alfredo, Christian, and Baby Jose - 1 

l^eb. Taeo 

Jmile nou>, erg later - 5teye 
tJo. tbere s BB! - Oermaine 
*Joa re useless! - 
U>bat s ap. Kid? - Pndreio and He 
tJoa re an idiot' - W^att 

Hatt, ?ae-T*lan. Ti^ePerson. Ti^ePearson. p5. 1*5*0 

"aato-tracKing" lubaeK' - ?lan 
"LUe're S't* tbe same, tbe otber 22% is u^bere 
goa're good at matb " - Blan 
"0^0 cosine tbeta!" - Jeff. Pbgsies 
"OKag, goa readg? J dropped it ' - HiKe 
"SJoa're onig goang once, 
bat goa can be immature foreyer" 
"OOKT vmG' - bZQZ 

Thanks guys. You know who you are. 


^^^^^ Bernard PcKala 
\ Ik .^it 

Bpejs, Ve^y S3. Bern, ^ails 

'you gonna let tbem come into our Kiteben and taKe our pancakes? - Big 


'We re gonna call it ©Kie. geab tbat s it ©Kie - Coacb 
It lyasn t mg fault tbere \va$ a damn dead gug on tbe side of tbe road' - 


'lUont gou plag u>itb mg ding-a-ling - Oom 

First things first, gotta thank the parents and the sister. Without 
the parents life would be slightly chaotic. To the g-paronts for 
threatening to end my life if I goof around in school; appreciate 
that motivation. To my friends who have made high school 
somewhat bearable: To big sew for those chocolate donuts and 
great moments on the gridiron, I'll ne\ er forget your concus- 
sion. To Rossi whose always good for a laugh and fun time, man 
you need to watch out for those golf balls coming at your face. 
Kpete, if your car e\ er breaks down and \ oii need someone to 
look under your "roof," I'm there for you. Katherine, for 
making AP Chem and Pre-Cal an adventure with the calcula- 
tors I never want to go through again, gotta lo\e the AP, 
remember our pact. Becky, man did we just lose it towards the 

StMilor Th.inks \" 

end of that year. To the little one who almost died with me 
filming our Spanish project. To Robbie B who I hope fulfills his 
Robinator aspirations. Hartwell, I figured you wouldn't care so 
two words: whatever dude. Hughes, you touch me one more 
time, cops are gonna be necessary - good luck with sports man, 
you have a chance. Shrayah for basically passing you and 
myself through high school. Kmer, where would I be without 
your silliness and dependability, please no more Doc Has 
comments, Tm becoming paranoid. Michy, um...hey. Just 
playing, I will always be one step ahead of you whether you 
know it or not, I broke through the wall, now go to !! 2004 BUGS 
FOOTBALL BABY - once in a lifetime opportunity seized. To 
everyone not here because I'm cheap, good luck with every- 
thing and see y'all in twenty years. 

I didn't forget good neighbors: John, Susan, Nicky, and Julina!!! 

Bmanda Pepin 

T*tanda, ?anda, Jal-Sir^ander. Pepin. Vep. 5ba-na9-"a9 Sioeei OjeeKs 

1 do. if goa do Cbrijtian 
-Srian Spencer 
■^under onltj Ijappcns iwb«n it 5 raining, 
plager s onig louc goa iv\)en tbeg re plaging' 
-Tleetiyood T»lac 
U)ell-bebayed twomen rarelg ma^e bijtorg 
-Laarel Tbateber CJIrieb 

Thanks to my family for loving me unconditionally. Especially 
my MOM, you mean so much to me and you are irreplaceable. 
JAE- where should 1 start? 7"" grade basketball, professional 
bench warmers, obsessions with Jeff, late nights at Lindsey's 
aka bottle cap sips, bus rides to Wachusett, trip to Colorado, 
greasy goose and late night cheesecake, we only went down the 
mountain one time before calling it quits, chipped tooth. Sum- 
mers in Maine, O-town, CCC's, Bun Run, all night bonfires, 
French guys, clubbing with Chris(many times), jet skiing, surf- 
ing, your sister's blue bikini, Dominican Republic, "I chant with 
the birds", Heidi and Brad, missing door knob, "I WILL CALL 
THE COPS", drop kick Murphy, "BOOM I.... YOUR BF", mes- 
sage in the bottle which never made it to the ocean. You're my 
main squeeze babe, MILF's for life. It takes two to complete the 
SALAMANDER. BETHIE- aka Shanequa, Craknigjew, 
friendly's, your eyebrows, "I think I'm growing abs", hoo-la 
hooping in your room (bad idea), we've had some good times 
and we'll have many more! MWAH! MONIQUE- I'll always 
remember my first day of school in Bedford, you ga\-e me a cute 
card and a hot-air balloon eraser (that I still have somewhere). 
Trick or Treating in our hippie and devil outfits, wearing my 
mom's red turtleneck, trying to snowboard on the hill across the 
street, you ripped my favorite sweater, Chris broke your thumb, 
exclusive 6* grade parties at Lindsey's house, playing truth or 
dare on bus rides to Nashoba, 8"" grade DC trip, trip up to UNH, 
motorcycle, volleyball. Red Bull mixture, random guy... yeah, 
he could swing it! Many trips to Bentley, thanks for all the pep 
talks, xo's MARIA- We have had so many weird yet interesting 
times together, every time we chill all we do is laugh, softball/ 
baseball bus, "WOG", fun nights at Kevin's house, "WE'RE 
GONNA BE FAMOUS!!!", dancing in the high beams, you 
going psycho while driving in the car anywhere we go, "MY 

1 58 Senior Thanks 

GOODIES...", you are going to go far in life, I am so prouc 
have a friend like you. You are a great mom...JK! MARISSA 
why don't we just use the oregano and the tissue paper? Mir 
Polaroid pictures, staying out on our late nights together, Jacuz2 
with the boys and Hails, what's the magic number? 6! Let m 
know when you achieve my Ievel,(3), shaking it at the FleetwocH 
Mac concert to the bongo drums, FREE FRIED DOUGH for al 
got to love random sketchy guys. BETH- You should hav' 
stayed this year! I missed watching you eat a bowl of Mac am 
cheese in under a minute, "what does kicked mean", you 
Bethie, and me had some wicked good Hmes, YEAH KED! ALl 
Well, well, well missy, things have changed for you! Maine wa 
a good time, I'm glad you got the red popsicle out of your whit 
skirt, Jamaican love (you should go there sometime, you'd ge 
along with them), sorry I scarred you for life with my top bunl 
incident, also the sketchy taxi ride home at 7:AM. MAGGIE- 
had so much fun playing softball with you in the past years, tak< 
care of your mom for me, I wouldn't want her to have anymon 
seizures. MIKEY- You are the best guy friend a girl could ask for 
never change! Always remember our "therapeutic" walks, wel 
at least they were for me. JIMMYMAC- 1 never thought we'd b< 
so daring or desperate as to jump into the sunroof of a randoir 
car or wait outside of store to prey on our next victim. Sorry 
drove away with less than half your body in the car. MARK S 
Nice dumppa! BRIAN S- "You have guns, and my mom told m« 
to never play with guns" CHRISTIAN- "I swear to god I don't 
I never have!" suuuuuure Christian, me and Brian know the rea 
truth! THANKS to all the other people I'm friends with, yov 
know who you are, we've had a fun four years together! I alsc 
want to thank everyone in the office and guidance for all youi 
support, I couldn't have done it 

Lisa Perrg 

Us. Line. Queenie. Ting 

Mom and Dad- thank you for always being there im sorry for all 
the times im made you go crazy I lo\'e you both very much. Kara- 
thanks for always suffering through family stuff with me and 
for putting up with me. Nattie thanks for always being there for 
me and understanding when no one else did, and for giving mei 
such good ad\'ice when I need it even if it was what I didn't want 
to hear I cant wait for us to get our matching Mercedes! Love ya! 
Chris it wasn't the same this year with out you hun I miss you 
tons! Love ya on a good day right. Nadia what I would do with 
out you I will never know. You have been there for me through 
so much and I cant thank you enough for putting up with my 
crap sometimes. We ha\'e had so much fun from HH ( I bet you 
forgot about that), driving your car and you freaking out,i 
Boston real life frogger!, 2 am food trips, babysitting 14 yeari 
olds, ummm yea.. what does he think im gonna sit here and wait^ 
for him to come home, Westside story. I love you and I cant wait 
to MOVE! Mark C thanks for always listening to me and making 
me feel better when im sad I can almost(haha) always count on 
you and sorry for making you mad that time me and maria 
walked away when you didn't listen ill be your queenie for 
e\'er;) Katie vou always listen to my exciting news no matter 
what it is I wish you the best of luck hun Tia were going on an 
advenhire..DORA THE EXPLORER., thanks for all you have 

Jlone for me and talking to me on my first day. With out you the 
lay would be so boring sometimes. Krista do we have exciting 
lives or what. Thanks for letting me in on all your crazy stories. 
1 cant wait to go to NY! Were gonna have so much fun...o the 
i)OSsibilities (haha) love ya Marleisa if it wasn't for you I 
ivouldn't have gone to LCHS im gonna miss our crazy times 
jlogether sneaking out, semi, not answering your phone on the 
ivay back, learning to wakeboard, thanks for always having 
i;irls night at your house and thanks for always yelling at him 
I ou're the best. John you could always make me laugh when I 
vas sad. Lisa moments and your right we do have fun no matter 
jvhat thanks for always keeping my secrets Andrew you have 
I ione more for me than you know from giving me rides home to 
> istening to me complain and thanks for coming to see if I was 
;)kay after I walkd into the closet door. Nick you're the hardest 
person to thank cuz I don't know what to say, but no matter 
vhat happens I hope we stay friends im gonna miss you so 
luich next year. Keligh& Kelsey thanks for making the day so 
mich fun if it wasn't for you two science and theology would 
ia\ e been so painful I missed you 2 this year. Tranea my other 
.ister(haha) thanks for always laughing with me in dance good 
Lick next year. To the rest of my friends from LCHS Jess, Jen, 
Foni, Amy, Sam, Jill, Kristi, Angela, Heather, Lauren, Nicole 
SL'C I kept my promise), John thanks for making semi so much 
run, Brian, Phil, Mike, Billy, Jay, Joe, Paul GUCCI!!!, Devon 
thanks for making Junior year so much fun. Thanks to Rob, 
Mark, Luke, Jo, Storm, Sabrina, Mary, Jessie, Douggie, Kayla, 
jfatiana, Mishay, To Mrs. Gay thanks for letting me sit in your 
Iroom and type this and for yelling at me to get my stuff done and 
helping me graduate, Ms. Bazie for always listening to me even 
when you didn't want to, Mrs. Kelleher I was so happy to see 
you on the fist day thanks for letting me sit in your room when 
I was having a bad day, Mrs. Sullivan thanks for always 
understanding where I was coming from you made sophomore 
year more bearable Ms. Gillman 1 wish you could have stayed 
the whole year thank you for being so understanding. Mrs. 
Billioun thanks for always worrying about me. To anyone I 
forgot im sorry I wish you all the best of luck. Congratulations 

Tranea Verrtj 

^aya. ^eg ^eg, Laeg. Ladgbug 
Qaotcs: Fail to plan V\an to fail. - mg motbcr 

First I would like to thank my mother and step father Tony, for 
being there for me, pushing me to do better, and always sup- 
porting me in whatever I do. I don't know where 1 would be 
without you two yall are kept me going everyday. Thank you 
and 1 LOVE YOU. To my dogs Sharla (Dora)- Your like my little 
sista, we've beem through some thangs together and we also got 
through them together (you know what im talking about) I got 
mad love for you always. Hold it down for -08-. Your madd 
talented and smart and beautiful don't let anyone tell you 
different. Keep dancing, and smiling. Dora DDDDora. Luv ya. 
Margaret (Sunny)- My dog, my numero uno down dog, who 
don't take anything form nobody. Dats whutz up. Keep it real 

and gotta Hold it down for -06-. We've had good and bad times 
but it don't matta we still here, from da Sesame Street crew; to 
Dixie chics it made us stronger. Keep ya head up and do it up for 
next year. Keep dancing, and smiling. Lov ya Sunshine. Julissa 
(Juju aka SUGA)- My gurl... Man there is soooo much to say 
bout your funny, silly self. You kept me laughing when 1 didn't 
want to. Your soooo talented and smart, keep ya step crew in 
check and keep doing what you do best. Stay cute and FUNNY. 
Hold it down for -07-. SUGA SUGA. YALL ARE ALL MY DOGS 
LOV YALL-05-. To all da rest of my people: Jaime (VIRGOS 4 
LYFE) Katie (dawg) Lisa, Doug, Corey, Naomi, Kaylin, Chris- 
tina, Daniel, Aran, Tats, Twizz, Lindsey, Dave, and to all those 
I forgot sorry but I still got love for all yall. CLASS OF 2005 

Hatt. Poc, Sdgar Bllcn, Poe-poe. ?oc^iee 

^o ey^eases. jast results - Coacb S©5eb«tto 
Tbis is getting dangerous! - 3oe King 
yea are a disgrace to Psion people - T»^r Soscbetto 
yoa s o Poe, ?oe 5e s a Poe - Big Sif" 

First, I want to say thank you to my mom and dad. Thank you 
for being there for me and pushing me along, no matter how 
hard I tried to push back. Thanks to Mike and Jeremy, my 
younger brothers, for putting with me all those years. Thanks to 
all of my friends, so here goes in no particular order. Dave - you 
were the first friend I made when I moved to Bedford, Pearson 
- you're always there to make a goofy comment or for comic 
relief. Josh - dude it's been great, Alan - math and physics, 
Megan Callais - 1 wish I had met you earlier because I've had so 
much fun hanging out with you, Megan Lynch - all those 
Sundays at Dunkin' Donuts and that three-way conversation 
between you, me and Scotty D right before semi, Amanda - 
since meeting you it's been a great time and keep an eye on Mike 
for me, Aran - good times, and Joe - chem and physics with 
Laura, AP Chem, and soccer. Phil, it's been great working with 
you as the Tech Guys. Travis, thanks for being a great lackey for 
me all those years. Good luck next year as Sound Guy. Amy D., 
tech will never be the same without you. Having you as a friend 
and co-techie has been great. Musicals, soccer, dances, and 
everything in between, it has been a great time. Big jim #74, 
you're the man. To everyone on the soccer and lacrosse teams, 
it's been a great time playing together. Andy Reed and Mark 
Larousso, thanks for being great coaches. Thanks to all of my 
teachers for doing a great job and thanks for putting up with me. 
And to anyone 1 failed to mention, when you find me deal with 
me as you please. Thank you Boston Red Sox! 

m^^^ Katie VumeW 

Senior Thanks 159 

Baron iycba»'d5on 

Brit lyebardson 

Qrizzig Pdams. Jesas. Osama-bin Brit. Ijobo, ^cirKg TK^c^arKerton. >(are. 
Jcroffg. Tbat 5ofn8le55 Kid Bom, Tit»it 

Beg Brittang, dees it sound liKc tbis? OOOOOCiOCiCiCi55l55565!'! -Ojip 


iVbais b« doing at tljat mailbo)^? Ob god ' -fC\e\{ Cbarnbcrs 
Til be asleep and bear tbis gug talKing. tben soddenig I II tbinK lUboa. 
tbat s me Hi^e O Heillg 
CJaaab. tv^yered goa gags get a fire bose? -Jamantba l^iebardson 
We don t baye carpet cleaner, bat ive do baye a ton of soar pateb Kids - 

3©e T<t^izz6ni 

I m sare it seems prettg bad. bat at least goa re not Britisb. bog u^ould 
tbat sacK -3oe Bigda-?egton 
Smmet. tbis doesn t euen ma^e sense ^celg done Oatside -He 

Thanks Ma and Dad for letting me make my own descisions in 
becoming who I am today. Thanks to my friends. Good times 
indeed. Thanks Guy and Sam, you guys suck but it was a fun 17 
years. Kinda. Thanks to my coaches. Thanks Brittany, sorry I 
can't spell your name all the time. And anyone who I didn't 
thank in this or already, probably doesn't deserve to be thanked 
at all. Except you nunny and puppy, you guys are awsome. 
Rock on. 


5boue tbe san aside 

Thank you to everyone I've known throughout high school and 
before... more specifically everyone who's been in my art 
classes, people at the barns I've worked at, everyone who's 
broken into my house in the middle of the night to hang out, and 
the people who hang out in front of the bathrooms for lunch and 
break. Thank you to Mr. Reynolds for introducing me to politics 
before I even met him, Mr. DeAngelo for understanding that 
sometimes you can't be in class, Mr. Pilla for being crazy, and 
Mr. Stephenson for being more concerned with learning than 
teaching. Thank you to all my very different friends for many 
different reasons. Thank you Hannah, Erika, Lucy, and Dani for 
making art classes entertaining. Gaby, Laura, Jeff V., Alec, 
Marjorie, Simone, Alex OB, John F., Eric, Lilly, Fish, Jeff, Paul, 
Simon, Ben T., Chris W., Chris Stevens, Kinershkersh, Val, 
Catriona, Ali Sutsko, and Lucas for being cool kids. Chris 
Leckband, Pedro, Ben Reynolds, Karen, Kathy, and Sam for 
being there freshman year. Thank you Alex A. and clan (Pooleys, 
John B., the rest of you) and "Punk Rock Jesse." Thank you Matt 
160 Senior Thanks 

W-D and Erin for really being the best of friends. Thank you t 
Jason who is wonderful. My parents, Grandbob, my little brotht 
Bob, Mike and Grace the ponies, Alva and Dennis the kittie 
Stop & Shop, the Crag, CVS coupons, and the Great Road at 4 i 
the morning (quite a boatless river). 

Saeqaelinc 1to« 

3ajs, ?ooKie. ^loc. VS. Princess. Hadd Bodd. 3- Dogg 

1 Hue for tbe nigbts III neuer remember lyitb tbe 
friends III neuer forget.' 
1 Kneiw I d looK bacK on tbe tears and laagb 
bat I neuer Knew I d looK bacK on tbe laagbs and erg ' 
'J friend is someone twbo sees tbroagb goa and still 
enjogs tbe uieiu ' 
Oont erg beeaase its ouer. be bappg tbat it bappened ' 

First I'd like to thank my family. You guys have always pushe 
me to try new things and do my best and I don't know where I 
be without you. MOM-Whether it was playing flute or playir 
lacrosse, you've always helped me when I needed you the moi 
Thanks for the delicious dinners, the endless laundry, leamir 
how to snowboard with me, and the shopping sprees. DAI 
From sports to concerts to teaching me how to drive; you'^ 
always been my biggest fan. Thank you for taking me backpac 
ing, never noticing my haircuts, spoiling me, and dealing wi 
my moods in the morning. KATIE-We stole each other's clothe 
talked about guys, and were shoved into the car together for tl 
parent's long trips. Thank you for all the support througho 
the years, big sis for life! SHAWN-Thank you for becoming m 
personal taxi driver, letting me steal all your stuff, working wi 
me at the BP, helping me with lacrosse, and being the best b 
bro I could have. 
RORY- Where would I be without my Mudd Budd? Throug 
working at B-A-B, to dying hair with Henna, to playing cov 
with Maurin and Gwen, to the scary times with the woodt 
spoon, thank you for always being there for me. MARJORI. 
Thank you for the endless movie-nights, the wild timi 
snowboarding, trying to teach me how to ride a horse, goir 
crazy at the Palace, and the nonstop games of Egyptian R 
Screw in class. MISSY- Thanks for all the insane Summ^ 
Bashes, the crazy times on the bike path, getting pulled ov 
with no tops, going nuts with me at the countless concert 
forever being Howard Stem, and going camping. . . BOYS! ALE] 
Thanks for the awesome times skiing, for always getting lo 
and doing hundreds of U-turns, coming to NH and beir 
fearless with the deer, and all the amazing times sailing throug 
out the summers. LAUREN- Thanks for being the first one 
dye my hair (pink!), obsessing over Pokemon, the X-files, ar 
Sailor Moon with me, constantly swimming in the Charles Ri\- 
instead of sailing, and always doing the Walk for Hunger whi 
trying to get a tan with me. DAYNE-Thanks for the math hel 
the scary movies, the never-ending times at the bench, the era; 
nights, and always being there when I need you. "Jackie sa- 
no!" JESSE- Thanks for never failing to make me smile; fro 
"pick a card" "12!" to being monkey boy, to letting me fall aslet 
on your butt, to playing Padiddle, to "Where's the butter?' 
the Chateau. HENRY- Thanks for all the Mary-Kate and Ashlt 
marathons, bike rides to Alewife, for Alfonzo, the killer snaii 

It 'Look they're making a baby... Can I join?!", and "Is macho 
IE English or Spanish?" EAST LEX CRE W-Thanks for everything ... I 
elove you guys! PHIL, BECCA CHRIS, MIKE, IAN, ILONA, 
iVICK, SHEENY, AHNI- Thanks for always being there and 
always remember the good times! Good luck class of 2005! 

Hi55g. Lis5g. 5parKg. fyjg 5lat 

'Oancc nobedgs watebing, Loye lil^c g©a fysue neuer been bort. $ing 
! liHe nobodg s listening, U)orK liKe g©" dan i need tbe moneg. Liue liKe its 
beauen on Cartb 

Don t froiyn. iJoa neuer Knoiu it>b* '5 falling in loye lyitb gour smile.' 3ast 
smile and nod' 
It's sometbing anpredietable, bat in tbe end its rigbt" 
HooKing bacK on gesterdag 
Bll tbe moments tbat lye sayed 
Deep inside mg b«art. tbeg define me 
Qrowing ap tbrougboat tbe gears 
Pll tbe laagbs and all tbe tears 
Tboagb tbegre far aiuag. tbeg feel s© near 
?laggroands and breaKdoiyns. 
Toree Of 5abit* 

[would like to thank everyone for always being there for me and 
making me the person I am today. I will never forget the good 
times that we have had all throughout High School. First off, I 
would like to thank my family. Mom- You have always been 
beside me. Even though I might not show it, I appreciate each 
and everything you do. Dad- What to say . . . We have not always 
seen eye to eye, but you have always pushed me to do my best 
and because of that, I have become a better person. Tarmy- 
5omehow, we got past our hate to be around each other and 
become, I guess you could say, friends. Thank you for always 
3eing someone I can talk to, I love our random late night talks. 
Megan- We are definitely way to much alike, it's almost scary 
sometimes. You are an amazing sister and person, thank you for 
everything, especially the clothes. McGeans- Uncle Billy, Aunt 
Sue, and Greg you have been awesome to our family, thank you 
for the countless visits, hugs, family gatherings, delicious cakes 
and everything else imaginable! Secondly, I would like to thank 
all my friends for all the wonderful times I have had. Thank you 
[ulie, Sheena, Kelly, Ahni, Kayla, Jackie, Hillary, Blair, Rory, 
Becca, Sarah I, Sarah H, Nick, Travis, Billy, Darrin, John H, Mike 
H, John F, Shaun, Rodger, Pete, Marc, Dayne, and Blain. We 
have had awesome times doing things from going to proms, 
balls and semi's, church retreats, double dates, going out to 
lunch with the girls (Rockets), spending time at Winsdor 231 1, 
parking lots, or even just sitting in someone's house doing who 
knows what. I wouldn't change a thing; I have loved every 
moment. Thank you to all my friends and family for anything 
and everything. *hug* J 

"Tb« luorld is goars - Jcarfaee 
I feel liKe an idiot But I am an idiot, so it Kinda lyorKs otit ' - Billg ^tadison 
"Kids, goa tried gour best, and goa failed miserabig Tbe lesson is neyer 
trg ' - 5omer 5impson 
I lie a lot bat it>b«n I sag it I mean it' - Ojris 
1 gotta race lil^e a piss-borse' - M.att 

Mom, dad, and the rest my family, thanks for supporting me 
through all these years. Thanks to my friends: B-Pex - going to 
Sox, Bruins, Celtics, BC games, playing poker, watching bootleg 
movies, playing bootleg video games... Big Jim -good times 
watching base movies, being lazy, Sundo's class... Matt - for 
being my friend the last couple of years even though I had to 
drive you around. ..Chris - good times playing video games, 
halo, night-golf... Teammates on the baseball, golf and indoor 
track teams.. .and of course the Red Sox. Sorry if I left you out, I 
ran out of room, but you know who you are. 

5eott 1to55i 

5coot. 5cooter l^ossi 

'iua_u>a_iyater' , smore smores - M.ikeg 
dade. lets tal^e mg tracK oat of bcre - Cbris 
'Cbris we tooK a limo' - eyergone 
'5 perfect world, were tbe tide neyer rises' - Hob 
"6 TIKe BQ nOOT db^KV^ - KorK 
'Lets go recaperate in goar tracK' - Keyin 
'Hegina' - €mmets ear 
leT5 W T6eT*l QVeK - Jobnng 

First I need to thank my parents for being the most important 
people in my life. Dad, thanks for never letting anything I did 
ever be good enough, for taking me to hockey at 4 am. For taking 
me to the hospital. For showing me by example what it means 
to work hard to earn what you want. Mom, thanks for telling me 
that what I did was always good enough. For making my 
breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 18 years. For coming to 
all my games and for keeping dads temper in line. You both 
have always been there for me through everything, without vou 
I would never of made it this far, 1 love you guys. Mike and Jeff, 
thanks for being the best older brothers I could ask for, Mike 
especially for always saving me from Jeff and Jeff for always 
making me laugh. Ill always hate vour smile. Thank vou for 
teaching me how to skate, and how to play lacrosse and helping 
me get out of trouble. Kristin, thanks for being the sister I never 
had, thanks for watching sports with me, thanks for giving me 
a place to sleep when my parents went avva\', and thanks for 
helping me grow up a better person. To the rest of my family, 
thank you for all your support and ahvavs being there for me. 
Now for my friends. Mark, Mikey, Rob, and Chris. Ill never 
forget the times snowmobiling, our basements, Winnipesaukee, 
fighting, the walls on mv ping pong table, shoveling puke and 
freezing to it, and all the woods parties. Mark, vou've always 
been there whenever I wanted to do anything, thanks for the 

Senior Thanks l6l 

times on the mopeds and four wheelers, and riding bikes in the 
rain to Pats house Its hard to think of a fun weekend that you 
weren't around for. Rob, we've been on the same hockey team 
for more then half our lives, you've put up with a lot of stuff 
from us over the past few years, and you still stayed good 
friends with us, you're my most trustworthy friend and I cant 
thank you enough for that, sorry about riding you down those 
stairs, it was fun though. Chris, we've gone through a lot of stuff 
together, thanks for one of the most fun nights I had in high 
school and all the Lexington connections, and a special thanks 
for falling down in front of me at Joes house, that was hilarious. 
Mikey, too many memories to write down, ill never forget the 
times with Matt and Brit in your basement. Matt, sorry about 
mine and Mikey's puke at your house, I swear I didn't know. 
Jonney, Jr. high wouldn't have been the same without you, 
thanks for being there for serious conversations and all our 
stupid bets. Kevin, driveway parties, pizza and chicken, "I'm 
sooo hungry, lets eat some veggies", your basement, too bad 
you were in the wrong grade. Emmet, ill never forget all the 
times we spent sitting in someone's car going nowhere but up. 
Johnny, thanks for the trips to hooters, and for being a pain with 
me. Busa, Brian, Brian, Christian and Craig thanks for all the 
memories, ill never forget you guys. Now for the girls, Jae, 
Maggie, Amanda, Maria, Marissa, Monica, and Alison. Jae, I 
don't know what to say, you're amazing, you've helped me 
become such a better person, thank you for all the phone 
conversations, the movie nights, and all the times partying 
together, sorry everything worked out the way they did, but it 
only made my feelings for you stronger. I'm going to miss you 
so much next year, I love you. Maggie, you and rob are my two 
best friends, you have helped me through some of the toughest 
times in my life and I cant thank you enough for that, your 
practically my sister. Amanda, I've known you since fourth 
grade, you've been there through every year that I can remem- 
ber, even if we weren't the closest all the time I always knew I 
could call you for help. Maria, you're always good for a laugh, 
and always up for a good time. Monica, I've known you longer 
then any of my friends, we grew up together, ill never forget 
Mrs. Peels class, or Mrs. Hoyt, playing in my backyard with 
Kelly and Brianna, or the bus rides with Bob. To all my coaches, 
thank you for teaching me some of the most valuable life lessons 
ill ever learn, teamwork, leadership, discipline, commitment, 
and desire. Especially coach McCrath, coach Mead, and coach 
Dion, cutting the mullets might be the funniest moment of my 
life. To anyone I forgot, I'm sorry, but if you were ever there for 
me, then consider yourself thanked. "Vi\'e le shack" 

Alberto ^uz 

Grn«5t 5cincbez 

HarK ^argent 

I would like to thank my parents first. You guys have done s 
much for me over the years and I'm so grateful for everything 
DAD, I couldn't even count how many different games yo i 
have driven me to and came to. All the snowmobile trips w 
have ne on, and the best one when you snuck your sled in th 
lake. Thank you so much. MeM, You are the best I couldn't as 
for a better mother, making my lunch everyday wttwo reese? 
stopping mike from beating me up even though your probabl 
told him to. MIKE, you are a loser, but you are a pimp, thank 
for always letting me tag along w/you and your friends, I wi 
never forget the first time in Ryan's suburban good time. I als 
want to thank the rest of my family nanny, grampy, Ka, Dou^ 
the rug rats brain Tom and kelly, Brenda, jack, and little Jak 
thank you so much for NH, TT, Grammy hope you like Maim 
Richard and Ruth thanks for letting me use the pool, Bria 
Shibvon and Scott and Kellee good luck w/your new house: 
uncle Pete and Palmer don't worry I qot a good edumacation i 
Bedford, also hot and DD always knew you were there. Mike 
Tom and Da\ e good time being your bar tender during wiff 1 
ball games. I would also like to thank all my coaches sports hav 
had the biggest impact on my life. Thanks to all the teammate 
I have had. Also my teachers thanks for putting up with mt 
especially Mrs. Jordan you are the best thank your for ever) 
thing you have done for me. Now for the fellas. ROB, we hat 
some great times, thanks for letting us ride you down the stair 
that night. Hartwell football was great this year, dude lets ca 
some chicks. EMIT, wish we were friends earlier "having a littl 
part\''always hungry at the same time. O'Brien good times lat 
night shack thanks for the basement. MIKEY, we have beer 
friends for the longest time the green monster your basemen 
where all my troubles began. SCOTT- thanks for being the onl 
kid to ha\"e a party, biking in the rain to pats or to nowhere "i 
that my flashlight get home" the mopeds best times eveii 
SPENCER- home ec. 8th grade "salami" "to many suds". KEVIN 
PS2 and X-box great times thanks for always hax ing your hous 
available your the man you are always welcome to where eve 
I go next year. Also, Joe B-P, Brownie, Busa, Christian, Gleasor 
Jonney, Jeff, Joe King, Shoe, Jim Mac, Mizzoni, Murphy, Park 
Rich, B-pex, Brit, Andrew, Foltz. All the girls Maggie, Jae 
Marissa, Alison, Maria, Amanda, Lisa. We ha\'e had some gooi 

Kag Kag Kag Kgia Kaglee. 5tefnni« Bo«Soo Boepbti? CeKiien- 

Tu»entg gears from noiu goa iwfll be more disappointed bg ttje tbings goe ' 

didn t do Ojan bg tbc ones goa did do 5o tbrou; off Wje bou^lines Jail 
aiuag from tJje safe bewbor Cateb tbe trade loinds in goar sails Cj^ore 
Oream Oiseoyer - HarK Tu>ain 
Fantasg is a neeessarg ingredient in liuing - Or Seu$$ 
People rareig sueeeed unless tbeg Ijaue fun in u)iyat tbeg are doing. 
Oale Carnegie 

162 Senior Thanks 

'irst I want to thank my family. MOM & DAD - Thank you for 
ilways playing along with my craziness and putting up with 
ny tantrums. Thanks for always supporting me no matter 
vhat. You have taught me everything I know, and I am so 
)roud to be your daughter. I love you both so much! STEP- 1 
:an't even imagine what I would have done without you by my 
^ ide for 17 years. I have spent almost every day of my life 
'1 ooking up to you -thanks for being such a great role model! For 
' ill of our jokes, road trips, singing, and other randomness I love 

* rou more than you will ever know. You are my best friend and 
1'' rou mean so much to me! My friends in no particular order: 
■ THE CLIQUE - Thank you for making the past 5 years so 
^ nemorable! From DC to toilet paper clothing, I have always 

lad a great time with you guys. Be a star! ALL! - Remember the 
' :ime we fell in the waterfall? You are the funniest person I have 
?ver met! Whether we are dancing, stepping, frolicking, being 

• French, Spanish, or hicks, I'm having an awesome time, laugh- 
-• ng so hard I can't breathe. Thanks for always accepting me! 
it KERRY - You are the kindest, sweetest person I know! Thanks 
^ for always being there to gossip and complain about people 
i with me, or sympathize with my troubles. I'll never forget our 
- times working at the Tea Parlour, taking random shopping trips 
; to Old Navy, and going to NY for band. SHREYA - Thanks for 
t all of our IM chats, motivational homework sessions, and coun- 
seling sessions. You are always so concerned about me and 
ready to talk no matter what! Thank you for staying such a great 

r friend and person. KRISTEN - Thank you for all of the times 
: you invited me over your house to hang out or walk away the 
1 pounds! Thanks for being so calm and focused whenever I 
break out the dramatics. You are one of the most amazing 
people I have ever met and I'm so glad to be your friend. JIMMY 
(BoBoe) - My lover! Thanks for all of the times we had math 
study sessions, helped each other out with homework, and just 
gazed into each other's eyes. ANDY - Thanks for being such an 
animated, fun person! You are always there to obsess over HP 
with me and cheer me up when I'm down. Thanks for going to 
the semi with me and making my night so memorable! RORY 
- Thanks for always being such a great friend for all these years. 
Our curly hair, boats, love for MKA, and lacrosse has kept us 
close friends. You are so honest and fun to be around that I'm 
never self-conscious when I'm with you! RYAN - Thanks for 
being so understanding through everything. You have become 
one of my best friends and I'll never forget the time we spent 
together. You are such a wonderful person. Thanks for telling 
awful stories and making me laugh! RANDY - Thanks for 
telling horrible jokes and showing off. You're a great guy and 
a good friend (even if you did write that song...) SARA & 
SHARA - Thanks for being so much fun to be around! Being in 
the BBC, shopping together, and just hanging out means that we 
never have a dull moment! To the rest of the Disney group 
(STEP, RYAN, TOM, TOE, and JOHN) - Thanks for making that 
week so awesome! I'll never forget our amazing park hopping 
skills, getting burned to a crisp, getting separated so many 
times, making fun of each other, and the birds! Thanks to 
everyone in MADRIGAL for tolerating my weirdness. Thanks 
to all of the awesome LACROSSE girls for making the game so 
exciting and enjoyable! LAURA, ANN, & MIKE - Thank you 
guys so much for making CPR such a great class! I always 
looked forward to writing notes, making up stories about our 
alter egos, making fun of the videos and Kentucky Ken, and 
talking about hair products. DINAH - You are such an open 

and honest person! Thanks for being so nice and easy to talk to 
and always being so optimistic. NATTY - Thanks for hanging 
out at the library with me, mixing it up in Madrigal, and 
chuckling at my idiocy. I had so much fun in the hoe-down last 
year - you are the best dance partner a girl could ask for! ERIN 
- Thank you so much for driving me everywhere and taking me 
on random trips to Target! Thanks for always patiently teaching 
me tap. Our summer adventures teaching BC are always so 
much fun (along with CAROLYN, ANN, STEP, & MIKE)! 
Never forget our obsession with Pirates either. NICOLE C. - 
Thanks for being my stand partner in WE, yelling at the annoy- 
ing flutes, and putting up with me so early in the morning! 
NIKKI B. - Thanks for all the fun during the musicals, making 
fun of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and complaining 
about the Odyssey! Thanks to all of the CHAMBER girls ( 
viding me with a lot of laughs, especially STEPH - doot! Last 
but not least, thank you to all of my teachers who helped me to 
get where I am today academically and as a person. To anyone 
else who has impacted my life that I may have forgotten - Thank 
you for everything! 

CbcrgI 5bao 

U}i\{$ $\$. 5ba*. Cljcr. Cberi 

T'o one can meMjs gou inferior luitbout goar consent" -Qeanor l^ooseuelt 
"I501U mang cares one loses iub«n one decides not to be someWjing bat to 
be someone' -Coco Cbanel 
"Blessed ratber are tbose u>bo b«ar tbe loard of Qod and obeg it' 
-Jesus (LaKe 1 1 28) 

First of all and most importantly, I would like to thank God, 
Jesus Christ, for everything 1 have been through. Everyday is a 
miracle. Next, I want to thank my parents-Mom and Dad — 
thank-you for dealing with me throughout my whole childhood 
and adolescent years (I know I can be a pain most of the time!). 
Dad, you always have the 'most interesting' and funny jokes. 
Now I think I know where I get my 'humor.' Thank-you for the 
small things you do that matter so much — making my peanut 
butter sandwich everyday, so I can eat it during my first period 
class to aggravate the teacher, lol. Mom, I'll never forget the 
'wisdom chats' and the random road trips we would have — 
going to Barnes and Noble for some coffee and reading time — 
and the Alaska trip (my favorite place) in eighth grade which I'll 
never forget!! Thank-you for supporting me in everything I do. 
I want to thank Grandma — for all the little things that mean so 
much — keeping me from going hungry by cooking food every 
night — you work so hard — I don't think I have half of the energy 
you have now. Will — you are the coolest... only brother. I've 
always looked up to you... literally. Thank-you for letting me 
embarrass you in front of your friends, haha. Thank-you for 
toughening me up and making me independent...''^.^ -I love 
you Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Will! There are also many other 
people 1 would like to thank for being great classmates, school- 
mates, teammates, or /and friends (or cousins [Viv]) — you know 
who you are! I hope you guys all have an awesome future — I'm 
sure you guys all will!! Thank-you for being the coolest people — 
I'm going to miss all of you guys!! Good-luck with everything 
and God bless!! 0=) 

Senior Thiinks 1^3 

Peter 5b«ppard 


Gmily 5i«gentbaler 

Gt>. Oflilu. Sabg Sird. Bog«g Ha© Tze Oong 

Thank you... 

MUM- For all the times you told me to stop cracking my 
knuckles, or biting my nails, maybe someday I will actually stop 
for you! I will always be your baby bird, even when I cannot fit 
on your lap. I love you more than words, and without you 1 truly 
would not have made it here. PAPI- 'He said to only look up, tie said 
to never look down, down is where we came from . . . ' For always being 
on the sidelines of my games and in the middle of my life. Thank 
you for town meetings, for wiffle ball, and for honest conversa- 
tions in Bickfords. Thank you for wanting to give me the world. 
Do not mess up my hair. GRAMMY- Rolls. Banana Bread. 
Congo squares. Thanksgiving dinners. You are an amazing 
cook and an even more amazing grandmother; sorry I was 
always such a brat! One of the most valuable lessons hangs from 
your neck: Simplify. BO JANGLES- SBB, BFBC. In living with 
you, I have gotten to know one of the most beauhful people in 
the world so well. Thank goodness we learned to get along, but 
stopped sharing a room. Thank you for understanding me 
better than anyone else. You owe me a date with The King. 
MOLL- You are by far the coolest (and cutest) member of our 
family. I hope you know how much 1 lo\'e you and how much 
I will miss waking up to you every morning. You are funny and 
smart, but if those don't work out for you, always use your huge 
puppy eyes to get your way, they work. MAX'iNE- We are cut 
from the same blanket of faded out stars. You are an extension 
of me, what the hell is wrong with us, something is so right with 
us. You will always have a place in my house and heart, 
wherever they may be. I thought you were a shark. Feet's every 
weekend. Waffle fries in the moonlight. Between mother and 
God. BECKY- 1 owe you so much- my goddess of coffee, friend 
since age seven, owner of a million cats... And my underwear 
that time at Water Country. LEX, RUBES, ALEXANDER- 
Glasses. Al-gay-bra. Secret Spiderman picture journal. Your cat 
likes me. Mummifying ourseh'es with the Snow Falling on Cedars 
tape. Awesome wonderful constant jealousy- lYQ. GARY- 
Bleachers, finishing all of my sentences and thoughts, 21 things 
I like about you and blackjack, the best friend I've ever had. 
MIKE- Sentences that always bump into one another, reading 
one another's looks and just knowing, and conversaHons full of 
compassion. Thank you for always talking and listening. You 
are so amazing; I admire and respect you more than you could 
ever know. BRETT- You're the colour, you're the movement 
and the spin. I am the book and you are the binding. You're not 
rid of me yet. So much love. EMMET- You make me laugh 
harder than anyone else, thank you for all of the music, all of the 
164 Senior Thanks 

moments, and things that will never happen again- memoric 
if you will. MY FRY- For making me laugh till I wet myself, ev( 
when I was at my saddest, e\'en when I was trying to be sad. V 
other little sister, always! DALE- Dying our hair, gethng tl 
wrong movies at Blockbuster and fighting with the pregna 
cashier, capturing the beauty we see in the world on filr 
DEGRASSI! ALLIE- Always remember to skip the flirting- c 
straight to the BRUNCLE JOHN. CAIT- Thank you for ever 
thing, you are truly unforgettable. Freshman year. Trust 
beaches, seances and endless laughter. You forgot to si 
goodnight to Simon! JAMES AND ROB- Bagels! You're tl 
brothers I never had, if you e\ er need anything, know that I' 
here for you both, I adore you two. DR. JOHN BRAD' 
Maaaps. Maps. Maps. Maps. Wait! THEY DON'T LOVE YO 
LIKE I LOVE YOU. JO- Don't hurt yourself on the bottom of tl 
pool. That's negative. STORM- You're good. Never tame tl 
fro. SHELLY- Abuse! The early years at WW, losing yoi 
grandfather at the Tea House, Muslim prayers in the backyar 
EVERYONE- Bedford is so personal, it's impossible to say w 
have not all shaped one another. I look back on my Hme he: 
with nothing but love in my heart for each of you in my life. ] 
the end, all that we leave behind is everything we take with i 

Brian Spencer 

Cuerg man die$ bat not eycrg man reallg IKjc$' 
-lUflliam LUallaee 
One good tbing about music ivfyzn it bits goo goo feel no pain" 
Bob TK^arleg 

Its not tb€ size of tb« dog in tbe figbt its tbe size of tbe figbt in tijc diojf'- 
"Tb« times tbeg are a ebanging' 
-Job Dglan 

So far It's been a crazy road. First off I want to thank my famil 
for all they have done for me. Dad- For prox iding me with som 
of the most priceless stories I have ever heard. You are one of th 
funniest guys I know, from pulling the fire alarm when yo 
thought it was the button for the Jacuzzi to partving with me o 
the cruise. Whether you realized it or not, all the little, craz 
things you ha\ e done throughout my life have added to m 
character and made me the person I am today. Mom - You ar 
always doing whatever you can to help out whatever I'm doin^ 
Whether it was driving me to the million sports I played c 
dismissing me from school when the best excuse I had was 
didn't study for a test you would always come through. Als 
thanks for sticking up for me when Dad got mad . lessie an 

lenD>:- Thanks for being great sisters. Jessie your always makin 
me laugh. When no one had anything to say at the dinner tabl 
you would always amaze us with some new story, made up c 
not. And Jenny for being a great older sister. Thanks for puttin 
up with me all these years and for covering for me so man 
times. And thanks to the rest of the big family. Spencers am 
Hansons. Brian G.- Taking back a few at the wood all summei 
chillin under the bam, getring sucked down the Charles ri\'er u 
a canoe, my experience at the Aerosmith concert, kayakinv 
down the concord ri\'er, snorkeling at Wedgewood, blowin; 
the tennis club championship e\-en though we cheated, pla> in; 
pond hockey, goin to the shack lonney H- Hard core ping ponj 
(I'm the reigning champ), hanging out in the basement garag. 

n n Gould rd., the walk to rec. soccer after the bulkhead at 
- 'likey's house, stealing my latin quiz, Sabego 00'+04', Being my 
' zing man at the BCDHS prom, going with me to my first 
;t oncert, inventions, swimming in the pagoda, meeting the Pats, 
?i etting both our first car tickets together JeffH.- We got our first 
1 letention together with Mr. Roy, partying in Aruba, Carlos and 
: Charlies, Go-Time, 151 at Maine (the morning), flash light tag in 
ei he field, hours of playing 21 in your drive way, kickin your ass 
t hang time, chillin with Billy and Shelly (thanks for bringing 
ae to Aruba), falling on my back after going down your skate 
amp, being the only friend that I've peed my pants with, being 
vith me all three times I took a dump in the ocean, biking the 
ntire bike path, chillin with me at Wedgewood all these years 
Christian P .- Theres been some crazy times, shoving your head 
n the massager, being assholes together at the church retreat, 
ailing chemistry together, picking up the canoe from Cam- 
)ridge, going out every Halloween with me, the night at 
Amanda's (I have if you have), Hootie and the Blowfish concert, 
Zeltics games, watching you almost die the first time you went 
kiing, meeting the weird kids under the jungle gym in Sabego, 
Salisbury, building my pateo, listening to you ask dumb ques- 
ions, middle school talent show Craig B.- It's been a long 
riendship dude. Playing stickball. Waiting in the parking lots 
or Daisy to make the delivery, cruising around in the Cavalier 
alking about chicks (she can hit the bricks), going to Salisbury, 
light swimming at Wedgewood, going to your birthday at 
VicDonalds and Romp-around, leaving your cell on so I could 
lear everything, being an unofficial worker at Whole Foods 
Vlark B .- I'm never going to forget the time we nailed that mail 
30X on the way to get the hockey sticks, being the only group of 
Tiends that could drive around in a car because your 50, 
langing out at Amanda's for all those weekends, getting ham- 
Tiered in Maine together, playing soccer, making the movie at 
y^our house Rob B.- The night of your 18* birthday, getting 
kicked off the Sky meadows golf course, playing hockey with 
me, prom party at your house, watching Christian make idiots 
Dut of us with the Burlington girls, stayin up and doing our soc 
survey, fishing on the concord river Chris OB .- Going to 
concerts, going lawn driving, building the snowman on top of 
tny roof, taking shots before prom pictures at your house Mark 
5.- putting too many suds in the sink in home EC, lawn driving, 
snowballing in the winter, the Chinese guy at Wallex Scott R .- 
all the fun times at your house, letting me take your mo-ped out 
Mike O.- New years at your house, your homecoming party, 
hell in latin class Kevin M .- all the fun times at your house 
Marissa F. - Your always a fun girl, fishing on the Concord river, 
listening to your mom call me Danny, going to the Hootie and 
the Blowfish concert, riding up to Umass Jocelyn E .- Getting 
into arguments in SAT class, dance competition at homecoming 
Monica B.- for being funny and weird, making Biology exciting, 
driving around at 3 in the morning, rides to Newbury Comics, 
running into my dad at Bruegger's, the awkward dinner at your 
house Amanda P .- Maine, driving around giving me advice, 
getting kicked out of your house, the night with you, me, and 
Christian Alison M .- Its been fun, six flags Maggie B .- helping 
me with my photo, playing half ass strip tennis at the high 
school Maria M - going into Salem, its been real Thanks: Emily 
S., Robby S., Caitlin C, Josh A, Katherine A, Maxine LK, Becky 
M., Joe M, Chip Z, Jimmy M., Emmett K, all the guys on the 
soccer team, the Bentleys for coming to my sports games, giving 
me passed down cloths, and being great neighbors, and to 
anyone else I might have forgotten and to the rest of 2005 let the 

good times roll. 

Itiebard 5pillane 

"To a friend is to be a friend" 

I have enjoyed four wonderful years at Bedford, and give 
thanks to many people who made it possible. Teachers Mrs. 
Ganley, Mr Brincklow, and Mrs Sullivan who made classes, a 
challenge. Ms frank our Best buddy coordinator. My Buddy's 
Shawn, Justin and Kristin who made the program a highlight at 
Bedford. Mr Sills, Mr Regan and staff whom made us a real part 
of Bedford high Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

First I want to thank my parents for always being there for me 
and putting up with me. Gen-o for being the best sister a guy 
could have. I want to thank Ms. Sav and Ms. Foley because with 
out them constantly pushing me along, I'd be on the 5-year plan. 
So many good times, we all know what they were so I'm not 
going to list them all. I want to thank The Guys; we had a ton of 
fixn times. Danielle: You're such an awesome person. Thanks for 
always being there for me, even when we couldn't be together. 
I'm a wicked lucky guy to have met you. I'll never forget you. 
Thanks to the Creagh's for becoming so close to me and like a 
home away from home. These past few years were the best, now 
its time to move on to Bigger and Better things. Good Luck Class 
Of 2005. 

?bilip Steinberg 

I lyisb I u)a$ a Boat Person! Tbeg re bappg. 
tbegre oat on a boat! 

-Celtic Pride 

Cbristopbcr S\euen$ 

Leaues are failing all aroand Its time I lyas on mg ivatj 
Tban^S to goa, I m macb obliged for sucb a pleasant stag 
Bat now its time for me to go Tbe aatamn moon ligbts mg lyag 
For noiy I smell tbe rain, and lyitb it pain and it s b«aded mg lyag 
5ometimes I groiu so tired, bat I Knoiy l ue got one tbing 1 got to do. 
-Led Zeppelin 

I'd like to thank my mother Terry and father Peter for obvious 
reasons. I'd also like to thank all of my family members, you've 
always been there for me. I'd like to thank all of my teachers for 
everything you've given me in life. But most importantly I'd 
like to thank all of my friends, you know who you are, you have 

S«."nior Th.inks 

enriched my life in a way no one else has ever done. I wish you 
all the best of luck in everything you do. 

5abrina 5toeKci 

5abri, Sab$. 5tueKa. JtocKs. T»t.onKeg. 

'*Jou say tbe present is just a pleasant interruption to tb« past". 

->ometbing Corporate 
"Hou better iwateb out, tbese djicKics are gonna bloiu gou aiuag' 

-^KKi V 

"Qo confidently in ttje direction of gour dreams Lice tbe life gou baue 
imagined -5enrg Dauid Tboreau 

First 1 have to thank the members of my family who have done 
everything they could to support me. MOM- You have always 
been understanding, and there for me anytime 1 needed any- 
thing. You have given me everything 1 could have wanted and 
more. Of course we have our differences, but that's what makes 
our relationship so special. DAD- You have taught me so much 
of what I know now, and have always been there for me, 
whether it was coaching soccer or helping me with my home- 
work. I love you guys so much. RICKY- Over the years you have 
given me so much to look up to, and even though some of the 
time you act more like my dad more than my brother, 1 still 
appreciate what you do. Although you spend a lot of the time 
making fun of me, 1 wouldn't trade it for anything. LAURA- 
Thanks for being my twin, and being crazier than 1 am. For 
harassing Mr. Jones and spending endless hours on the phone 
complaining about boys. For the movie nights with popcorn, 
and the lemonade stands. What planet, the planet of not want- 
ing to die by a drive by shooting, lock the doors. From the many 
sleepovers and school dances, to SAT class, we've been through 
it all. You are one of the oldest friends, and we've grown up 
together. 1 know 1 can always count on you to be there for me, 
and I would be such a different person today without you. 
AHNI- You're a trooper. My partner in chasing those senior 
boys, the scenic route, Gatorade- is it in you? Making up dances 
and songs, Thelma (and her son), sticking with me for (almost) 
five years of colorguard. 95 Cinnamon Buns, our underwear, 
I'm sitting on water, yet I am dry. Never Been Kissed, Michael 
Vartan, Friends, and the countless O-Town concerts. ALLIE- 
For Daisy and Lilac, for poisoning that grass, rollerblading, the 
ant, stage crew, and APes class. For staying in colorguard, for 
camp, for parties, for romantic dinners, for harassing Nash, for 
salvation army bell ringing, and of course for our matching 
underwear. JULIE- For playing soccer together, fighting about 
dinosaurs, and forcing our parents to sit through endless magic 
shows. For always losing Never Ever Have I Ever games with 
me. For watching That Darn Cat, Lady Bugs, and Stir of Echoes, 
and any other movies that never stop being funny with you. For 
teaching me Spanish and not making fun of my driving pillow. 
KELLY- Mr. Boschetto's class, our study parties, ice-skating. 

Danny's house, and college visits to Umass. Video project 
drawings in science class, V*" Heaven, Red Sox and Bruins. At 
you doing anything special for your birthday? For listening t 
me rant about boys, and laughing at you for having episode: 
ALYSSA- Go ski team, we're number one! Lessons with Cost 
and awkward conversations on chair hfts (I'm sorry. . .). Trips t 
N.H. and hula skirts. VisiHng Tufts and Stonehill, the bag, an 
listening to The Used. Making me watch the OC. Sabrina, d 
you want a ride in my car? I'd be bored without you then 
SHEENA- For making lacrosse more bearable, Tw • 
thumbs. . .down. For low income housing and driving aimlessl 
in my car together. For finally putting a picture of me in you 
locker. MISSY- For being happy and energetic all the time, an 
always making my day better. For teaching me cheerleadin 
dances and always having the best pool parties. JAMIE- c 
Jaime, thanks for tutoring me In chemistry, and telling me thi 
I was smart. For working at Springs Brook, entertaining me i 
band, and spending the last week of summer in Maine with m 
every year. For listening to my problems, talking about m 
"special friend", and almost always judging me. PETER- ]S/ 
trips and of course ski team. For making me feel dumb in an 
history class we have together and being my husband in toui 
nament of plays. PETE, PETER, & MIKE- For making winter th 
best season, and for making ski team the funniest sport to d( 
For trying to teach me to "hit a rail" and for dressing up o 
carnival race day. ALYSSA R- For late night trips to Dunki 
Donuts, taking me with you to see the Upperhand, and fc 
watching dumb horror movies together Qeepers Creepers 
MILEY- For skating together, making up dances, synchronizei 
swimming, tennis, Frogger, lacrosse, and bike rides with Timm 
and Renee. You're off your bike for a week! For sleepoven 
playing our dumb board games and driving games, and ou 
countless trips to Lexington center. JIMMY- For our histor 
video, math class, and Jurassic Park video games. MAXINE- Fo 
the Gunk girls and the sacrifices to the rain gods. SHELLY- Fo 
driver's ed.. The Old Picket Fence, JSA, forts in Billerica, an< 
Spanish class. Thanks to all my older friends who have alread; 
graduated: Danny, Jon, Billy, Montana, Owen, Chris, Matt, ani 
Mike P., you all know how much you mean to me. And fo 
everything you'\e done over the years; thanks to Amanda C 
and Becky (yeah CVS!), Emily, McNulty, Rory, Lauren G., Nikk 
P, and Scamps. Finally, thanks to anyone who I have forgottei 
to mention. Congrats 2005! 

Kennetb 5tJtton 

Sric Taglor 

LUrecH, Tbe Hap. M.icbelle 5u>eetebceKs Tomlinson. OcreK, € dogg. 1>ieree 

"5bould IOC reallg be going 11 at 3 in ^ morning?" - Pat 
Tor iwb© am I. if not not gou?' - HiKe 
'Ob <^on. I just got junKtifiedf - tlnKnou^n 
'lUbot luould it be liKe if gou bad a roommate u>bo w>as aliyags on fire?" 
-TK^iKes roommate 

166 Senior Thanks 

Sarah B. smoothie parties, sleepovers, and modeling competi- 
tion (us guys definitely won), and all the fun times at your 

louse Mike B. Your house is the best, your wicked cool; 

your cars are sweet, many memorable wiffle games in the 
backyard, yard guard smells awesome Laura C. fun get- 
ting to know you this past year, fun time at prom Sonia C. 

many fun times, your ballet was an awesome time Matt G. 

wicked funny kid, you're the only one who I've seen prove that 

pimping is easy Britta G . when I think of you I think of all 

your crazy Squanto stories, you're a fun person Amy L. 

cool person, I'll always be your sweetcheeks and you'll be 

Steve Pat R. Cristal, 2 AM drives that little horn in your 

car, sketchy MCC people, and so many good times 

Corina T. you and Steve are wonderful parents Joe B-P. 

Good times at sbp and crazy times in Woburn Jamie D. you 

may not eat meat but you're still cool, remember the self 

tanner? Brian G. chips, salsa, and fights in sega 

hockey Kristen M. good time at semi and hanging out, 

you're a good friend Parents thanks for all the advice, 

guidance, and for helping me succeed Jeff I've always 

looked up to you, you've inspired me to work hard Honda 

you gave us all some of the best years of your long beautiful life, 
no car will ever come close to your wonder, you taught us that 
although some things appear unattractive that they can be 
beautiful on the inside, we love you and will never forget 

you Explorer keep on guzzling gas Maxima you 

may not have the Honda smell but you're still 

sweet Quest you took us on many adventures and only 

i broke once Reeds thanks for chocolate cake, Al sauce, and 

for being my 2"'' home. 

i» H | 

)<atalie Taglor 


BIgSS. Lgss. Tbco. Tbeodora. Igssa Oec. 5«earitg. 3oli55a. Bran© 

'Patriotism '\$ leuing gear eoantrg all tbe time and gear government 
iviyen it deserues it' -HarK Tiuain 
'Bat I can t cuen eoant to 1 on mg fingers -50. at ber best 
"Qreat is tlje art of beginning, hut greater is tbe art of ending " - Ijenrg 
U)adsa»ortb Longfellow 
'Oar Hues begin to end tlje dag ive become silent about tbings tbat 
matter " - Kartin Latber ICing 

MOM and DAD, thanks so much for always supporting me. 
From "Art, you live in a cave" to Dad planning to attack 
conservatives, its always been great. Thank you. ASHLEY from 
making fun of our parents to making fun of each other, I'm glad 
we (finally) became friends. From skiing, to boarding to "I'm 
sorry" to driving around, remember I'm always on your side 
SHREYA "but I can only count to 14 on my fingers", Halloween 
"started with 3...", French videos, and just being goony. NIKKI 
listening to cheesy music in my car, "skipping" xblock in the 
auditorium, JSA, freaking out about school and our lack of 

motivation PETER wedgewood and bratty children, seeing 
lobsters at Stop and Shop, our intense convos, getting lost at 
Harvard and eating good food and for just being spontaneous 
KRISTEN for always having energy, fun in chem class "want 
some drugs...", Je t'aime Fifi, and writing awful poems in 
French NICOLE the western "I reckon..", JSA, making fun of 
ABBA, Walden pond too early SABRINA for skiing with me, 
and having weird convos on chairlifts "I'm sorry...", female 
bone structure explained by Costa, traveling to Tufts and 
Stonehill, getting lost in Lexington PETE going out to dinner, 
fighting over chairs and having fun skiing ALEX for being 
spontaneous, always making me laugh, making that video of 
Mrs A and fighting over my chairs JAMIE for flying kites, going 
to stop and shop at random hours, fighting with Alex for chairs. 
LAURA tennis and Aldo, dying your hair with Kat, and being 
goofy. I also want to thank: Bernie for always fighting, Chris (go 
apes!), Katherine, Maggie, Lisa (yea CPR), Brian for driving me 
that night, James and Peter (Go JSA!) Alisha for being bother- 
some, Emily (333!), Maxine, Caitlin, and everyone else who I 

Daniel Tillman 

Bndreiu Tolman 

dosiin Trigg 

Cassandra tirqabart 

l ue spoKen mg peace, and counted to tbree ' -?enng. O Srotlyer iVIyere 

Brt Tbc>a?' 

"Tbe tbing women baue get to learn is nobodg glues goa power ^oa jast 
taKe it' Hoseanne Sarr 
1 asKed Qod for all tbings tbat I migbt enjog life Qod gaue me life tbat I 
migbt enjog all tbings -CJnKnown 
'yoa stole from mg Kin!' -?ete. O Srotlyer iVbere ?rt Ttyoa?' 
Tm an e)^cellent boaseKeeper Guerg time I get a diuorce I Ke«p tb« 
boase - Zsa Zsa Qabor 
'People rareig succeed unless tbeg baue fun in wbat tbeg are doing" - 
Jndrew Carnegie 

I'm going to thank my family of course, for always being there 
for me. Especially my parents for always letting mo keep cages 
full of strange creatures, for supporting me in e\ erything I've 
done, and teaching me the meaning of never giving up. Caity 
too, for always being my friend, it's funny how well we get 
along even if we seem so different. I love all my family, 1 don't 
know what I'd do if I didn't have you so close to me, it's the one 

thing I will miss the most when I move. I also want to thank 
Seana. I've known you forever, you're like a cousin to me and 
probably the one thing that helped me get through going to 
school everyday in the 4* grade. Thank you so much for always 
being my friend, no matter how different we are. I've also had 
a lot of great teachers and I thank you all. I especially want to 
thank Ms. Gill, for being an awesome neighbor and teacher and 
for writing me a great letter of recommendation. Ms. Kurzman, 
also for writing me a letter of recommendation and for giv^ing all 
the extra help I needed for chemistry. To all of my friends 
outside of Bedford, 1 know you may never see this, but thank 
you as well. I know I have never gotten along well with this 
town and I wish things could've been different. I hope to leave 
here without any hard feelings. Thank you Bedford for giving 
me an education, a few friends here and there, and keeping me 
close to my family. I am very grateful, but I can honestly say that, 
once I leave here, if I can help it, I wont be coming back. 

Laura l^alente 

Tborino. Tbor. Lora-Bora 

First, I want to thank mom, dad and Kate. You're the best family 
ever!! Thanks for always being there for me, dealing with all my 
mood swings, cooking me dinner, washing my sheets and being 
my friend. 

To all my friends and soccer-girls- Thank you!! You helped 
shape me into the person I am. Thanks for putting up with me 
throughout the years.There is nothing I could write here that I 
wouldn't say to your face. 

Sabri-You need special thanks. You're the bestest friend ever! I 
love you!! Thanks for being there for me always. 

€rin Van ?elt 

Carolgn. \iaren 
little simplification lueuld be tjje first 
step toiyard ratien lining" -Cleaner l^eoseyclt 

Its a strange tbing, bat wben gea are dreading 
sometbing. and mouM giue angtbing to sloiy doiyn 
time, it bas a disobliging babit of speeding up' 
-5arrg Potter and tbe QoMet of Fire 

First, thanks to my family for their support and unconditional 
love, especially my family in Florida who are supportive from 
a distance. I'll always love you. Kayla & Stefanie, the western, 
bible camp (aarrgghh!). Amanda, for being a great, movie- 
going friend. Alli, Kerry, Kristen, for adding laughs to lunch. 
Thanks to all my dance teachers for their encouragement and 
giving me the many great opportunities to improve. Thanks to 
my friends at dance, you make dance classes even more fun. 
Lastly, Carolyn, it's been a while since 1" grade. It's amazing 
that we're still best friends. Best friends forever. 

Hattbcw iDallaec 

Kcllg U)al5b 

Kelle. Kelle-Selle. 3elle. Kd. 

Host good judgment comes from ej^rience M.ost ejgserience comes 
from bad judgment 
Tbc place to be bappg 'S b«re Tbe time to be 
bappg is now 
Im not indeeisi*je Jm I indecisive? 
iDbat lyill bappen ne>^t J don t luant to Knoiu 

It is impossible to put into words how much everyone I am 
going thank means to me; nothing I say can do them justice 
However, I am going to try. MOM- You are the reason I am whc 
I am today. I am so glad we have this amazing relationship 
between us that no other person I know has. Driving me tc 
hockey at 4am or standing outside in the pouring rain in NYC. 
You support me through everything and make sure I am having 
fun. Thank you so much for always understanding and always 
being strong. I love you. DAD- 1 am so glad that our relation- 
ship has become what it has over the past few years. You are 
always there for me when I need to talk, (and might want ai 
different opinion than most would give.) We have great times 
together and I love you. LEO- 1 will be calling you from college 
to talk about ideas for the next paper I have to write... Thanks 
so much helping me with any of the problems I came to face; 
friends, cars, family, boys, or just life. Karen- Thank you for 
always making me roll on the floor laughing with your stories. 
Christopher- you're my brother, not stepbrother, but brother 
and always will be. You calm me down and remind me to puti 
things in perspective. I wish 1 could make you see the wonder-, 
ful person that you are and don't see, (someday I will). But until 
then always know that I am here. We have some great memo- 
ries; camping trips, playing power rangers, Xmas eves, family 
vacations and more. I am so glad you came to Uve in Bedford; I 
couldn't imagine it without you. I love you. Julie, My ROCK!!!! 
You keep me sane. We have so many awesome memories; 
school projects (d,d,d,), hockey games, (D.J.!!), trying to cook 
(cake in the blender), baseball games (why are they booing?), 
vacations (can you see my fruit?), parties, boys (the secrets we , 
share, enough said.), my #'s 275. .hello?, you building sheds and 
more!! You know when I am happy, sad, or angry without me 
saying anything. You understand me unlike anyone else, and i 
our friendship is the greatest because of that. I am forever in 
your debt for being my truly bestest friend and allowing me to 
get through these past years in one piece. And before this 
sounds any more like we are a couple I will end it with this. 
Always remember I love you and to breathe. MIKE- you are my 
little bro, what more can I say besides I am so glad that as we got 
older we grew closer. I can only hope we grow closer as we 
grow older. Try to stay out of trouble, I'll be watching. I love 
you and you are the loser!!! To aU my girls!!! Our friendships 
mean everything to me. We are always able to bounce back 

168 Senior Thanks 

from fights and have awesome times together. She- 1 swear we 
will still have that pizza party. Missy- did you know there is an 
air force base in Hanscom, I mean in the Hanscom area!!! We 
understand each other's boy problems!!! Want some pickles, 
skittles? Ahni (anchm)- We have so many memories together I 
can't even begin... I am so glad our friendship has survived 
what we put it through over the last 12 years. It only shows how 
close we really are. Mr. Dhorety has a flattop, pork-ay (porque), 
I'm a little apple tree, and our laughing fits. Sabri- thanks for 
constantly laughing with me- umass trip, Spanish/history vid- 
eos, your amazing stories... Laura- I survived math class 
because of you ! ! AUie- our twin cars !!! . Caitlin, Monica, Amanda, 
Briana and Ahni: I will always remember you girls and the 
amazing bond we had (have). You girls will always be in my 
heart. To the already graduated people- high school just isn't 
the same without you guys, I missed you and your friendships 
all year!! Coley- Thanks for every thing... I miss you. Gram- I 
cannot thank you enough for everything you have done over 
the years. Driving places, cooking fabulous food, taking me to 
work with you, and always being able to do everything for the 
family. You constantly amaze me with your strength. I love 
you. Laura- By my running and crying into my room when you 
told me you weren't going to watch me any more shows how 
much I love you and love spending ttme with you. Thanks for 
crossing storrow drive with me!! (Jeff you too!) The rest of the 
fam.- you all know I love you and would write a book to each of 
you if they let me. Thanks for always being the close family that 
all my friends are amazed and confused by. Peter- whatever 
friendship /relationship we had you were always there for 
me... thanks for laughing at Christopher and I in the car rides 
and scaring me in the halls. John and Billy- For hockey and for 
everything. . . I will always remember the good times; we stuck 
it through until the end somehow. I'll be sure to remember its 
only gill/ talk. Philip-thanks, even though it doesn't seem like 
quite enough you have always understood me so I don't think 
this time would be any different. Finally, I want to thank the 
class of 2005. 

3obn lUariuicK 

I'm eempleteig in fauor of Vye separation of Ojareb and 5tatc f«tg idea is 
tbat tf>ese two institutions sereiu as ap enougb on tb«ir oiun. so botb of 
tbem togetber is certain deatb 
-C^orge Cariin 
On tb* ©tber band, loe iyane different fingers. 
-3aeH Sandeg 

In tbe arena of boman life tbe bonors and rewards fall to tbose wb© 
Sbauf tbeir good qualities 

How do you thank the people that you've grown up with for 
most of your life and who mean the world to you? I don't know, 
but when I meet those people, I'm going to have a real hard time 
thinking on the spot. But as for now, thanks to everyone I do 
know - you aren't half bad. Thanks everyone for putting up 
with me. 

HicbacI U)illiam5 

Bndreit» LUingate 

Cbcirlc5 ZaeKerman 

Tlaff!. ' -M,ieroiuaye 
If goa luisb to stadg a granfalloon. 3ost remoue tbe sKi" of a tog balloon' 
-Kurt Uonnegat. 3r Cat s Cradle 
■Raff raff!.; -Habg (HIT ) 
"QaacK! -Pop-Tito 
5b-eb-5b-cb-5b-cb-5b-cb -tlaindrops 
^ eoaldn t imagine somebodg liKe Osama bin Laden understanding tbe jog 
of 5anoKKob - Qeorge U) Sosb 

Thanks to Mr. Lee, Ms. Gullage (Mrs. Guisti), Ms. Gray, Mr. 
Boschetto and Ms. Johnson. All of you have helped me along my 
high school career, whether through teaching, caring, or just 
being intelligent and kind. Thank you Mom, Dad, Andy, 
Microwave, Grandma, Cooper-Michael Marino, Margery-Myles, 
Billy-Barbara, and all my other relatives and family friends. 
Thank you Alex, Jessica, Shelly, Nick, Joey, Joe, Brit, Silas, Peter 
and everybody else who deserves it, which is almost everyone, 
because you have all been predictably kind throughout. Thank 
you Mark, Fred, and Craig, without you I would not drum. 
Thanks. "Love you only." 

Senior Thanks lb'* 

If a man does not keep pace with his 
companions, prehaps it is because he 
hears a different drummer. Let him 
step to the music he hears, however 
measured or far away." — H.D.Thoreau 


Patrons of Music Students 

Congratulations and best 
wishes to the 
Class of 2005 

Bedford Permanent 

I.A.F.F. - 
Local 2310 
55 The Great Road 
Bedford, Massachusetts 

Class Of 2005 

The Great Wall Restaurant 
309B Great Road 
Bedford MA 01730 


Today, you get a diploma. 
Tomorrow, you get a blank page. 

Best wishes to the Class of 2005. 
May your journey be full of life's riches. 


Federal Credit Union 

Congratulations to the 2005 Graduates 

Bedford Dental Associates 

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry 

Michael S. Garber D.M.D. 
Tracy Cooperstein D.M.D. 
Mark G.Wang D.M.D. 

Mathew D. Lann D.D.S. 


Bedford Professional Building 
50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 
781 275-7072 

428 North Rd. 
Bedford, MA 01 730 

Tel. 781-275-8566 





(781) 275-0575 


Amentan Afsotidlion oi 

Cambridge Savings Bank 
is proud to support 
education in our community. 

Providing hanking convenience and superior 
\crvicc tn nur local communities. 
NKR-41H- 562^1 w>* w.camhnd^c^ 




CLASS OF 2005 


CLASS OF 2005 






A. M. Busa Construction, Inc. 

Angelo M. Busa 

(781)275 - 5999 


ijeQiorQ riuierdi riorne 

Business Supporters: 

167 The Great Road 

Parish of Saint Michael 

Bedford, MA 01730 

f~"oTiCi ilfi"n o RpcoiiTPPC C^f^ 

Bedford Car Wash Corp. 

Congratulations Graduates of 2005! 
From the Board of Directors 
Residents and Staff 

Carleton-Willard Village 
Best Wishes for a bright future. 

Carleton-Willard Village — offering employment 
and scholarships to Bedford students. 
100 Old Billerica Road 


to the 
Class of 2005 

from the members of the 


May you carry your joy of learning 
wherever life takes you. 


m Congratulations m 

B to the 

■Class of 20051 

The First Wealth 
is Health. 
Best Wishes. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Compliments of the 

Bedford AIDS Task Force 
& Board of Health 


For all your skating needs! 

Go Bucs !!! 

Tel. 781-275-0900 379 North Rd. Bedford. MA 01730 

Tl .4. T X 7"* 1 

Best Wishes 
Class of 

Baudanza Electric Company Inc. 

"Qiuilitx; Service All Year 'Round" 


30 Shdushecn Ave. ^Bt^^ 
Bedford. MA 01730 fPSB 

1-781-275-7787 j| 

ind the 




John Ajviziu 




Congratulations Class of 


Bedford High School 

Official Yearbook Photographer 
99 Cambridge St. Burlington, Ma 01803 



We've watched with love and pride 
your growth to a fine young man of 
humor, strength, compassion and 

kindness. We 
with wonder 
and love your 
voyage ahead. 

Mom, Dad, 
Brian and Dan 

Our precious Monica, 
You have always amazed us with your courage, intelligence, 
abilities, talents and spirit. We are so proud of the beautiful yout 
woman you are and applaud your successes. You possess every- 
thing needed to reach your dreams. 
With love. 
Mom, Dan, Ben, Eric and Sarah 

Dear Laura, 

A great person once said, "trees are alive, rocks ore. not." You may ask, what does this quote have 
to do with graduating from High School? It reminds us that 
the great person who said it has a unique ability for 
understanding human nature and what makes other people 
feel alive. This person knows how to make little kids, 
grandparents, neighbors, teachers and friends feel loved and 
appreciated. This ability will serve this great person her 
whole life, which is why we are so proud to be her parents. 

As you get ready for the next phase of your life, we hope you 
remember how much your family loves you. We will always be 
there to celebrate your successes and provide a shoulder to 
cry on when you have disappointments. You con always count 
on us to be at your side, no matter where you are. 

We love you like crazy. Mom and Oad 

p.s. Now about those two atoms that were walking down the 


Brad and Tim, we could not be anymore 
proud. From babies to the young men that 
you are now. You brought us much happi- 
ness, with many smiles. Continue to strive 
for your Hfe's goals, never settling for less. We 
look forward to your future accomplish- 
ments in life. Our support and love, as 
always, will be never ending. 
With Much Love& Care, Dad and Mum 


For today we wish you special joy, 

Now that your graduation is here, 

And pride in the accomplishments, 

That you have achieved throughout the last 1 8 years. 

For tomorrow we wish you happiness, 
And hope that it is just the start. 
Of a life that is filled with all of the things, 
You want most in your heart. 

For always we wish you your favorite dreams. 
That one by one will come true. 
We wish you these things with all of the love, 
We will always have for you. 


(Dcuf, Mom, Jenny, and (Bcu^ter. 


Alex O'Brien 

All your hard work has truly paid off. You are a terrific 
student. But, more importantly, you're a wonderful son, a 
super brother and a great person. On est tr^s fiers de toi. 

Mom, Dad and Maxime 


You are such a joy! 
We are so proud of you and love you 
so much! 

Mom, Dad, Steve, Nikki, Joey, Kari & 


Our wishes for you 
are that you feel the 
warmth from the 
smiles you put on the 
faces of all who know 
you; that you meet 
people with hearts as 
big as yours, and that 
your ingenuity and 
creativity take you 
wherever you want to 
go. We love you and 
are so proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Nick, Callie, Lee & Grace 

Congratulations, Shelly! 

With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, Scott & Brookie 


We are so proud of 
you and wish you 
continued success 
and happiness in the 

Mom, Dad & Mike 

Give to the world all that 
you have and the best will 
come back. 

My Dearest Marissa, 
I've enjoyed every 
minute being your 
mother. You have been 
the greatest and most 
precious gift to me. 
Now that you are off to 
a new beginning.... 
I will always be here 
watching, listening, 
waiting and smiling for all the new paths you 
will be taking from here on in. 
All our Love Forever, 
Mom & Alexander 

Everyone has talent, what is rare is the 
courage to follow the talent. 

Even as a^oung chJld. . . 
You set h^h stayuioTcLsJor^owrsclf 
You aUva^ dolour best 

Yourc a Leader, a roU model, and a Lqtjai fHcnd 
You arc a good person. 

We Lovc^out oeff 
You makje us so proud! 



Seeing you grow form a precious, adorable child 
into a beautiful, strong, young woman has given us 
unending joy. 
As you go forth, never 
lose your curiosity, 
your wonderful sense 
of adventure and your 
ability to stand up for 
what you believe. 
Keep reaching for the 
stars, follow your 
dreams and continue 
to be a blessing. 
We love you - Mom, 
Dad and Rachel 

"A life is not important 
except in the impact it has 
on other Hves." 

Jackie Robinson 

Dear Michael, 

It has been a privilege watching you grow, 
Helping when we could, and simply being 
a part of your hfe.We are excited about 
what your future holds. 
Love always, Mom, Dad & Brian 

Vicente Markle 
You have come from diapers to diploma! We 
are proud of all you have 
done and believe you 
will accomplish what- 
ever you set out to do in 
life. Thank you for be- 
ing such a wonderful 
son and the sunshine of 
our life. 

Love Your Parents 

Dear Phil, 

We Love You More Than 

Congratulations On Your 

Mom, Dad and Sammy 

Congratulations, Jamie! 

YouVe come 
a long way 
since that 
first day of 
Davis School 
We are so 
proud of you! 
Mum, Dad 
and Whitney. 

Mike, We are proud of you. 

Be yourself, be happy. 
A new adventure begins! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Genevieve 

■ I 

Baby Bird.... Have fun exploring the world. 

We love you to the moon and back! 
Love, Mommy and Daddy, Amy and Molly 



We love you and are so 
proud of you. Thanks 
for all the joy you have 
brought to us. 
Love Mom, Dad + 

Hey Dee! 

Congratulations! We 
are very proud of you 
and wish you much 
success for the future. 
Keep up the good 
We Love You! 
Dad, Mom, Amita & 

Dear Matthew, 

Mom and Dad are so very proud of you. Your wit and charm has shaped who you 
are and your successes. Congratulations on achieving your goal of being one of 
the Captains for this year. We know that you will be very bright star in our lives. 
We love you very much and wash only the best for you forever. 

Mom, Dad, and Michael 

Cassie Urqhart 

Congratulations Cassie! We are so proud of you! 
Keep us in your heart and never let go of your dreams. 
Love, Grandma and Grandpa 

If you weren't my daughter I'd still choose you as a 
friend. I love you so much. Thanks for being there & 
being you. Love, Mom 

Congratulations on graduating high school & good luck in 
college. I love you. Love, Dad 

Congrats! I know you will make 
something spectacular out of your dreams 
because you're so special! 
Love, Your Auntie & Friend Heidi 

Congratulations on your graduation! Good luck & best 
wishes for happiness and success in the years to come! 
Wuniish! Love, Auntie Erin & Bettie 

Congratulations on graduating. We're very proud of 
you! We hope all your dreams come true! 
Love, Your Florida Family 

To my first and best "bug-lady" niece! 
Congratulations! Love, Liam, Beth & Megan 

Grandchild #2 were so proud of you. Keep 
dreaming, my'bug-child",and go for a! 
Love, Nana & Bukka 

You're probably the weirdest sister anyone could ask 
for. But I wouldn't trade you in for anything in the world. 
I wish you the best in everything & bugs. Love, Caity 

You are my butterfly. Congratulations on 
graduating and on being you. I'm very proud of who 
you are, and who you continue to become. 
Love. Auntie Wendy 

Cass, We feel OLD! Seems like your 1st birthday was just 

a year ago! We're already starting to plan a graduation trip 

for you-Surprise!!!! 

Love from Singapore. 

Uncle Maft and Aunty Kathleen 

Congrats on surviving high school and managing to stay 
true to yourself! Keep doing what you love and your 
dreams will come true. 
Love, Beth, Gary, Kelly & Jessie 

Congratulations Cass! Have fun and enjoy the next 
four years! Love, Auntie Heather & Kids. 





John Hartwell 


You never really liked 

but now soar into your 

We are so proud of your 
accomplishments . 

Your Family and 



Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 



The Bedford 
Jewish Community 
the Graduating 
Class of 2005 

781 -275-1 29« 

89 CONCORD RD.(RT.62) 
BEDFORD. MASS. 01 730 


RO. BOX 266 


BEDFORD, MA 01730-1409 



Watching you grow up 
has taught us that time 
moves in many ways at 
once. Fast, slow, 
forward, backward, bitter 
and sweet. It seems as if 
we loolced away for a 
moment and you were 

We wish you the strength 
to face challenges with 
the same conviction and 
confidence you always 

We wish you the wisdom 
to choose your battles 

We also wish you the 
satisfaction of seeing 
your goals achieved. 
We love you and we are 
very proud of you. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

You always got what you went after. Don't ever stop reaching! 


Cmgrtriiulations Smor^! 

from tbc 

1 P^HH^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ M % ^^^^^^ ' iriw' ^Bli^^^^^r j^^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^1 

Treasurer - Blli ^cff 
5ccrctcirg - Msggi^ Brogan 

?rom Committee - pmamdci Co^ta. BccKg Mp$cbini. Jocclgn 
Sgcin. Laara Dalcntc (not pictarcd) 

Front Hoio 

Co-Prc$idcnt$ - Simmg Mp)<amarci. Alison Tv^ilcg 
l>icc President - Caitlin Cbapman 



We are extremely prou<\ of you. 
You have always been our son but 
you will never a^am be our Irttle 
boy. Thank you for having ^racecj 
Our lives with your remarkable 
character. You have blessed us 

We Love You! 
Mom, Pa4 & Taylor 
I Kings 2:2 
I Corinthians 16:13 

Cong ral Illations Sabrino , 

(t> fiaie Matched you grou from a little girl 
to a beautiful young woman. 

Ife are l ery proud of you and 

wish you a life filled with lote and happiness. 

.Way all your dreanui come true. 


Uoin. Dad, and Ricky 

Your deter^vcliA^tloiA. has V\eiy>e(i 
Ljou. overcoi^e obstacles throw^v 
liA. your path, your spirit has 
glvei/v ujoK. the -freedokM, to be 
ujoursel-f. your warm,th aiA^ Love 
have glveiA, u.s frle^vdshlp, ei^pathu) 
aiA.c( stre^vgth. 
I av^A. 'prou.d erf you, 

Co ra tula tlo tA.s ! 

L-OVe, MOkW, 


Our Little 
Boy is All 
Grown Up 

(well sort of) 
You Made Us Laugh, Drove Us Crazy, 

But Most of All, Made Us Proud. 
Now Go And Make Your Dreams Come 


Dad, Mom, Jenny, Jessie, and Paisley 
p.s. No, we don't know where your hat, 
shoes, or keys are... and 
Please try to be on time once in a 


Congratulations to 
a wonderful son and 
great brother. The 
best is yet to come. 

Mom, Dad 
and Bianca 

Con^r^tfuleJ^ions Hat 
up our wcridi. 

(jour /gtujhter* 
frrah^ our- dae/- 
Cjour hard work- in^ 
'^school ond on -f^^ 
playina -field, has 


Pad^, Mom, M»rk, * TinHn, 


I am so proud of the 
beautiful person 
you are, and yet to 
be. Keep smiling! 
Love always, 



We are so proud of 

Love, Mom + Dad 
Jake, Joyce, Mike 

Becky MosckliU 

"Life is Good' 

You hold a unique place in our famUy, as the 
only daughter, sister, and "baby ". We are so 
proud of your accomplishments, academic arul 
athletic, but more so for the kindness and love 
you have given to so many along your way. We 
celebrate this turning point in your life and revel 
in what the future will bring to you. 

Love, Dad, Chris A Tim 
Carol A Amy 


As you begin a new^ 
journey always know 
how proud we are and 
certain that you will 
achieve your goals. 
Love, Dad, Mom, and 


Your determina- 
tion and warm 
heart has always 
made us very 
proud of you. 
All our love, 


Mom, Dad, Catherine and Keith 


Your fun loving enthu- 
siastic attitude will take 
you to many great places. 
Follow your dreams and 
they will come true. 
Love, Mom, Bob, Jen and 

You are our treasured baby girl... 
and now a gifted young woman. 
We're confident that you'll use all of 
your talents, creativity and energy as 
you pursue you lifelong dreams. 
We love you and are so proud of you! ! 
- Mom, Dad, Jon, Haley and Lori - 



Time for you to take over the controls. 
May you have many wonderful and 
exciting adventures as you go forth on 
your journey. 

Wishing you much love, happiness, 
success and wise decisions. 
Mom, Dad, Katie and ShawQ 

Congratulations Kayla! 

Food has always been your life. How- 
ever, if you continue to Keep All Your 
Loves Alive and follow your heart, you 
will enjoy much success in life. We are 
extremely proud of your many achieve- 

"TLW" -Mom, Dad & Stefanie 

Congratulations Mike 
on reaching yet another 

Charge ahead and fulfill 
your dreams!! 
Know that we ' 11 be there 
to provide support all 
the way, your awesome! 
With all our love 
Mom, Dad, Terri, Chris 
and Erin 


In a Blur, the 2005 Yearbook of Bedford High School was printed by Jostens 
Printing and Publishing 2505 Empire Dri\'e, Winston- Salem North Carolina. 
The Jostens inplant consultant is Jana Poplar and the regional representative is 
John Neister. Thanks for all of your great help and pointers throughout this 
tedious year. 


The cover art was produced by Jostens'Creative Resources. The official 
Yearbook photographers were Burlington Studios, and various student photog- 
raphers. ^ 

All Headlines were of the font AYTFierce. Body copy was set in Palatino, size 
12. Captions were set in Arial, size 8. 

The final deadline was sent out on March 20, 2005. 

Mr. Rinaldi 
Editor in Chief: 
Emily Siegenthaler 
Underclassman Editor: 
Drusilla Szeto 
CD Editor: Bethie Miller 
Business Editor: Jay Altschul 
Maxine Lopez- Keough 
Jessica Parra 
Caity Urquhart 

Alex Gaman 
Mike Gaman 
Mike Waters 

, and thanks mmll the hel 
Jamie. I 

192 Sports 


Robert E Kleiti/AP/Wide World Pholos 

Nittory of 
Fenway Park 

ne ol the Boston Red Soi 

since 19U 

F H',t iiiiji'i i;.iir!' 
Juiif l.j 191; 


KeuTi f'prntnfl/CorbiS 

O Gillette Stadium, current home of the New England Patriots, is 
completed for the start of the 2002 season. The stadium (capacity 
68.756) has many features that make it unique to the New England 
heritage, Including a picturesque bridge and 12-story high lighthouse 

History of the New 
England Patriots 

Professional football arrives in New England on November 16, 1959, 
when a group of local businessmen is awarded the eighth and final 
franchise in the new American Football League. One week later, the 
Patriots select Northwestern University running back Ron Burton 
as the franchise's first draft choice. 

The Patriots' Hall of Fame includes: 

Bruce Armstrong, Tackle, #78 
Nick Buoniconti, Linebacker, #85 
Gino Cappelletti, Wide Receiver, #20 

Bob Dee, Defensive End, #89 
Steve Grogan, Quarterback, #14 
John Hannah, Guard, #73 
Michael Haynes, Cornerback, #40 
Jim Lee Hunt, Defensive Tackle, #79 
Steve Nelson, Linebacker, #57 
Vito Parilli, Quarterback, #5 
Andre Tippett, Linebacker, #56 

O John Hannah. Patriots offensive 
guard from 1973-1985. is a 
member of the Patriots' Hall 
of Fame and the Pro Football 
Hall of Fame. 


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